10 Bizarre Phobias And The Celebs Who Claim To Have Them

Nearly every person on the planet is afraid of at least something. Some of us are afraid of things due to having endured a traumatic experience at a previous moment in our lives, but some of us also are afraid of things just because we are.

There is certainly a wide variety of extremely strange phobias out there. Granted, we’ve all probably heard about a fear of spiders, a fear of being in the dark or a fear of riding in airplanes, but those are cliché phobias. For example, fear of not having a cell phone, fear of stair cases and fear of money are definitely not very cliché phobias. You’d also be surprised to learn about the people who actually have these phobias. Off the top of your head, you’ll probably be able to name a few well known phobias, simply by glancing at a magazines in a grocery store or reading articles online. But keep in mind, well known people aren't the only people in the world to have these truly strange phobias. With that being said, here are ten of the strangest phobias…and the people who actually have them.

10 Phobia of Guns

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It’s understandable why some people would have a slight fear of guns if they ever went through a traumatic or tragic experience with one, or if they are just plain scared of them. But a phobia of guns seems a little extreme. Sure enough, however, British actor Roger Moore, who portrayed the famous M16 Agent James Bond 007 in seven films, has a legit phobia of guns. This seems very ironic, as Agent 007 is well known for having taken down a lot of villains and saved the world countless times over, with his trademark Walther PPK pistol. Moore’s phobia began when serving in the British Army, a gun exploded in his hands. Many scenes where Moore held or fired 007’s PPK, or any gun for that matter, had to be repeatedly re-shot, as Moore flinched terribly and his acting was thrown off just by holding the gun.

9 Phobia Of Thunderstorms

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As it turns out, a phobia of thunderstorms is a real thing. Anyone who is scared to death of thunderstorms must have really gone through a very traumatic thunderstorm experience early in their life, and who knows how they might act when the next thunder and lightning storm hits. You may not believe it, but famous singer Madonna actually has a fear of thunderstorms.

8 Phobia of Pigs

Who can have a phobia of pigs? Pigs, especially piglets, are known for not only being very cute and adorable, but highly intelligent as well. However, actor Orlando Bloom, known for his roles in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean, actually has a phobia of pigs. This was evidenced while shooting the 2005 Medieval epic movie Kingdom of Heaven, one of the pigs was turned loose and ran wild on set and Bloom subsequently screamed in terror and distanced himself as far away from the pig as possible.

7 Phobia of Cows

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A phobia of cows may be a little more understandable than a fear of pigs, especially considering that cows can be a little more threatening if they are angry. But for the most part, cows are completely harmless animals who seem to spend all day, every day, grazing in the fields. Country singer and actor, Lyle Lovett has a fear of cows, which stemmed when one charged towards him and broke his leg. So while Lovett may have a legitimate reason for disliking cows, many may find it odd that he has a full blown phobia of them.

6 Phobia of Plants


Is it really possible to have a phobia of plants? Plants are everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, so it’s extremely difficult to go even one day without seeing a plant. But somehow, American actress Christina Ricci, has had to live with a phobia of plants for most of her life. Reportedly though, she fears indoor plants more than outdoor plants. She claims to have a fear of all plants, but finds indoor plants to be even more scary, as she believes it is unnatural for them to be kept indoors. The only question perhaps is, if that applies to real indoor plants, or synthetic ones as well.

5 Phobia of Dry Paper

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Isn't all paper supposed to be dry? Yes, it is. Paper that’s been doused in water really doesn't serve any real purpose. But American actress Megan Fox reportedly has a fear of dry paper, to the point that whenever she has to touch, handle or write on paper, she always keeps a glass of water nearby so she can douse her fingers before flipping through the pages.

4 Phobia of Antique Furniture


You have to ask yourself about this one: how can anybody have a phobia of antique furniture? What is there is to be afraid of? Is it the smell, the look, or just the fact that it is old? Well, you’ll have to ask Billy Bob Thornton that question. He has openly claimed that he repeatedly gags when he is around antique furniture, and absolutely refuses to visit an antique shop or a furniture store with any antiques, whatsoever. However, he has also publicly admitted that it is a very strange phobia. At least he's honest.

3 Phobia of Being Trapped

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Being claustrophobic is one thing, but a phobia of being trapped is another. Claustrophobic refers to a fear of being trapped to the point where you can’t move, but a phobia of being trapped could just refer to you being locked in a huge room or building with no way out. American actor Matthew McConaughey has a fear of being trapped, and has admitted that he simply can’t handle walking through revolving doors or through tunnels. That’s a little different from claustrophobia for sure.

2 Phobia of Water


Considering the fact that all life on Earth absolutely depends on water for survival, how could anyone be afraid to water? However, Carmen Electra has admitted to being afraid of water, claiming she can’t be anywhere near the ocean or a swimming pool, or basically anything that is water-filled. Is it a fear of drowning, maybe? Because one would have to ask how anyone with a phobia of water has lived as long as they have have, since no person can live more than three days without water.

1 Phobia of Chewing Gum


A phobia of chewing gum is perhaps one of the most odd phobias that you are ever likely to hear about. But it is reported that media mogul and talk show host, Oprah Winfrey has that phobia. But there’s a story behind this phobia: her grandmother would collect used (yes, used) chewing gum and stick it all over the furniture in her house. Oprah apparently became disgusted with this, and today, admits that she also can’t handle the sound of people chewing gum or the mere sight of it. She has banned chewing gum from her house and from the building where her shows are filmed.

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