10 Of The Scariest Known Drugs In The World

We've all had those days when nothing but a Tylenol or two could solve a thumping migraine. However, have you ever thought about the drugs that people take and use on a recreational basis rather than medicinal? Of course, the news always portrays these thumping drugs as bad; and sometimes they definitely are as it could lead to addiction.

Our world is filled with tons of crazy and scary things but something that you can inject into your body that will kill you instantly, or close like a mind-numbing zombie-making powder. Yes, there is a drug that can make mindless like a zombie!

Interestingly, some of the drugs, which are by far the scariest in the world, are legal in some countries. Yes, a Peruvian drug that makes you feel like you're floating for three days in a remote jungle actually attracts dozens of war veterans stricken with post-traumatic stress syndrome.

But there's worse. Way worse. These are the 10 scariest known drugs in the world.

10 Bromo-DragonFLY - To Hell And Back

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Many of us have heard of the classic drug LSD, a highly dangerous and reactive drug that gives the user a "trippy," celestial, and out-of-body experience for a few hours. Now comes the Bromo-Dragonfly, a drug where users claim they went to "hell and back" from it. Called Dragonfly because of its molecular structure, Bromo-Dragonfly gives the user a three-day drug high.

There are very serious repercussions of this drug, including spasms in the wrist, seizures and the constriction of blood flow. In serious cases, the user of Dragonfly have had to have affected limbs amputated. Definitely a flight to hell and back.

9 Krokodil - Flesh-Eating Drug

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Given its name, many assume that the Krokodil makes a person insane. There not exactly wrong. The drug is very similar to heroine in terms of its side effects and its addictive qualities.

The reason that it's called Krokodil is because of the way the user's skin is dilapidated as though they've been hit by a flesh-eating virus. Derived from Codeine, this drug is extremely addictive and is injected through a needle just like heroine. A cheaper version of heroine, Krokodil is made from the mixture between Codeine and other things like hydrochloric acid, paint thinner and dye powder.

Originally created in Russia, this drug has been banned all over the world for its harmful and addictive qualities.

8 Wet (PCP) - Murder Powder


Wet is a powder that contains PCP-laced marijuana. PCP is a euphoric and hallucinogenic drug we've all heard about. This drug is essentially a late night cocktail becoming more and more popular. Wet has also been known to turn people into murderers. Apparently killing people is the new high these days. You experience horrendous withdrawals as well as headaches, seizures - the whole works.

7 Benzo-Fury - Chemical Research Product

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Another designer drug like Bromo-Dragonfly, Benzo Fury is often described as the love-child of MDA and Ecstasy. Users experience euphoria and a burst of energy. It's also been known to make users very emotional. This drug is considered a chemical research product, meaning that it's not for human consumption. But everyone - including the government - is starting to catch up to the facade and figuring out what people are doing with it. Countries have been slow to ban this drug. In fact, it's legal in the Netherlands. Of course it is... 

6 DIPT - See Sound And Colours

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Diisopropyltryptamine goes by another, much more attractive name of DIPT. This drug is a hallucinogenic drug that is unique in that it is used for a sensory (particularly audible) high. People who have done DIPT say they have perceived sound and music through their eyes. Higher doses, say users, have caused a lack of coordination or balance. Illegal in most of Europe, DIPT falls into the grey area in the US when the law is considered. It's molecular structure is similar to 5-MeO-DMT which is illegal in the United States. I wouldn't take any chances...

5 5-DBFPV - Similar To Bath Salts


5-DBFPV is very similar to the drug MDPV, or commonly known as bath salts. 5-DBFPV is quite a bit stronger and makes the user awake and alert as well as give them a slight high. On the market since 2013, this highly experimental drug is exclusive to the few who can get their hands on it. Furthermore, 5-DBFPV is highly addictive and makes the user want to use it again and again.

4 Ayahuasca - Crazy Leaf Tea

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This herbal leaf and root tea is found mainly in the deep heart of  Peruvian jungles. An exclusive and highly controversial drug, Ayahuasca gives the user a feeling of floating for several days. This drug was often used by Amazonian shamans to contact the spirit world. If that's not a sign that this drug is powerful, I don't know what it. Ayahuasca has been said to be a relief and even a cure for PTSD as many war veterens go to the jungle to go through the rigorous journey.

3 Jenkem (Butt Hash)

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Zambian children have been known to use this drug quite a lot. Jenkem is a drug that gets the user high from the toxic gases of fermented human excrement. Why someone would want to smell human feces is beyond me. Zambian children scrape the sewer pipes for waste and put it in a jar to sit for a few days before inhaling all of it into their system. A highly hallucinogenic inhalant, Jenkem only got Westernized due to a rumor that a group of high school teenagers were doing it - how absurd.

2 DNP - Super Steroids

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DNP, short for 2,4-Dinitrophenol is a drug that was originally used to lose weight. Of course there's always a downside to taking and using drugs for recreational and body-enhancing purposes. In DNP's case, it's burning from the inside out.

Used commonly in the early 1930s, this drug was like a version of super steroids, except for the fact that you didn't even have to work out to lose weight. Messing up how your body uses energy, DNP makes the user sweat profusely and heat up from the inside. And in most cases, it ends with death.

1 Scopolamine - Zombie Drug

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Zombies are portrayed in movies as mindless, flesh- and brain-thirsty creatures. Well, Scopolamine is similar to that, very, very similar to that. Often used in powder form, Scopolamine (also known as 'The Devil's Breath'), blocks the victim's senses and turns them into zombies willing to serve their owner. In many cases, Scopolamine has been used as a trusted source for bank robberies and murders. Many victims of the drug are subjected to rape. Not too sure it's worth the high...Sources: www.drugabuse.govwww.dea.gov; www.wikipedia.org

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