10 Controversial Conspiracy Theories Involving Tupac

On September 13th, 1996, the world lost a hip-hop legend. Or, so it seemed. Tupac Shakur was known for his poetic, yet controversial, lyrics and gold-certified hits such as “I Get Around” and “Keep Ya Head Up”. He even became a successful actor in the 1990s, giving outstanding performances in films such as Poetic Justice. However, his life was not just filled with money and fame. The rapper faced multiple charges throughout his life, including assault. He seemed to have many enemies, which he mentioned in his songs while also acknowledging that his own early death was inevitable. The lines between art and reality were blurred on September 7th, 1996 , when Shakur was shot while driving in Las Vegas. He died six days later from the injuries caused by the shooting. No one has ever been charged for Tupac’s death. And this alone seemed to have opened a can of worms. The world just doesn’t seem to want to let this artist go. Soon after his death, multiple people reported having seen Tupac alive. Some believe he faked his death for safety. Other theories are much more dramatic and out of this world. To this day, new theories are being formed about what really happened to Tupac. Let’s have a look at ten of the most interesting conspiracy theories involving Tupac Shakur.

10 Tupac Was Abducted By Aliens


Possibly the least plausible conspiracy theory involving Tupac is that he didn’t actually die—he was just abducted by aliens. Some people really do believe that aliens have been coming to Earth to abduct our hip hop superstars by putting them into a trance-like state and bringing them back to their planet YILAMHAR, with Tupac being no exception. The aliens forced the rapper to entertain them for 1000 years. Why would Tupac agree to all of this? Apparently, they offered him the deal of a lifetime: he can continue to release records on Earth and make money off of the sales while the aliens provide him with all of the phattest honeys and keep him young forever. In the year 3000, Tupac is set to arrive back on Earth. So, not to worry Tupac fans, according to this theory your idol is out there somewhere having a good time.

9 The Makaveli 7 Day Theory


Tupac’s first posthumous album was called The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory and was released under Tupac’s new stage name, Makaveli. Niccolo Machiavelli was a political philosopher and diplomat who wrote in his book, Art of War, that a prince could fake his own death and then plot against his enemies, while in hiding. We know that Tupac had a few enemies of his own, so if you can connect the dots, this theory actually seems to make sense. To make things even more interesting, Tupac was shot on September 7th at exactly 4:03 pm (the digits of which adds up to 7), at the age of 25 (again, each digit adds up to 7). His album art depicts him as Jesus and also lists Simon (Suge Knight) as the producer. Of course, Simon was an apostle of Jesus who was one of the first to see him resurrect. What could this all mean? Could Tupac be planning his “resurrection”? Only time will tell.

8 References To His Own Death In Lyrics


Tupac, like many musicians, often referenced death in his songs. What was creepy was that he spoke of his own death and his references were scarily accurate. There are two songs in particular that stand out. The first is “Ain’t Hard to Find,” which contained the lyrics, “I heard rumors that I died murdered in cold blood, traumatized pictures of me in my final states — you know mama cried. But that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted.” And Tupac was also featured in Richie Rich’s song, “N***** Done Changed,” which was released after his death. The lyrics are “I’ve been shot and murdered, can’t tell you how it happened word for word but best believe that n*****’ gonna get what they deserve.” Fans often question how the artist can be rapping about his own death. Did Tupac pre-plan his own death? This is what many fans seem to believe.

7 Tupac Is Alive and He Performed At Coachella


Anyone who attended Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012 was in for the reunion of the decade. Dr. Dre and Snoop Lion were joined on stage by Tupac—well, his digital likeness. And his digital likeness sure looked like his real, physical likeness. It had all of the muscles and tattoos that the rapper himself had. Although there are plenty of explanations as to how the hologram-like projection worked, people just couldn’t believe their eyes. Twitter exploded with fans questioning whether the hologram was really a hologram or if it was the real Tupac. Maybe we can expect more Tupac concerts in the future.

6 Tupac Is Living On An Island


Since Tupac’s death, there have been countless reports of sightings of the musician. Even Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row Records, the label to which Tupac was signed, asked TMZ, “Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac? Because Tupac not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder. You know he’s somewhere smoking a Cuban cigar on an island.” Many conspiracy theorists believe that Tupac faked his death and escaped to Cuba to live with his aunt Assata Shakur, a member of the former Black Panther Party who escaped prison and fled to Cuba in 1984.

5 Police Officers Were Paid Off To Help Fake Tupac’s Death


In 2015, Tupac fans’ hopes were momentarily lifted when David Myers, a retired police officer who was on his deathbed, admitted that he was paid $1.5 million to help Tupac fake his death. He claimed that Suge Knight had a big role to play in the scheme. He also claims that over 30 other people were paid off to be a part of one of the greatest plots in hip hop history. Even a $50,000 body double was supposedly taken to the morgue. It seemed like a pretty legitimate story, until it was revealed that David Myers doesn’t actually exist and the elaborate tale was just a hoax.

4 Tupac Joined The FBI Witness Protection Program


Some people believe that Tupac faked his death to join the FBI with their investigation into Suge Knight, the CEO of Death Row Records. Suge was arrested in 1987 for assault, theft and attempted murder. He also happened to be sitting beside Tupac in the car when he was supposedly shot. The CIA tried to debunk this theory by jokingly Tweeting, “No, we don’t know where Tupac is” on July 7th, 2014. That doesn’t stop people from believing this theory, though. After all, if Tupac really was part of the Witness Protection Program, would we really expect the feds to admit it?

3 The Sneaker Theory


One reason that people believe that Tupac is alive (besides his endless stream of song releases) is that he wore sneakers which weren’t released until after his death. In the video “Toss It Up,” Tupac is wearing a pair of Penny Hardaway’s which was not available at the time of his death and also in “Live and Die in LA,” Tupac was wearing a pair of Nike Air Jordan sneakers which weren’t released until 2 months after his death. Of course, being a mega superstar may have played some role in Tupac having the latest gear available to him before anyone else, or it could have just been a body double in the music videos, but don’t tell that to the conspiracy theorists.

2 Mysterious Cremation


Tupac was apparently cremated on September 14th, 1996, the day after he died. This seems odd since the bodies of homicide victims are typically not cremated or buried until a full autopsy has been performed. This alone shrouds the case in mystery. Furthermore, no one has actually seen Tupac dead, according to Suge Knight. He also claims that he paid someone $3 million to cremate Tupac but the individual left, never to be heard of again. So, where are Tupac’s supposed ashes? Apparently, the hip hop group, The Outlawz, admitted to smoking their friend’s ashes with weed at a memorial event.

1 Revenge Killing


A former LAPD detective thinks he knows who killed Tupac. The alleged killers are Malcolm Patton, Danny Patton and Donald Smith. But, the masterminds were Suge Knight’s wife, Sharitha Knight and the head of Death Row Records security, Reggie Wright Jr. Sharitha and Suge were in the midst of a divorce so this was Sharitha and Reggie’s chance to kill him and get everything. Smith’s motive to take part in the killing was that Tupac had apparently stolen his song, “Brenda’s Got a Baby.”

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