10 Celebrities Who Have Pooped Their Pants

Everyone poops: poop happens! Sometimes when you least expect it. Even famous people can be in the wrong place at the wrong time when nature calls. This list looks at celebrities caught on stage, in transit and in one case, signing autographs in a smelly situation.

Some of these incidents almost went unnoticed without a word, but were caught on YouTube while others we didn’t know about until the celebrity mentioned the incident. Either way, it’s true that stars are just like us, some of them even poop their pants!

A couple honorable mentions before we get to the stinky list. Diarrhea is the worst and can get the best of anyone. In serious cases you can be in the bathroom and not have enough time before there’s an accident. Obviously this is much worse if you are not at home, and if you are in another country, good luck. There was a story of Jack Black dealing with diarrhea while filming in Mexico. To sum up the alleged incident, he didn’t have enough time. A few others that didn’t make the list are because they peed their pants, and that’s just not enough for us. Hugh Jackman discussed his first Broadway show with Rachel Ray, telling the story of how he drank a lot of water and peed his pants during his first ever Broadway on-stage performance. Marie Osmond also once peed her pants on stage from laughing too hard, yes, that Marie Osmond.

Next time you are headed out the door (or on stage) don’t forget to “try and go one more time,” take it from these celebrities, poop can come calling at any time. Here is a list of 10 famous people that pooped their pants.

10 Nicki Minaj

It’s a given there is a lot of attention paid to the backside of Minaj, so it’s really no surprise it wasn’t missed that she may have pooped her pants on stage. For those interested, here's a YouTube video of the event captured by a fan in the audience. Minaj is onstage with Rihanna, they are performing some type of duet. At times Minaj looks a little uncomfortable, even doing the “leg cross” move to possibly “hold it in.” After Rihanna acknowledges her she walks off the stage (at 1:48 in the video) and it definitely appears that she has even more junk in a trunk already known for a little extra junk.

9 John Cusack

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For many of us, pooping can also be used as a joke, or tool for revenge. Do kids still leave flaming poop outside of front doors? There is an alleged story that John Cusack would poop his pants and leave them in a foxhole during the filming of The Thin Red Line. I imagine this would be head scratching the first time, still funny the second and downright annoying if it continued. Still, if this is true you have to give him credit, real or movie set foxhole is a pretty good place to leave your soiled pants. Apparently he even had a nickname: John Poopsack.

8 Chris Brown

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In 2011, during an MTV episode of When I Was 17, Brown opened up to the crowd and told the story of how he pooped his pants. He referred to it as “sharting” (mix of poop and fart). The story goes he was on stage performing when it happened (initially thinking it was just going to be a fart), but he didn’t immediately do anything about it. Instead he knew he was about to change into another outfit so he just went with it for an entire song. As he put it, “I just remember it running down my leg.”

7 Julie Moss

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One of the more famous public pooping incidents is associated with Moss. In 1982 she was a celebrated Ironman (woman) who was dominating her race, almost 20 minutes ahead of everyone else. Near the end of the race she collapsed, falling down with her body giving out and pooped her pants for all to see. Eventually she got up and struggled toward the end, eventually making it to the finish line, but not before one of the other competitors caught up and crossed first, winning the race. Lucky for Moss this was way before the Internet otherwise #MossPoops would have probably trended for weeks.

6 Jennifer Lawrence

Some people like to talk about poop. In an interview with David Letterman, Lawrence did just that, admitting to pooping her pants, not just once but several times when she was fighting what she thought was an ulcer. It got so bad (as Lawrence puts it: “how many times do you have to poop you pants before you go to the emergency room”) she went to the hospital, this was prior her new film at the time, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Turns out it was just gas (and probably nerves) that led to the accidents. I guess it no longer happens, but we’ll have wait for her next appearance on Letterman for an update to be sure.

5 Fergie

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Some entertainers are such professionals they won’t let anything get in the way of their craft or performance. Some ignore flying objects, others play through the rain. In the case of one usually sexy singer, she decided to soil herself on stage. Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas went all out during their 2005 concert, letting it all go (literally) and not seeming to care who was there to see it. Ten years later and pictures of this display are still popular viewing on the Internet today. The best part of this is that it was during the song “Let’s Get It Started!”

4 Ted Nugent

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This is crazy and unlike the others on this list. In a 1977 interview with High Times, Nugent discusses what he did to avoid the draft. Thirty days prior to his physical he decided to stop taking care of himself and that meant no showering, no shaving, no haircuts and as he got closer, no using the toilet. Instead, he would just poop his pants. To make matters worse he was eating poorly so his poop was extra “runny” and extra disgusting. When he showed up for his physical everyone was absolutely disgusted and instead of supplying urine for his pee test he used poop. How Nugent avoided jail is beyond me, but he did avoid having to serve in the military.

3 GG Allin

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Another case of planned pooping comes from the late punk rock star, GG Allin. In 1985 he pooped onstage. Why did he do this? Probably thought this was a "punk" thing to do. How did he do it? Well, that was definitely flawed. Apparently he took a large amount of Ex-Lax, but he ate it way too early, way before the band hit the stage. Somehow he was able to stop it though. By the time he went on he had been holding it for a while. He did his business and a near riot broke out due to the smell.

2 Al Roker

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Everyone’s favorite weather man came clean in his autobiography about the time he pooped his pants at the White House. Apparently this was after he underwent gastric bypass surgery and if you don’t watch what you eat, well, you can expect explosions from your behind. At time of incident, Roker thought it was just gas, but it didn’t take long before he realized there was more to it. Luckily he was able to make his way to the pressroom bathroom where he was able to discard his underwear. He went commando the rest of his visit that day at the White House. He is happy to report that he has been invited back, without incident.

1 Jenny McCarthy

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McCarthy is known as a Playboy Playmate with little to no filter. So it’s no surprise that she has been very open (in an interview with Arena and also Howard Stern) regarding the time she pooped her pants. As she describes it, she was doing a signing for Playboy. She was wearing a tight red dress (hot) and was dripping with sweat (hot). Then out of nowhere the urge came and it happened, she pooped her pants (not hot). Apparently there was no hiding what happened and those around appeared disgusted (rightfully so). About 20 men, there to see a Playmate, witnessed the incident.

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