15 Chilling Stories Of The 'Black Eyed Children'

They approach you in early evening or in the black of night. They seem socially awkward, even distant, you feel that there is something "off" about them. Their clothes may be handmade or "hand me downs", they just don't seem to fit in at all. You can't quite put your finger on exactly what's wrong with them... But then you look into the eyes of these children and realize that they're entirely black. There's nothing to distinguish any eye color. You can't even see the whites in their eyes. The most disturbing part of it all though, is that they want to come into your home, your car, your tent - wherever your personal space is at that moment.

Since 1988, stories of black eyed children have appeared in local urban legends. Thanks to the internet, these stories have been able to hit a widespread audience, with new reports of black eyed children and even black eyed adults emerging to this day. With so much mystery and fear surrounding these unknown creatures, it's hard to decipher what exactly they're believed to be. Like a lot of urban legends, they could well be a conflation  of a number of deeply entrenched myths and legends. Are they human? Demon? Alien? Ghost?

It seems that anyone who has had any interaction with them doesn't stick around long enough to get a picture or have a long drawn out conversation.

The majority of the people who have allegedly seen black eyed children will refuse their requests and shut the door. But black eyed children (or BEK's for black eyed kids) are persistent. They will continue to knock on your door, asking to be allowed in. In 2012, paranormal writer David Weatherly penned a book on the subject called "Black Eyed Children" providing some interesting theories and legends of encounters...

15 The Beginning


The best place to start this journey of stories is at the beginning. In 1988, Brian Bethel was approached by two pre-teens who wanted a ride home in front of the movie theater. Bethel felt the situation was bizarre, and once he saw their eyes he felt immense fear and a "fight or flight" response.

The children were especially eloquent and almost didn't sound like kids, but instead refined adults. When Bethel hesitated to let them in the car, one of them became overly persistent and angry, which then prompted Bethel to start his car and drive away.

14 The Camper


A man was spending his weekend camping in a remote location by the beach. He was preparing a fire when he was approached by two young men, possibly in their teens, asking if they could share his tent for the evening.

The man had been alone in the woods last he checked, so he immediately felt uncomfortable, especially when he saw the boys' eyes - which were, of course, black. He retreated to his tent, but for the remainder of the night, he was tortured and subjected to the begs of the boys wanting to be let in.

13 The Marine


In 2009, a marine stationed at Camp LeJeune was paid a visit by two small children with the infamous black eyes. He was living in the barracks and was staying in for the evening. As he answered a knock at the door, thinking it was his roommate, he was greeted by the two black eyed kids.

It was late, this was on a military base, what were the kids doing there? As the marine looked down and up, he saw that the kids had taken a step forward toward him. He instantly felt afraid, as if he was being hunted. He slammed the door shut, but it didn't stop; the kids continued to knock at the door and rattle the windows. When he asked his friends if they'd seen any kids the next morning, no one reported seeing a thing out of place.

12 Letting Them In


One young man reports a surreal experience when two boys with black eyes paid him a visit. The taller of the two boys told the man that they were lost and the other one needed to use the bathroom. The man let them in and as the shorter boy went straight upstairs, the man saw that the taller boy had straight black eyes.

At that moment, he began to feel sick and dizzy, and the boys informed him that they were sent to "collect" him. The man felt the "fight or flight" feeling and immediately ran out the door and jumped the fence in his yard. When he returned, the boys were gone.

11 Playing with Children


This is another lesson in being careful about letting in a black eyed child. A mother was parked outside a grocery store, when she left her son in the van so she could get her shopping done.

When she returned, she saw her son playing with a young boy. When the boy turned around, she saw his eyes were completely black. After the boy was shooed away, her son became extremely sick to the point where he was taken to the hospital. Doctors couldn't figure out what was affecting the boy, but after he was sprinkled with holy water, he felt better...

10 Staffordshire


In Staffordshire, there was an infamous sighting of a black eyed girl about 30 years ago, and recently, attention has been drawn back to the story as the girl has reportedly been sighted again.

In the small town of Cannock Chase, a mother and daughter were walking down the street when they started hearing screams. As they looked around, they saw a young girl with her hands over her eyes. The woman asked the girl if she was okay and pulled her arms down. That was when she saw that the girl had completely black eyes. The woman grabbed her daughter, ready to run, but when she turned around, the black eyed girl was gone.

