15 Amazing Events That Could Only Be Described As "Miracles"

While miracles were once highly esteemed sources of awe and inspiration, now they are likely to be viewed with skepticism or fanaticism. Some miracles are revealed to be hoaxes while many others are still unresolved and inexplicable. Real miracles are hard to discern from the fake, but it doesn’t make them any less intriguing.

Miracles can be an assortment of resurrections, visions, healing wounds and transformations, among many other things. What makes something a true miracle is the fact that the process of how the event occurred usually cannot be explained through logic, and is attributed to a supernatural power, or strong luck. Any human with a healthy curiosity would want to see a miracle, either to dissect its illogical factors or to find something to believe in.

Some miracles have completely transformed the lives and faiths of many and have led to the formation of whole religions. Luckily, in this modern age it is much easier to disprove fake miracles, or hoaxes performed deliberately through science, and a better understanding of illusions and substances. A man claiming to hear the voice of God centuries ago would be hailed a prophet, now there is a huge possibility he could be thrown into a mental asylum. But what about the miracles that haven’t been disproved or explained yet? Here they are.

15 Virgin Mary Sightings in Cairo

In Cairo on April 2, 1968 an apparition of a glowing woman was seen treading the roof of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Birds, most likely doves of a similar appearance flew around the woman hastily and it is claimed that this woman was the Virgin Mary. Additionally, many who ‘saw’ the Virgin Mary said that they were miraculously cured of sickness after seeing the apparition of her and the doves. There were photos taken of the event and Coptic Church labelled it a miracle – it definitely gained more believers, for sure.

14 One Parachute, Two Men

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Australian Pilot Joseph B Herman was flying a bomber which had caught on fire after an attack by German cannons. The plane exploded and ejected Herman, after he had his crew evacuate before him and he found himself free-falling. Ready for his death, Herman suddenly felt a pair of legs near him and grabbed them- those legs belonged to Flying Officer John Vivash, his colleague, who happened to have his own parachute. Both men landed and survived, though Vivash accidentally landed with his feet on Herman’s chest, resulting in two broken ribs.

13 Sun Miracle in Fatima

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In Fatima, Portugal in 1917, another apparition of Mary was seen by a few children who claimed that the Virgin Mary told them of a future miracle on the 13th of October that year. As to the reason why she gave the information, it was not known. True to Mary’s word, there was a miracle on that day. Thousands of Portuguese reported a strange eclipse-like event, but the sun looked to be spinning instead of being still. The Catholic Church even accepted the event as a miracle in 1930 on the same day.

12 Padre Pio

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In Italy in the town of Pietrelcina, a priest by the name of Pio or Padre Pio (born 1887) exhibited signs of stigmata for many decades. He had nail puncture wounds on his palms that would continuously bleed without healing completely, and no explanation could be offered by the physicians at that time. After many years, the Catholic Church decided to acknowledge his stigmata as a miracle and officially made him a saint in 2002.

11 Brain-Eating Amoeba

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Kali Hardig unfortunately contracted a brain-eating amoeba through her nose after playing in a water park with friends, and was rushed to the Arkansas Children’s Hospital, where she was administered with plenty of antibiotics and a new, unapproved German drug from the CDC. Kali was in a medically induced coma and attached to a ventilator, her kidneys were also failing. Two days later however, Kali was conscious and moving again, it would be eight weeks before she finally recovered but now she is living a normal life.

10 The Statue of The Lady of Akita

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Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa, a Handmaiden of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist claimed to see visions of the Virgin Mary at the Akita convent in 1973. She stated that the statue of the Virgin Mary was shedding not only blood and tears, but sweat as well. Sister Agnes also claimed that she suffered from stigmata, with wounds on her hands, feet and sides, identical to all the places of injury where Jesus was pierced according to the Bible. But that’s not all. There is also a prophecy that Sister Agnes apparently heard- a prophecy that there would be a great punishment for the sins of humanity. Not long after, Akita became the center of a horrible earthquake. The Church seemed to have declared these events and prophecies ‘worthy of belief’, but even that is under dispute.

