10 Shocking Instances Of Couples Vanishing Without A Trace

When a couple disappears the hope is that the pair was so madly in love that they ran away together to spend their lives in eternal bliss. However, if a couple does decide to declare their undying love for one another by running away together, chances are that they would leave some kind of clue as to where they had gone, whether it be intentionally or not. This is not what happened to the ten couples listed below. All of the couples listed below vanished without leaving a single piece of evidence as to where they might have gone. Given the sudden disappearance of the couples listed below and the lack of evidence that surrounds these cases, chances are that the disappearance of these couples came about under very disturbing circumstances. In some cases, it has been years since these couples disappeared and still, family and friends are no closer to discovering what became of their loved ones, but that doesn't mean that all hope is lost. Although the whereabouts of these couples are still unknown, family and friends continue to search for any clues that may help them uncover the mystery of what happened to their loved ones.

10 Edward and Stephania Andrews 

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In May 1970, Edward and Stephania Andrews were at a cocktail party when Edward became ill and the couple had to leave. Edward stumbled out of the party with Stephania to get their car and drive home. A parking attendant at the cocktail party said that Edward hit the garage door when he was leaving and that he went the wrong way if he was trying to go home. The couple was never seen or heard from again after that night. The best theory that the police have is that Edward accidentally drove off a bridge into the Chicago River, killing them both. However, in 1994 an informant advised investigators that the couple had been murdered by a group of young men and that their bodies had been dumped in a pond in Illinois. Even with these theories, no trace of the couple has ever been found.

9 Christopher Mittendorf and Kristina Branum 

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Kristina Branum was living with her boyfriend, Christopher Mittendorf and his mother in 2006, when the couple disappeared. On July 27, 2006, the couple went out shopping and came back home to drop off the clothes they had bought. When Christopher’s mother came back to the apartment, she found the clothes that the couple had bought lying on the bed but no Kristina and Christopher. Five days later, the car that Kristina and Christopher were driving was found abandoned and unlocked. A witness said that they saw the couple leave the car and get into another white car but the sighting has never been confirmed. Foul play is suspected in the disappearance of Christopher and Kristina.

8 Glen and Bessie Hyde

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Glen and Bessie Hyde were newlyweds who disappeared while they were trying to run the rapids of the Colorado River through to the Grand Canyon. The couple disappeared on November 18, 1928. On December 6, 1928, the search began for the missing couple. About a week and a half later, a plane spotted the couple’s scow adrift with the supplies still strapped in. No other trace of the couple has ever been found. There have been many theories concerning the couple’s disappearance. One woman claimed that Bessie stabbed her abusive husband to death, and a man named Emery Kolb was suspected in the couple’s disappearance because he was the last one to see the couple alive. However, there is still little to no evidence surrounding the disappearance of Glen and Bessie Hyde.

7 Camden Sylvia and Michael Sullivan 


Camden Sylvia and her boyfriend Michael Sullivan were last seen jogging on November 7, 1997. After they failed to return home, Sylvia’s mother went into their apartment to investigate. She found that everything was in its place. The only things that were missing were two pairs of running shoes, a set of house keys and Sylvia’s bag. The couple had been having problems with their landlord Robert Rodriguez, who had threatened to increase their rent and everyone else’s in the building. On the morning of the couple’s disappearance, Sylvia and Sullivan showed Rodriguez a petition with all the signatures of the tenants saying if he raised rent they wouldn't pay. Because Rodriguez had motive for murder, the police believed that he killed the couple and dumped them in a body of water. However, no evidence has been found linking Rodriguez to the crime. Rodriguez has also been linked to another disappearance. In 1991, David King disappeared after he had an argument with Rodriguez, but there was no solid evidence to connect Rodriguez to the crime.

6 Tom and Eileen Lonergan 


Thomas and Eileen Cassidy were a married couple who were stranded at sea while they were Scuba Diving with a group at St. Crispin’s reef. It wasn't discovered that the couple was missing until two days after the boat that transported the group to go scuba diving left them behind. When it was finally discovered that the couple was missing, an air and sea search took place but no sign of the couple was ever found. There have been a few theories as to what happened to the couple. One is that they faked their disappearance, another is that the pair committed suicide, or murder suicide, and the third, most likely theory, is that the couple either drowned or were eaten by sharks.

5 Claude and Martha Sue Shelton 

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Claude and Martha Sue Shelton disappeared from Gerry’s Trailer Park after they tucked their three children into bed to go to sleep. After the Shelton’s kissed their children goodnight, they drove away in their 1967 Ford Galaxie 500 and were never heard from again. Evidence of where the couple could have gone is scarce. Their car has never been recovered and nobody remembers seeing them the night of their disappearance. Foul play is suspected in the disappearance of the couple because it would have been uncharacteristic of them to leave their children behind. Their three children are now being raised by their grandmother.

4 Hue Pham and Hue Tran 


Hue Pham and Hue Tran were on a Caribbean cruise when they disappeared off the ship without a trace. The couple was on the cruise with their daughter and their granddaughter. On May 8, the couple’s daughter Sharon, received a call from reception saying that they had some of her parent’s possessions. Sharon started to look for her parents but couldn't find any sign of them. She informed the crew of her parent’s disappearance but there was no announcement made for hours and the ship did not turn around to see if the couple had fallen overboard. The cruise line believes that the couple committed suicide but the couple’s family is much less certain. There has been no evidence of foul play in the couple’s disappearance.

3 Mitchel Weiser and Bonita Bickwit 

Bonita Bickwit disappeared with her boyfriend Mitchel Weiser, on July 27, 1973. The pair was hiking up to a concert festival in New York. The last person to see the couple was a truck driver who gave them a ride to the concert. However, it is unclear whether the couple actually reached the concert or not. Originally, police just thought that Bonita and Mitchel had run off together. The pair was very much in love and had even exchanged wedding rings earlier in the summer. However, family and friends of the couple have pointed out that both Mitchel and Bonnie were acting quite strange before they left for the concert. There have been a few unconfirmed sightings of the couple and even a phone call made to Mitchel’s father where the speaker identified herself as Bonnie, but no other trace of the couple has ever been found.

2 Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone 


On February 19, 2005, Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone were out having drinks with some of their friends. As the night got later, the couple decided to take off in Richard’s pick up truck. The couple was never seen or heard from again. One of the investigator’s theories as to the couple’s disappearance is that Richard accidentally drove his truck into the Delaware River. However, when police searched the river there was no sign of Richard’s car. Investigators also questioned Danielle’s estranged husband but nothing ever came out of it. It has been ten years since the couple’s disappearance and there is still no trace of them.

1 William and Margaret Patterson 

On March 5, 1957, William Patterson and his wife Margaret vanished from their home in El Paso, Texas. The couple wasn't reported missing until five months after they vanished because their neighbor thought the couple had been on an extended vacation. When the case was finally opened, police investigators found that the couple had left their car and their cat behind, and that their house was in disarray. The neighbor said that on the night of their supposed disappearance, the couple seemed very upset. A short while later, a letter was received from William that provided instructions as to who his properties were to be distributed to. Investigators suspected that it was not William who wrote this letter but one of his employees. In 1984, a man who’d been hired to clean the Patterson’s home reported to police that he found blood under the water heater and pieces of human scalp in the boat propeller. However, the man waited 27 years to tell police about his find (because he was an illegal immigrant) so there wasn't much the police could do with the information.

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