10 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

There are so many wonders and mysteries throughout the world that even science can't find the answers to, from the meaning of life to how Stonehenge was built. Do these mysteries have the ability to scare us? Well, maybe a little. If we're talking about mysteries like a murderer on the loose or an alien abduction report, then yep - that’s enough to make one nervous. But what about those mysteries that we cannot see, but we can only hear - literally?

Throughout the span of recorded history, there have been strange sounds heard for which we still have no explanation. What makes these mystery sounds more unsettling is that they can sound like they're all around you, but the source is unseen and unknown. You might think with the innovations of our modern day technology we'd have the means to debunk these mysterious sounds. Perhaps it’s all a government conspiracy? Or maybe there are supernatural causes. Whatever the reason, there's little more unsettling than hearing a spooky sound whose origin you just can't figure out.

Here, we've compiled a list of the most mysterious sounds that have fallen on human ears. There are numerous theories surrounding the noises, and perhaps all of the sounds can be attributed to some form of animal, government technology, or just a fluke perfect storm of contributing natural factors. But the beauty of these sounds is that they continue to remain a mystery. As videos and sound clips continue to pop up with more captures of these sounds, people will continue to try to make sense of it all, for their own peace of mind. Listen to these 10 most mysterious sounds in the world, and perhaps you'll be able contribute a theory the masses have yet to touch on...

10 Is It A 'Berg, Is It A Train?


This underwater sound is enough to send some chills up your spine and make you wonder where it came from. We all know the old puzzle; if a tree falls in the forest with no one around, does it still make a noise? Thanks to underwater microphones set up by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), no sound is missed in the depths of the ocean. Scientists think that this is probably the sound of an iceberg dragging along the sea floor. Others have come to believe that it could be the cries of the departed souls that were lost at sea.

9 Upsweep


This sound was first captured in August 1991 and the sound level was high enough that it could be recorded throughout the Pacific Ocean. Scientists continue to record the sound annually, and the spring and the fall are when the sound is at its loudest. The origin is still unknown definitively, but the area that is generally believed to be the source of the upsweep sound also happens to be near underwater volcanoes. The NOAA have lately noted that the volume has begun to decline - so it seems this mysterious sound is likely caused by nature.

8 Julia


It’s called “Julia” because if you listen close enough, this sound almost seems as though it is saying the name. This particular sound was captured on March 1st, 1999 using a device called the autonomous hydrophone array in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean. Considering the depth of where the sound was captured, it sounds like a person underwater choking on their drink or Aquaman getting stuck in some plastic soda can rings! NOAA has speculated that like the train-like sound at number 10 on our list, it could be an iceberg dragging along the ocean floor as well.

7 The Lost Cosmonaut


The “Lost Cosmonaut” has been the topic of hot debate, especially when it comes to the Soviet Union’s space program. According to the history books, the first woman that the Soviet Union sent to space was Valentina Tereshkova in 1963. But in 1961, the Judica-Cordiglia brothers recorded a woman crying out in Russian. The Judica-Cordiglia brothers are well known for capturing transmissions of lost cosmonauts that the Soviet Union sent to space undocumented. The sound of a Russian woman as she goes through what seems to be reentry back into the Earth’s atmosphere is both haunting and disturbing.

6 Taos Hum


The Taos Hum gets its name from a mysterious sound that seems to be centered in the town of Taos, NM. The low frequency buzz quickly became an annoyance for many residents, which means there were several witnesses to the noise and not just a recording. It has also been called “The Hum” and has been heard in various parts of the world, but Taos was the first town to hear the hum in North America. Because of the low frequency, only about 11 percent of people are able to hear it but those who have been blessed with the ability to hear it will tell you it’s more like a curse.

5 Sky Booms


They sound like artillery fire in the sky, and are powerful enough to set off car alarms. The mystery behind sky booms has been looming ever since the early 1800’s. Science has tried to explain the booms as possible small earthquakes that make noise, or as meteors exploding in the air. Conspiracy theorists have also speculated government testing of new weapons to be the culprit of sky booms. “Skyquakes” is a term that has been thrown into the mix to describe the booms in the sky.

4 UVB-76


UVB-76, also known as “The Buzzer”, has been plaguing radio listeners since the 1970’s. It’s a mysterious shortwave radio station that broadcasts on a frequency of 4625 kHz. The short buzz tone is monotonous and repeats 25 times per minute, going on 24 hours a day. Sometimes, the buzz is interrupted by cryptic messages in Russian. It is theorized that the station is actually a spy station, and background conversation has been heard before as well. The reason for the existence of the radio station has yet to be confirmed but it could be an open radio station for the Russian military to use if the necessity arises.

3 Loneliest Whale in the World


The loneliest whale in the world is a sound made at a frequency of 52 hertz, a much higher frequency than other whales. Since the 1980’s this unknown species of whale has been heard across different oceans. There have been different theories speculating that the whale could be of the blue whale species, or it could be deaf (a possibility that was explored after conducting a study on the voices of deaf humans). The haunting sound has caught the attention of millions around the world, and the story of the loneliest whale of the world has become well publicised on digital platforms.

2 The Bloop


A deep-sea microphone captured the Bloop in 1997, and is one of the loudest noises ever captured but the origins still remain unknown. It has even been speculated that the bloops could be caused by a large deep-sea life form since the sounds have been heard (Godzilla, anyone?). Now, there is a whole other world in the depths of the oceans and it is quite possible that the 'bloops' belong to an undiscovered creature  hidden in the deep sea. Blue whales cannot make a sound as large as the bloops - the sound should typically be attributed to a creature much larger than that.

1 Sky Roar


These sounds that have been making international headlines for the last several years. Religious people call it the trumpets heralding the start of the apocalypse, and conspiracy theorists claim that the sounds are from HAARP. Videos continue to be posted online and news stations regularly cover stories of the sky roar being heard. Whether it was Canada, Russia, the United States, or South America, the sky roars have been heard the world over. These loud noises often cause alarm and there isn't an origin location that can be pinpointed, leaving civilians and scientists entirely perplexed.

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