Top 10 Most Bizarre Military Experiments Ever Conducted

"In peace, prepare for war" - Fifth US Army

When I was a kid, I used to play a lot of video games. I played action games, adventure games, sports games and even puzzle-solving games. But mostly, I played those shooter games where I had to play the role of a soldier and take part in a massive war. Me and my friend loved those games. And we loved the military as well. So much that my friend decided he would join the army later in his life. Glad he got that idea out of his head.

The military is the first line of defense for the country. These brave and disciplined men/women will go to any lengths to ensure the safety of their country. And if there is ever a threat to the nation, these loyal soldiers will gladly step up and defend their home by any means necessary. In this line of work, being paranoid is a highly valued trait. A surprise attack can come at any moment, and it is the job of the military to stay ready and counter the attack. However, just being vigilant is not always enough. Ensuring the safety of the entire country is a HUGE responsibility. So the military has to come up with quick and efficient measures to deal with the nation's threats.

To come up with proper measures to be used in times of war, the military needs to carry out a lot of experiments. Experiments need to be done thoroughly to make sure that the idea is actually feasible and can be used. Sometimes, the ideas are great and work smoothly. Sometimes, the suggested measures are not fruitful. And sometimes, the experiments can be just downright weird. Here are 10 of the Most Bizarre Military Experiments Ever.

10 The Great Panjandrum

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Starting off at Number 10 on our list is The Great Panjandrum. The Great Panjandrum was a device used in World War II. The device was made of two large wheels which were 10ft high and 1 ft wide. The wheels were fastened by 3ft wide drums full of dangerous explosives. I thought such devices only existed in cartoons.

The Panjandrum was created to breach a hole in the enemy's wall. However, the testings did not go as planned. The problem with the Panjandrum was that it constantly went off course. Even after tinkering with it a lot, the final test was a complete chaos. Due to safety issues and unpredictability, the project was called off and made the Panjandrum one of the most bizarre military experiments ever.

9 Nazi Sun Gun

Ever held a magnifying glass over a line of ants under the broad daylight sun and, you know, watched how the magnified sun ray would fry the ants? Well, the Nazi scientists wanted to do the exact same thing. However, this time, we would be the ants. On Number 9 on our list of the most bizarre military experiments ever is The Nazi Sun Gun.

The plan was quite simple. The Nazi would have a giant mirror placed miles above the earth. This mirror would direct concentrated beams of sun rays anywhere on earth. Then, the Nazi would burn down entire cities, boil the oceans and fry people on demand. It's that simple.

8 Project X-Ray


Next up, on Number 8 on our list is the Project X-Ray. Project X-Ray was a rather interesting experiment. Around the end of World War II, U.S. scientists experimented on a sort of weapon that would make Batman beam with pride. The project involved bats and bombs. Bat Bomb!

In the experiment, the scientists attached bombs on bats. The plan was to release these bomb carrying bats, in the cities of Japan at dawn. When released, the bats would quickly go hide in the nooks and corners of the cities and, when the time was up, they would explode all over the cities. The project was later aborted in favor of the atom bomb.

7 Anti-Tank Dog

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Number 7 on our list of the most bizarre military experiments ever is Anti-Tank Dog. Judging from the name itself, you can pretty much guess what this experiment was all about. The experiment involved destroying enemy tanks through the use of dogs. Dogs would be fitted with 12kgs of TNT and would be trained to carry them underneath enemy tanks. Once there, the bombs would detonate and destroy the tank along with the dog.

The problem with this experiment (not that this is actually the only problem with it) was that these dogs would be frightened or confused in the heat of battle. Instead of charging for the tanks, the dogs would retreat to the trenches and end up blowing up their masters. Such explosives. Much boom. Wow.

6 Project Orcon

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Next on our list of the most bizarre military experiments ever is a project that is downright weird. And funny too. Project Orcon takes the place of Number 7 on our list. Orcon is a conjoined word for Organic Control. Project Orcon involved guiding missiles through the use of birds. More accurately, have pigeons steer missiles.

According to the Project Orcon, a pigeon and a screen displaying the target would be placed on a missile. The pigeon would constantly peck at the target on the screen to guide the missile on its destination. However, the idea was dropped due to certain reasons (really?). One of the reasons was that it was a missile guided by a stupid bird. Need I say more?

5 Project Habbakuk

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Remember how the Titanic was sunk by a huge iceberg? Well, the British weren't happy about it and decided to make another huge ship. This time, it wouldn't be drowned by a huge block of ice. Why? Because it would literally be made out of a huge block of ice. Project Habbakuk takes its place at Number 5 on our list of the most bizarre military experiments ever.

Project Habbakuk was a project that involved a huge ship made out of ice. The plan was to make a huge aircraft carrier that would be unsinkable. The ship would be made out of a mixture of ice and wool pulp and would be 2,000 feet long and 40 feet thick. Obviously the project was dropped because it was not feasible at all.

4 "Who? Me?" Device

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Next on Number 4 on our list is indeed a very weird experiment. Already being a very disturbing device, you might even think that this idea came from a 6th grader. The "Who? Me?" device is actually a bomb made in WWII. But this is not the sort of bomb that killed people or jammed their senses. This is the sort of bomb that made people smell bad. Like, REALLY smell bad.

The "Who? Me?" bomb was made by infusing several putrid smells, even the smell of human excretion. When the bomb exploded, it would make the area and all its victims smell utterly disgusting. Basically, a high-grade stink bomb. A stink bomb in the military? Obviously, one of the most bizarre experiments ever.

3 Gay Bomb


Next on our list is a bomb with a name that practically speaks for itself. First a stink bomb and now a gay bomb? At this point, you might wonder if all these ideas came out of a room full of monkeys. Well, honestly, your guess is as good as mine.

Theoretically, the Gay Bomb would release a chemical called "Aphrodisiacs" that would make the soldiers highly attracted to one another. The result would be a severe decrease in the unit's morale. "Make love, not war"- the people who came up with this slogan did not have this in mind. However, the bomb was not perfected and therefore, the idea was rejected. Thus, the Gay Bomb takes Number 3 and is definitely one of the most bizarre military experiments ever.

2 Operation: Acoustic Kitty

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So far in the list, we have seen an experiment on both canines and birds. Why not have a feline in the mix too? Apparently, that was the same thing the CIA thought too. Operation: Acoustic Kitty is actually a common piece of knowledge. Nevertheless, it still is one of the most bizarre military experiments ever and deserves Number 2 on our list.

During the cold war, the CIA wanted to spy on the Soviet embassy. After spending an immense amount of money on research and planning, the CIA captured a cat and surgically inserted several spy technology devices in it. After the surgery was done, the cat was a living, breathing spy kit. However, on its first test run, the cat was sadly run over by a taxi. The CIA quietly cancelled the project and didn't speak about it again.

1 The Stargate Project


Finally, we have reached the number one most bizarre military experiment on this list. When you talk about the most bizarre things, nothing comes close to that of the astral plane. To put it simply, the world of psychics is probably the strangest of them all. And when the military does weird experiments on something that’s already bizarre, you know that it's something that is never going to make sense.

Project Stargate is an experiment conducted by the CIA and the DIA. The purpose of the experiment was to find out information through psychics. In the experiment, people believed to have psychic gifts were forced to help the military "see" and foretell information or whereabouts of the enemy. After spending nearly $20 million on the program, the CIA found out that this was a total waste of time and money. Obviously. The project was then cancelled. Thus, the Stargate Project has been the most bizarre military experiment ever.

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