9 The Survival of Vesna Vulovic

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Also known as the ‘woman who cheated death’, Vesna Vulovic was Serbian flight attendant, now age 66, who fell from an airplane that exploded 33,000 feet in the air. She was pulled from the debris by a former World War 2 medic Bruno Henke, who treated her. During this flight, she was the only survivor out of 28 people that were on board. Vesna has the Guinness World Record for the highest fall survived in history.

8 Lady of Lourdes

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Saint Bernadette Soubirous, otherwise known as the Lady of the Lourdes’ miracle is best described was a series of apparitions. She began seeing them at the tender age of 14, 18 separate times. In these visions, the Virgin Mary asked her to build a shrine and this shrine is now a popular pilgrimage area for Christians. Saint Bernadette died of tuberculosis in 1878, and her miracles seem to continue. When her body was exhumed three times as part of her canonization by the Church several years apart, her body did not seem to decay at all, apparently it had a sweet scent!

7 Alcides Moreno

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Though not quite the record holder like Vesna, Alcides Moreno does have a similar claim to fame. A window cleaner, he fell 47 stories from a New York skyscraper due to an accident. His brother, who was from the same scaffolding, did not survive. Though in a vegetative state for weeks, on Christmas Day Alcides awoke and was discharged a month later with a hopeful recovery.

6 The Blood of Saint Januarius

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In The Cathedral of Naples there is a vial of blood belonging to Saint Januarius, who was an early Christian and a martyr. In the last six centuries his blood, which was originally dried, has liquefied itself in the vial about 18 times. This artifact is commonly prayed over and sanctified in events. Hope you've had enough Christian miracles, there's the last one.

5 Literally Heartless D’Zhana Simmons

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No, she isn’t really heartless. D’Zhana is probably a great person but at one time, she did not have a heart at all. After receiving a heart transplant, her new heart failed to function and she had to be submitted for emergency operation. Though unfortunately, there were no hearts available, and D’Zhana had to wait for four months, with two artificial pumps acting a substitute for her heart, despite her weakening body. Don’t worry, D’Zhana eventually received the right heart!

4 Jordan Taylor

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There’s heartless, and then there’s headless. Jordan Taylor’s skull was separated from his vertebrae after a horrible car accident. His head almost completely severed, he had close to no chance for survival. Doctors managed to reconnect his head to his neck with a metal plate and titanium rods, secured with screws. He is now well and resuming his old life, with his head back on, thankfully.

3 Peter Roessler and The Nazi Camp

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Though less of a miracle and more of a great chance, Peter Roessler found himself at a Nazi death camp with his older brother Henry when he was only 14. The guards were sorting out prisoners based on age and out of instinct he lied about his age and claimed that he was, like Henry, 16 years old, wanting to follow his brother. Later Peter discovered that anyone under 16 was immediately killed and their goods were taken, as they were deemed unfit to work at the labour camp. He narrowly missed immediate death.

2 The Bible and The Bullet

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Though whether this is a miracle of a religious nature or not cannot be completely proven, the religious can definitely take it as such. George Vinall, a World War One soldier was only 25 when he was placed in the trenches. Shell fire was constant and when George retrieved his coat from the edge of the trenches, he found that a bullet had been stopped and wedged into the Bible, specifically in the verses of Isaiah.

1 Malala Yousafzai

A world-renowned miracle, Malala was a young Pakistani girl who was an activist for women’s and girls’ rights and was very vocal with her message. The Taliban grew aggravated with her mission and influence to the point where they ordered her assassination, and Malala was shot in the neck and head while riding a van. However, a month later Malala had mostly recovered and there were no reports of significant brain damage at all. She was back to her mission and more determined than ever to help women and girls like her.


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