15 Celebs With The Freakiest Birthmarks

Unusual marks on the skin may seem to disqualify people from celebrity status, but this is not always the case. The so-called beauty mark is a mole on a face that is considered sexy. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe have become famous because of them. Some people pencil them in, and some people buy peel-and-stick ones. Other people, however, don’t like them and get them removed either because of aesthetics or because of fears that they may later become cancerous. Some birthmarks are so unusual that they are downright freaky. Those are the ones, of course, that we are interested in! Especially when they come attached to a celeb.

Below is a list of people with arguably freaky birthmarks. Some of these people keep their birthmarks hidden, others display them proudly, while others have had their birthmarks removed yet for some reason the removal has become public information. Note that the famous people on this list are not suffering from a skin disease such as psoriasis or battling an outburst of zits. A birthmark is a discoloration or raised mark on the skin that a person develops in the womb.  Ordinary folks speak of moles, while a scientist or doctor speaks of congenital melanocytic nevus. Other kinds of birthmarks include the cafe au lait spot (macule), Mongolian spot (dermal melanocytosis), stork bite (nevus flammeus nuchae), strawberry mark (infantile hemangioma), and port wine stains (nevus flammeus). Some birthmarks fade with age, while others intensify or change their appearance with age.

15 Kaili Bright

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This former member of the ReQuest Dance Crew toured with Justin Bieber during his Believe Tour. You also can catch her dancing on videos such as “Needed Me” by Rihanna as choreographed by Eden Shabtai. Bright has a prominent port-wine stain on her face. Some people with port-wine stains cover their faces with makeup even after repeated attempts to remove the birthmark through laser surgery and other methods. Bright seems to have come to terms with her birthmark, however. Perhaps she has decided to be a role model in line with the idea, as Rihanna’s video celebrates, of the unity of the human race in its diversity.

14 Cassandra Naud

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When this young actress was born, her parents had to decide whether or not to have the large brown mole around and under her right eye surgically removed. Because serious scarring may have resulted from the operation, the parents decided against removal. Naud is happy that they did not remove the mole. The young Canadian-born dancer makes her living in Los Angeles, and she maintains that her birthmark has never prevented her from achieving her goals either in the workplace or in her love life. In 2015 she went public with her decision to keep her mole, and the news coverage--from Cosmopolitan to the Huffington Post--has validated her claim that her birthmark makes her stand out in a good way. Although she admits she was teased as a child, now she says her birthmark is a part of her, and she believes that people with birthmarks should be proud of themselves rather than embarrassed.

13 Carrie Underwood

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A sizable portion of the population has a third nipple. Some people have extra breasts, never mind extra nipples, but an extra nipple with almost no underlying mammary tissue looks and acts more like a birthmark. Where along the breast spectrum any particular third (or fourth!) nipple lies may very well remain privately held information. Carrie Underwood has downplayed her third nipple by playing it out (getting it removed). In the meantime, Lily Allen talks about her third nipple proudly and shows it to anyone curious (or even not curious) to see it. Allen's nipple seems more breast-like than Underwood’s, since Allen was open about her third nipple’s propensity to leak milk when she was pregnant and nursing.

12 Ed Sheeran

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This talented Englishman has been open about his struggles with self-esteem as a child. One of those struggles centred around the port-wine stain on his face. When his family used laser therapy to remove the stain, the complications made him stutter, adding to the list of things that made life a self-esteem nightmare for the lad. The port-wine stain is gone now--it is just a scar. If the best artists are the ones who have had to overcome adversity, then Sheeran’s port-wine stain has a lasting legacy in an outrageously talented musician who has had enough hard times to keep his music and his relationship with his fans rea

11 Mark Wahlberg

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For the sake of gender parity, I present Mark Wahlberg, who also has a third nipple. Since it is more socially acceptable for men to bare their breasts, photos of male nipples are easier to come by. A decent cheesecake photo of the hard-working actor will reveal his third nipple, which, as is the case with third nipples, appears below the more standard nipple. Wahlberg has his third nipple below his left breast. Harry Styles has attempted to trump his boy-bander precedent by revealing that he has four nipples. But I mean, really: Wahlberg versus Styles? Wahlberg’s extra nipple could take Styles’ two extra nipples with its hands tied behind its back.

10 Mikhail Gorbachev

A port-wine stain is caused by swelling of capillaries below the skin and is one of the symptoms of Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome. The stain can be quite large, sometimes covering a large part of the face, arm, or leg. The skin around a port-wine stain can be more prone to injury than skin on other parts of the body, and if the stain puts pressure around the eye, vision may become impaired. Perhaps the most influential living person with a visible port-wine stain is Mikhail Gorbachev, one of the architects of the end of the Cold War. Many a political jokester drew attention to the island archipelago on Gorbachev's bald forehead while he was General Secretary and President of the Soviet Union.

