10 Celebrities Who Took 'Staying Young' To The Extreme

On the A-list, looking good is 95% of the battle to stay at the top. Whether young or old, performers have to stay attractive if they want to continue to get consistent work in the cutthroat, superficial world of celebrity.

That's why certain trainers and plastic surgeons can make as much as movie stars in California. It could be a touch-up like a shot of botox, or a major facial reconstruction - almost every celeb has succumbed to some sort of surgical help entering the autumn of their lives - and careers.

And so, the evolution of a celebrity is visible in more than their filmography or discography: You can often track a celebrity's career by looking at their face. Some celebs start their journey into plastic surgery early, while some wait until they're a bit older (when their star is fading) before going under the knife. Of course, a celebrity's reason for having work done is personal but, given that they're in the public eye, it's natural for fans and onlookers to react to the sometimes dramatic aesthetic changes of a well-known celebrity.

Below are some of the most dramatic examples of celebrities who did all they could to keep their youthful looks, going to extreme and apparently surgical lengths in order to maintain their profiles. Most look unrecognizable, some look freakish while others have managed to keep their looks admirably - but suspiciously - intact...

10 Jennifer Grey - $6 Million

Jennifer Grey became an overnight sensation for her role as Baby in the iconic film, "Dirty Dancing". She had an especially unique look, with quirky features like a slightly larger nose adding to her charm.

However, Grey's acting profile faded into the 2000s before she hit headlines again for very different reasons; the nose that made her stand out had been transformed. Jennifer Grey had a disastrous nose job, and admits that she went into the surgery room a celebrity "and came out anonymous".

9 Mickey Rourke - $10 Million

After becoming a celebrity, there are numerous factors that could contribute to a steady decline in looks, such as drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. In Mickey Rourke's case, the change was so dramatic that it took the public media by storm.

Everyone was speculating on what exactly happened to the "Sin City" actor to change his looks to such an extreme degree. He admitted that he had several botched surgeries, but in August 2014, Rourke made headlines again as he was pictured looking much more normal. It seems that he's finally found a plastic surgeon who not only fixed the mistakes, but made him look even better, facilitating his second 'unrecognizable' transformation.

8 Lil' Kim - $18 Million

Lil' Kim is another celebrity who has gone under the knife and come out of it looking like a different person. During the Hot 97 Summer Jams in 2013, many of the audience members were baffled by the singer's appearance. 2013 wasn't the first year that the rapper faced scrutiny about having any work done, however, as the singer's looks have gradually become more cartoonish over the years.

Lil' Kim also got into quite a feud with Wendy Williams, who wasn't a fan of the singer's new look and recommended that she come clean about the changes in her appearance and to stop blaming Photoshop. The rapper didn't have a great rebuttal except to call Williams a "b*tch".

7 Melanie Griffith - $20 Million

If you try to Google Melanie Griffith nowadays, the search engine will suggest "plastic surgery" at the end of her name. While the actress is still beautiful, she doesn't look at all like what she used to.

There has been a public backlash against Griffith's many surgeries that many believe spoil her natural beauty, and it seems she's recently toned down the amount of work being tone. We haven't witnessed any major facial changes in recent years, so it seems the actress sticks to touch ups these days.

6 Olivia Newton-John - $40 Million

Olivia Newton-John is best known for portrayal as Sandy in the hit movie "Grease" as well as having one of the loveliest singing voices to come from Down Under. But because she became famous in her early twenties, looking very youthful and every inch the Hollywood starlet, there have been rumors flying that the singer hasn't been able to accept the aging process.

Her daughter Chloe has supposedly teamed up with friend and "Grease" co-star John Travolta to stage an intervention over Newton-John's numerous plastic surgeries.

5 Renee Zellweger - $45 Million

In fall of 2014, Renee Zellweger - the romcom darling of hits like Bridget Jones and Jerry Maguire - made her first public appearance in quite a while, to the shock and awe of celebrity news followers the world over. She was entirely transformed, to the point of being literally unrecognizable.

She reportedly told People magazine that she was happy people noticed the difference in her appearance, saying "I'm living a different, happy, more fulfilling life, and I'm thrilled that perhaps it shows." But the consensus is that what actually shows is a serious dosage of plastic surgery, including an eye lift - the principal cause for the radical transformation.

Zellweger, set to star in upcoming drama The Whole Truth next year with Keanu Reeves and Jim Belushi, hasn't appeared on the big screen since 2010.

4 Barry Manilow - $70 Million

Barry Manilow is over 70 years old and seems to still be going strong in his career. And of course, with age, comes health problems. Manilow recently disclosed having hip issues, and will go into the hospital for routine steroid injections to help with the pain.

Manilow claims that the injections cause his face to swell, thus creating rumors of possible plastic surgery. And because he gets these injections before most public appearances so he isn't hobbling around, that's why his face can look different from appearance to appearance. Experts are divided on whether or not Manilow is a victim of extreme plastic surgery, or medical circumstance.

3 Carrot Top - $75 Million

Carrot Top has endured a lot of fire from fellow comics because of his appearance. From rumors of steroid use to getting plastic surgery, Carrot Top denies having any extensive work done and insists that he looks the same as when he first started in the industry.

He does admit that he puts a lot of care into his appearance from working out, to using a lot of hair product to maintain his luscious red locks. Carrot Top thinks that his fellow comics are just jealous, and that he is the scapegoat who takes the brunt of insults and jokes. Check out the photo above and decide for yourself...

2 Courteney Cox - $75 Million

Courteney Cox is best known for playing Monica Geller in the hit show "Friends" but there's no doubt that her face has changed since "Friends" went off the air in 2004. Cox has managed to maintain a fairly steady career in Hollywood and has remained close friends with co-star Jennifer Aniston.

However, a comment that Aniston made in a recent interview likely didn't go down too well with surgically-enhanced Courteney. Aniston made comments about her "friends" who have had numerous stints with plastic surgery and how she feels bad for them but has learned from their mistakes.

1 Donatella Versace - $200 Million

Donatella Versace is a famous Italian designer who has made major contributions to the evolution of fashion. Since 1997, she has served as the creative director of the Versace Group.

As she's become more famous in the fashion world, we can imagine that the pressure to constantly look young and beautiful is heavy. So, rather than aging gracefully, Versace has resorted to apparently extreme surgery and has entirely botched her natural looks.

When asked about it, Versace admitted to having Botox, but also stated that she was following a new skin care regime. Nobody's convinced that Versace has simply stuck to botox.

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