10 Most Shocking Cases of Past Life Memories

The idea of death can be unsettling for many around the world. When a loved one or beloved pet dies, religion has given us the comfort that one day we will see them again in a celestial or heavenly place where there will be no more pain or worry. But there’s always that fear in the back our minds that makes us wonder if once we take our last breath and close our eyes, is it really the end? The idea of ceasing to exist, the notion of nothing but darkness, can be just as unnerving as the possibility of going to heaven, hell, or purgatory.

That's why the concept of reincarnation is so reassuring: It's the age-old philosophy that when life in our current bodies ends, our soul starts a new life in a new body. It's not a confirmed theory - most believe it's just as likely or unlikely as an afterlife - but just as we've heard reports of near death experiences and bright lights, there have been reports of flashbacks, dreams, and other residual phenomenon in connection with past lives. Numerous studies and organizations have been dedicated to the research into reincarnation and past lives, (including the Center for Reincarnation Studies, who were the primary consultant for this article).

Whatever your opinion on the phenomenon might be, stories of people who believe they recall their past lives are undeniably intriguing and their reports sometimes seem too eerily accurate to be merely coincidental. The following are the ten most intriguing cases of just such phenomenon: From resemblance to remembered facts not made public, these ten situations certainly make a strong case for the existence of reincarnation. Many might be skeptical, but while you're reading about these 10 curious cases, just think; wouldn't it be great to have the next life to try again and fix our mistakes?

10 Barbro Karlen/Anne Frank


While a controversial reincarnation case, it is certainly fascinating in its own right. The first thing to keep in mind was that Anne Frank died in 1945 while at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. In 1954, Barbo was born. Before she was even three years old, she was telling her parents that her name was Anne Frank, and this was before Anne’s famous diary would be published. Throughout her childhood years, Barbo had a phobia of men in uniforms and of taking a shower, and she was able to lead her parents to the Anne Frank house and able to get herself to the location.

9 Chase Bowman/Civil War Soldier


Chase Bowman was a young boy who had an unexplained phobia of loud noises such as fireworks as well as a recurring rash that kept appearing on his wrist. Concerned, his mother, Carol Bowman employed the help of her hypnotherapist friend who led Chase through hypnosis in order to find the root of the problem. It transpired that Chase apparently recalled a previous life as a black Civil War soldier who was shot in the wrist and then killed with a fatal wound.

8 The Millboro Case


The Millboro Case remains as one of the most intriguing cases to date. When hypnotherapist Marge Rieder led a regression session for numerous attendees in Lake Elsinore, California, she found that about three-dozen of them shared a past life in the town of Millboro, Virginia during the Civil War. After further investigation and interviews, Rieder found that the testimonies of these subjects lined up with historical facts, revealing unknown information that included a secret room that was used to hide fleeing slaves.

7 Edward Austrian/WWI Soldier


Edward Austrian first baffled his parents and doctors as he had a throat cyst when he was little, and referred to it as “his shot”. He also had an immense fear of dark and damp places. When he was getting ready to go through surgery to remove his tonsils and the cyst, he revealed to his mother that he was an 18-year old soldier in France and was hit by a bullet in the back of his neck that hit his comrade as well - he was 4 years old when telling this story. Even stranger, whenever he spoke about his past life, the growth in his throat would seem to disappear.

6 James Leininger/WWII Fighter Pilot


The story of James Leininger is very famous and exceptionally interesting. In 1945, the Japanese, in the midst of World War II, shot down a 21-year old Navy fighter pilot. The fighter pilot’s name has been forgotten, but the case of James Leininger has resurrected this pilot. The six year old had extensive knowledge of planes, especially warplanes. At the young age of two years old, he was having nightmares about plane crashes and how a little man couldn’t get out. He also had knowledge of pre-flight checks for planes and could tell his parents all about the anatomy of a plane. Considering that James wasn’t exposed to WWII history or anything other than Barney, it makes a compelling case for the theory that James lived a past life. Today, James is grown up, and the resemblance between him and the pilot’s photo are startling.

5 Robert Snow/James Carroll Beckwith


While attending a party, Robert Snow decided that for fun, he would participate in a past life regression session. This would end up unlocking obscure memories of a past life of a painter named James Carroll Beckwith. Using his previous police detective experience, Snow investigated and found that the memories he saw during his session were consistent with Beckwith’s life including arguments about money, his wife dying from a blood clot, and being a painter.

4 Jeffrey Keene/General John Brown Gordon


This retired fireman was drawn to the Civil War battlefield of Antietam and once arriving at a particular spot, he began to have panic attack symptoms and started crying. He also experienced flashbacks to a certain particular location, which ended up being the place where Gordon almost died. After getting a reading from a psychic at a party, Keene discovered that he was seeing himself as a soldier who died in the sunken road. It transpired that Keene also had correlating birthmarks that would have matched Gordon's battle wounds as well as having a striking physical resemblance to each other.

3 Karen Pigott/Ella Starr

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Karen Pigott began experiencing dreams of living the life of Belle Starr, one of America’s most notorious American outlaws. Pigott specifically had dreams of Belle’s last moments when she was shot off her horse and shot again to ensure she was dead. Belle’s murder remains unsolved to this day. It is rather unusual for a five year old to have this much information and knowledge in relation to the life of an American outlaw, and as she grew older, she began to research different figures before discovering her past life identity.

2 Paul Karabin/General George Pickett


When Paul Karabin visited Gettysburg in 2003, he wanted to learn all the little details about the epic battle that took place in 1863. Upon arrival to his hotel, he experienced a panic attack and pointed to a hill with some trees and told his son that that was where the biggest battle took place. That place ended up being the High Water Mark, also known as the site of Pickett’s Charge. Along with this knowledge, Paul also bore a striking resemblance to Pickett. Despite being born in the North way above the Mason-Dixie Line, he finds himself attuned to old Southern traditions, and his wife looks a lot like Pickett’s wife.

1 Jessica Jewett/Fanny Chamberlain


From the time she was a child, Jessica Jewett experienced spontaneous memories that she didn’t understand that included being in a tent from the Civil War era and tending over a wounded soldier. She also had a fear of loud noises that emulated gunfire and cannons. But what makes Jessica’s case even more remarkable is that she has parallel medical conditions with her past life counterpart, Fanny Chamberlain. Before Fanny died, she fell and broke her hip, which led to her demise. Jessica was born with hip dysplasia, a deformity in the hip joint that looks like a broken hip. There are also similarities in handwriting between Fanny and Jessica (even though Jessica was born a quadriplegic and has to write with a pen in her mouth). And finally, Jessica had knowledge of the town of Brunswick in terms of locations of houses and the general area on her first visit with no previous knowledge.

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