9 Andy Garcia

This actor had a birthmark that no one else on this list has, and that is because, while birthmarks are not exactly rare, his birthmark definitely is, or was. The Cuban-American actor was born with a vestigial conjoined twin on his shoulder. Although birthmark removal is controversial in some cases, it is hard to fault his family for having this unusual object removed from the little Garcia. Likely the twin was alive only in the sense that it was made of tissue- it would not have been a fully formed twin but rather a remnant of fetal tissue that failed to develop into a viable person. Family Guy has an episode featuring Andy Garcia and “Shoulder Guy,” a sentient parody of the conjoined twin.

8 Rachel McAdams

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Rachel McAdams has starred in vehicles (True Detective, Sherlock Holmes, and Spotlight) that emphasize feminine toughness and independence. This on-screen individuality is mirrored in McAdams's many facial moles. No one thinks the Canadian performer is any less beautiful or talented because of them. She soon will appear with Benedict Cumberbatch in Dr. Strange as Christine Palmer. Previews of the movie show the moles quite prominently. She doesn't seem to have a problem with it so we're not sure why anyone else ever would- go Rachel!

7 Drew Brees

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This living legend of the NFL has a large birthmark on his cheek. When he was three, his parents considered removing the birthmark, but they eventually decided against it. He has made no secret of the teasing he received as a child because of it. When Brees appeared in Playboy as one of the magazine’s All-American team, the birthmark was airbrushed away. When he appeared on Oprah Winfrey's show in 2010, Oprah thought the birthmark was a lipstick kiss. As a wealthy adult, Brees could have had the birthmark removed, but he has chosen not to. In fact, Brees has used his birthmark as a way to talk to people about to learning how to love themselves just the way they are.

6 Rupert Grint

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No photos of this birthmark have made it out there, but according to an interview in 2012 for a US fansite, the actor who played Ron Weasley has a birthmark shaped like Australia. Yup, you heard us right- Australia. To be clear, the birthmark is in the shape of Australia, but it is not the size of Australia. Grint is currently filming Snatch, a streaming series for which he serves as actor and producer and that is based on the cult film of the same name. No word yet as to whether we will ever see his own special "down under" surprise.

5 Tina Turner

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Port wine is a rather classy beverage. To have a port wine stain should, then, be a sign of class, not a sign of abnormality. To be fair, though, the number of people with class may be so small that it is an abnormality compared to the number of non-classy people out there. One of the world’s one-in-a-million port-wine class acts is pioneer female rocker Tina Turner. Everyone knows how sexy and sultry Tina was (and is), including her. Whenever she feels like keeping the costume scanty, as she often does on stage, a port wine stain sometimes is visible on one of her shoulders.

4 Richard Gere

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Once upon a time, Richard Gere was a Hollywood "it" man. In the 1980s and 1990s, his naked body lay strewn across the screen in dozens of high-profile movies, including American Gigolo, An Officer and a Gentleman, and Breathless. His propensity for baring his torso has allowed stargazers to spy upon something rather anomalous besides his six-pack and honey-tinted skin. He has a large birthmark on his left shoulder-blade. These days, he tends to keep his clothes on, unless, of course, he is water-side with his girlfriend Alejandra Silva.

3 Chris Morris

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This celebrated English comedian is best known in the United States for his involvement in the HBO political comedy Veep. He also has an eye-catching port-wine stain on his face and neck. When Morris is in front of the camera, he covers his birthmark with makeup, but when he works behind the camera, as he did for the critically acclaimed dark comedy Four Lions, or when he appears on radio for programs such as his cult BBC radio show Blue Jam, he goes au naturel.

2 Billy Corgan

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Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins has a significant port-wine stain. The stain is visible on his hand, and when he reveals his entire torso, as he did for the cover of his post-Pumpkin album TheFutureEmbrace, it is clear that the stain covers a large portion of one arm. Such a large size is not unusual among bearers of this birthmark. These days Corgan has been busy as a professional wrestling promoter, but this summer he admitted to having gone into discussions with the original members of his band. Perhaps Corgan will be rocking the stage soon with his mates (and his famous birthmark) in a reunion tour.

1 Gigi Hadid

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Mostly Gigi Hadid is freaky in the Superfreak way. She is also freaky in another way. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit diva of 2014 has 28,850 moles on her body. The average person has 2016 moles. Looking at a magazine photo or ad with Hadid probably won’t help you if you want to count the moles yourself (which is not a bad way to pass the time). Usually these moles get airbrushed out of her photos, sometimes partially, sometimes completely. If left to the way nature made her, though, her bare torso and shoulders sport many large moles.

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