10 Super Hot Celebrities... Who Don't Work Out

Very few of us have the time or energy to work out tirelessly all day, everyday in the hopes of looking like our favorite celebrity. Many movie stars - who do have the time, and the means, to dedicate to keeping svelte - have capitalized on the fitness industry with workout videos and diet plans for us regular people. Articles and books are often released by celebrities detailing their intense diet and workout regimes, all promising us the incredibly tight booties boasted by the A-listers.

With the media and the paparazzi constantly ready to criticize bodies that don’t fit into the Hollywood expectations, and poised to report on the numerous gym trips by these celebrities, there is much pressure to fit into the mold; it often seems like those of us not working out are the strange and shameful minority.

But occasionally, a brave celebrity will challenge our expectations of what the body - more specifically, the female body - is supposed to look like. When a celebrity expresses their honest opinion about diet and exercise, sometimes fans and followers will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that even famous people can find the gym to be a bore.

Of course, the concept of a healthy diet and exercise is entirely sensible, and none of these celebs have spoken out against that. But these ten celebrities are not adhering to the Hollywood and societal standards of the gym bunny lifestyle; they give us all hope that an active, hardworking lifestyle and a good diet might be enough to get in shape without whiling away the hours on a treadmill. Whether you're a fan of these celebrity ladies or not, it's refreshing to know that these stunning stars dread working out or going to the gym just as much as you do.

10 Pamela Anderson - $5 Million

Baywatch babe Pamela Anderson gets her figure not only from running around on the beach (and maybe a surgery or two), but by following a vegan diet. Anderson is known for wearing very little clothing in various television shows and movies and her body still looks incredible at age 47. She publicly stated that she dislikes the concept of working out and going to the gym, so her diet helps in making sure she keeps her figure.

9 Megan Fox - $5 Million

8 Emma Stone - $8 Million

7 Sienna Miller - $10 Million

While Sienna Miller doesn’t work out, sports play a huge role in her life. Growing up, Miller played her share of competitive sports, and was able to keep her figure from those activities. She has expressed her strong dislike of the gym and doesn’t like to perceive her sporty activities as “working out” but more of a part of her lifestyle. If she can get away with running around and throwing a ball as opposed to being stuck inside a gym, she’s going to throw that ball. Miller has admitted that this is due the fact that she gets bored easily.

6 Blake Lively - $10 Million

5 Jennifer Lawrence - $53.9 Million

4 Kristen Stewart - $70 Million

3 Gwen Stefani - $80 Million

In the past she regularly boasted stunning, chiseled abs but the “No Doubt” singer has recently confessed that while she used to be intense with her diet and exercise regime, Gwen has since relaxed her daily routine. Since becoming a wife and mom, the star has slowed down due to the fact that her schedule just doesn’t allow time to exercise. Plus, she has started spending time on activities that she enjoys more - such as spending time with her kids.

2 Angelina Jolie - $145 Million

Yep, not only is she a successful actress who is now married to Brad Pitt, but she doesn’t work out. Angelina Jolie admits that she is able to get away with not working out because her lifestyle is already very active. She says she's 'always been naturally slight' and enjoys running and jumping around with her children, and in the rare moments when she would be able to find time to workout, she feels she doesn't need to. Of course, since the actress does her share of action flicks, sometimes she finds herself at the gym, but Jolie also finds the strenuous activities of filming an action movie to not be too difficult.

1 Taylor Swift - $180 Million

This country-turned-pop singer has openly expressed that she doesn’t want her self-image to overtake her career and take away the focus from her music. Taylor Swift told Vogue, in 2012, that she's not a fan of working out or following a strict diet regime, so she won’t do it. Swift has a lot of activity in her lifestyle from touring to shaking it off in her music videos. So, it seems that she balances her lack of working out with a generally active lifestyle to maintain her naturally slim physique.

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