9 The Airman


Last year, an airman stationed at a base in Texas with the Special Forces got the scare of his life. As he was drinking his beer late at night, he heard a knock at his window. Thinking it was his fellow airman needing to use the bathroom, he looked through the peephole of his door and saw a teenager about 17 or 18 years old. The teen asked, "Can I use your phone?"

Pretty innocuous, but the airman felt uneasy and referred the teen to the SP building across the street. A few minutes later, he heard the rapping on his window again, and in an effort to scare the kid, he pulled his blinds up quickly to look at him in the eye. But the airman saw that the teen was gaunt, had no color in his eyes (only black), and smiled with a cruel, hungry experession. As the airman turned to get his phone, the teen was gone.

8 The Vet Tech


A young woman had recently taken on a job as a veterinary technician and had to work early morning shifts. But because she was new, she didn't have keys, so she had to wait for her fellow co-worker to come by with the keys and let her in. This woman would often arrive around 5:30am or 5:45am to wait.

During one particular morning, she was interrupted by two children with hoods over their faces asking for a ride. It is noteworthy that the veterinary hospital was in a remote location with a single bus stop, so there wasn't an explanation as to why the kids were out at that time in that location. When she said no, one of the boys got exceedingly angry and was insistent on being let in the car. The woman closed her window and referred the kids to the bus stop. After that, her co worker arrived and the boys disappeared.

7 The Rest Stop


Sometimes you might not run into a black eyed child, but instead a black eyed adult. A woman by the name of Chris was driving on the I-75 in Michigan with her husband when they stopped at a rest stop. Chris went to use the restroom and when she came out, she saw a black eyed woman staring right at her. Immediately she felt dread, and a predatory vibe from the woman that alarmed her. Needless to say, Chris didn't address the woman and headed back to her car, driving away with her husband as fast as she could.

6 Apartment Building


An apartment manager by the name of Tess was fielding a potential tenant who didn't make her feel at all at ease. She noted that the tenant was a young man of about 17 or 18 years, who dressed normally and spoke well. Yet, Tess had a hard time making eye contact because his eyes were completely black.

She considered that maybe his pupils were dilated, but that only happens at night, and this was the day time. Tess's defense mechanisms were elevated and she felt a sense of dread as though she was in danger. She closed the door on him and got as far away as she could.

5 Coffee Shop


A young woman by the name of Missy was at a coffee shop on a cold November day ordering her drink. As she turned around with her beverage, she saw a man staring at her intently. As she tried to come up with a smart comment to discourage the man's brazen stare, words escaped her...

She noticed how black the man's eyes were - with no whites at all. Missy said that she felt pure evil coming from him, and didn't feel that he was human.

4 Late At Night


A young woman by the name of Adele was having a late night reading a book. It was around 11pm when she heard a knock at the door. When she looked out her window, she saw two children around the age of 10 years old. As she opened the door they said, "Let us in." When Adele asked them why they wanted to come in, they said, "Let us use your bathroom."

Adele looked into the eyes of the two children and saw that their eyes were completely black. She quickly said no to the kids' request and shut the door. She noted that she immediately felt sadness and depressive sentiments. She was particularly suspicious as the young children were out so late yet didn't need any assistance other than a bathroom stop.

3 The Security Guard


Many of these encounters occurred late into the night, which means that some of the victims were security guards. One security guard in particular was watching over the entrance to a mall when a child knocked at the door.

The child insisted on permission to "enter the premises", and the security guard saw the child's black eyes. He immediately felt afraid, and saw that there were no cars, or anything explaining where this child came from. He shut the door, and for the rest of the night, watched the child stand perfectly still on the security camera.

2 Soon


A young man was enjoying his evening when there was a knock at his door. When he opened the door, he was surprised to see a young girl, around an incredible 6'3" in height. She asked to come in because her mother left town, she had no keys, and needed a place to sleep because it was cold.

The man was instantly afraid as he saw her black eyes. He slammed the door shut and spent the rest of his night sitting with his gun. The next morning, the words, "Soon" were carved into his door.

1 You Must Let Me In


A teenager was hanging out in a car in front of a hair salon, waiting while his mother got her hair cut. He saw a young guy about his age pacing in front of the car. When the kid turned, he didn't recognize him and didn't think anything of it.

The next moment, the kid was at the teen's window saying, "You must let me in." That was when the teen saw his eyes. He was immediately afraid and hid in between the seats for a few minutes. The kid disappeared, but when the teen's mother returned, she noted that a child with black eyes was asking her for the car keys.

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