10 Intriguing Cases Of Psychics Who Aided Police Investigations

From the most intricate practices of forensic science to “good cop/bad cop” interrogation, law enforcement will use whatever means possible to solve crimes and mysteries - especially when these concern difficult missing persons or murder cases. When all leads hit a wall, how far will we go to find the answers? Would it surprise you to know that your own local police force may have turned to the paranormal to solve an intractable crime?

Skeptics are understandably quick to point out that mainstream science hasn't verified or validated the existence of psychic abilities, but those who are believed to have a 'gift' have stepped up to provide their sixth sense to law enforcement forces when just five senses proved insufficient. It's a polarising issue, so when the media catches wind that a psychic or a “psychic detective” may be involved in a high profile case, it's sure to take the news by storm - opening the case up to much scrutiny and controversy.

There have been numerous psychics, clairvoyants, and spiritualists who have made a name for themselves from their involvement in fighting crime. Here, we've profiled ten psychics who have been thrown into the spotlight because of their work with police. Many of these individuals have, arguably, provided answers to heart wrenching questions and some have even provided leads to the ammunition that police needed to press charges. Are these cases strong enough to convince non-believers? You decide.

10 Nancy Myer


When the elderly Sylvester Tonet went missing, his family requested police to enlist the search of a psychic to help find the 76-year old man. Nancy Myer was invited to help with the search; she had strong visions of Tonet wandering into a forest and she warned the family that he was dead.

His family were comforted by the fact that he didn't die of any foul play or violent acts, but instead likely died of exposure, given his age. Myer was able to tell the family of Tonet's last moments, as he wandered off, became frightened, and continued walking so that he could ask for help - wandering into the forest where he died. Tonet's body was found about 150 yards away from the spot Myer said he was.

9 Annette Martin


Psychic Annette Martin, based in California, garnered media attention after she allegedly used her psychic abilities to successfully locate the body of Dennis Prado, a paratrooper who had gone missing out of his apartment. A police detective gave Annette Martin a map of the forest near Prado's home and she circled an area where police would be able to find his body. She stated that a search dog would find him. Sure enough, police took their dogs to the area where Martin had circled and found Prado's remains. There was no sign of foul play, and Martin noted that she had sensed that he was dead and had struggled to breathe in his last moments.

8 Carol Pate


Carol Pate of Little Rock, Arkansas, made herself a household name after appearing on a Court TV show called "Psychic Detectives" as well as making an appearance on Larry King Live. Pate began her psychic detective career at the age of 12 while helping police solve embezzlement cases. She also assisted law enforcement in the discovery of a missing teenager. In another case of a missing person, law enforcement mailed her photos of the victim and of the crime scene, seeking her insight, and she received visions of the victim's body being buried in a specific location. Sure enough, when police checked, there was indeed a body.

7 Etta Louise Smith


The story of Etta Louise Smith is particularly unusual. Her psychic visions in the case of a missing nurse by the name of Melanie Uribe were so accurate that she found herself arrested and on trial for murder. Smith was later acquitted, and her visions assisted with the discovery of Uribe's body. However, Smith later sued the police department for pain and suffering from the trauma she experienced when arrested - she won her case.

6 Phillipe Durant


Phillipe Durant aided police in the search for a hairdresser by the name of Paula Brown, who went missing in 1996 in Sydney, Australia. Durant was originally privately enlisted to help by Brown's fiance, but she eventually segued into officially aiding law enforcement. Unfortunately, police didn't take Durant too seriously when she had visions of specific visions and locations, but eventually Brown's body was found. Even though there was surveillance footage of Brown's killer, it took police six years to bring her killer to justice.

5 Leanna Adams


Leanna Adams is a psychic from Australia who assisted law enforcement in the outback. She helped police find the body of a missing man from Alice Springs in 2001. But later in the year, the search for a missing man by the name of Peter Falconio proved to be too much of a challenge: Adams wasn't the only psychic to aide in the latter case, and police even enlisted the help of spiritual guides to give their insight. Adams had an Aboriginal spirit guide to help her in seeking Falconio's body, but nothing was found at the spot of which she had visions.

4 Carla Baron


Carla Baron is a Los Angeles based psychic who has over fifty cases of assisting law enforcement under her belt. Her main claim to the spotlight was being consulted during the O.J. Simpson trial, and she continues to assist law enforcement and takes on private clients.

Baron became a well known psychic when her prediction that Elizabeth Smart was alive after her kidnapping proved true. It's worth noting that the Independent Investigations Group looked into Baron's claims to have helped on high-profile cases like that of missing tot JonBenet Ramsey, and law enforcement officials either stated that she hadn't been involved in the cases she claimed - or that she had, but had produced no helpful information.

3 Noreen Renier


Noreen Renier has experience with aiding law enforcement, but she has also been involved in presidential matters. She claims to have had visions of Ronald Reagan's assassination attempt and her prediction garnered huge attention. Reiner has assisted law enforcement in Florida with missing person cases, including helping with the discovery of 76 year old Norman Lewis. While Reiner has faced much criticism, she didn't let that stop her from continuing her work as a psychic detective.

2 Allison DuBois


You may have learned of Allison DuBois before even realizing it. This is because she was the inspiration for the television show, "Medium", inspired by her work with the Phoenix and Glendale police department. Her abilities have been tested numerous times, and while results have been inconsistent, the people that she has helped testify that she's the real deal. DuBois has written four books, and is married with children. Since "Medium" was cancelled, she continues to tour and offers readings to her clients. DuBois maintains a consistent fan base and support for her work with law enforcement.

1 Kristy Robinett


Kristy Robinett is one of the latest people to gain national attention for her abilities and aiding police. Even though she has had abilities since childhood, her interaction with police didn’t begin until well into her adult life when she was enlisted to help with a missing person / murder case. Since then, Robinett has published several books and has appeared on shows such as Ricki Lake and Investigation Discovery. She continues to offer her services to both clients and police.

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