The 15 Sexiest Ring Card Girls

Ring card girls are as much a part of combat sports as cauliflower ears and slurred speech. These models walk around in between rounds and hold up signs to remind fans what round it is. Having the hottest ring card girls has an element of prestige to it. If you're watching some backwoods MMA promotion in a gymnasium, the card girls are going to reflect the quality of the promotion overall. That's why all of the biggest promotions, from MMA to boxing, all want to have the absolute hottest models possible - because it reflects on their brand as a whole.

Here are fifteen stunning ring card girls that keep fans distracted during the time in between rounds. There are a lot of articles on the Net that claim to feature the "hottest ring card girls", but they're all lying because this list really is the best.  Read on if you don't believe us.

15 Jessa Hinton - Playboy Playmate

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This stacked beauty is a model, blogger, host, and celebrity card girl. Oh, and she's also a Playboy Playmate. Did we mention she's been in Playboy? But don't get too excited, she says she hates people with bad breath, so you're probably out of luck.

She grew up in California, and is the oldest of her five siblings, which means she doesn't have any older brothers, which is good news because they'd probably have to be professional fighters to keep the guys away.

Before you run to the dentist, though, make sure you check out the rest of the list because we're just getting started.

14 Mercedes Terrell - Thanks Bellator

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Mercedes got her big break as a ring card girl for Bellator, the UFC's biggest rival. Although Bellator is miles behind the UFC in terms of the caliber of fighters that they employ, Bellator still reaches a massive audience thanks to their deal with Spike TV. That means tons of exposure for their card girls, and lots of opportunity to catch the eyes of casual fans who just happen to be flipping through channels.

Mercedes is a showstopper, who gets people to stop and watch her show. She still works for Bellator, and describes her life as being "like a Rockstar... without all the drugs!"

13 Chrissy Blair - Charlize Theron Look-Alike 

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Chrissy Blair is a stunner who kind of looks like Charlize Theron. She says the best way to pick her up is to treat her like you aren't just trying to pick her up, and to be sexy. She likes sushi and relaxing with an episode of Family Guy or Duck Dynasty after a long day of hard work and looking beautiful.

She's very goal-orientated and has very high expectations of herself. She originally worked for Strikeforce. During the Strikeforce acquisition, the UFC was able to bring over some great talent, including current and former champions. For our money, Chrissy Blair is one of the top prospects that was brought over when the two promotions merged.

12 Christie Cartwright - World Extreme Cagefighting

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Christie was a ring card girl in the WEC (World Extreme Cagefighting) before the WEC was purchased by Zuffa (the same company that owns the UFC) and eventually folded into the UFC (the same thing that happened with Strikeforce.) We're not really sure what she's up to nowadays, but during her prime she was definitely one of the hottest ring card girls in one of the best MMA promotions on earth.

She has also worked as an interviewer in the WEC, and as a model for MMA clothing brands, along with appearing in a handful of magazines. She's no stranger to sports; playing volleyball, swimming and gymnastics have all certainly contributed to her excellent form and physique. She also loves to dance and is from the Bay Area.

11 Tiffany Tom - Provincial Fighting Championship

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Tiffany is a model based out of Fresno, who has worked as a card girl for PFC (Provincial Fighting Championship), which is a small promotion who haven't updated their website in years. Tiffany's modelling profile links to her Myspace page, so it's safe to say that she's more or less out of the game at this point.

Along with working as a ring card girl, this beauty has also done some more risque photoshoots and worked as a go-go dancer. She's definitely not a Tomboy, but most guys would be happy to be Tiffany Tom's boy. Sorry about the joke, hopefully the picture makes up for it. And... cue to 100,000 guys all Googling her name at the same time...

10 Park Si Hyun -  One FC in Singapore

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Park Si Hyun works as a card girl for One FC over in Singapore. They're a relatively new promotion, and she started with them in 2012. They're growing rapidly across Asia, and also have a handful of fighters that are recognizable to North American audiences, including Brandon Vera who is their heavyweight champion, and the extremely talented wrestler Ben Askren, who is their champion at welterweight. But back to Park...

Aside from working as a ring card girl, Park Si Hyun does a lot of modelling work. She's worked for the Magnum ice cream brand, and countless others. She's a very familiar face in the car scene, and has also worked the cards for Road FC.

9 Christine Yvonne Hallauer - One FC

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This beautiful Swiss-Filipina from Australia works for One FC and spends her time globetrotting between Perth, Manila, and Singapore. Aside from being a member of One FC's incredible lineup of ring card girls, Christine has also done modelling work for FHM, Maxim, and plenty of others. She has traveled from a young age, and is fluent in several languages. She also completed her Bachelor of Commerce, which she puts to use working for the oil industry in Australia when she's not modelling.

She's been working with One FC since 2013, and quickly became a favorite among fans of the top MMA promotion in Asia. She's very comfortable in front of the camera and in front of huge groups of fans, which is an essential skill for a ring card girl, and it shows by the way she carries herself.

8 Jhenny Andrade - Octagon Girl

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Jhenny is one of the newer additions to the UFC's Octagon Girl squad. This blonde Brazilian isn't just a pretty face with a great body, she has a sense of humor and an entire YouTube channel dedicated to her Bikini jokes. She also had a very popular column in VIP Magazine called "The Perfect Girlfriend," in which she tried out lots of new things and perfected all the skills that men see as being essential for a perfect lady. In other words, she's basically perfect. Her column lasted for over six years and was one of the most popular sections of the magazine.

"In the beginning it was all new and different. Today I am part of the delicious adrenaline and I am in love with fighting." - Jhenny Andrade

She's been in the limelight since she was just a kid, and shows no signs of slowing down. When she isn't travelling the world to hold cards at some of the biggest fights, she also works as a TV host.

7 Jade Bryce - Bellator

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Jade was able to strut her stuff in front of millions of fight fans when she regularly appeared on Spike TV as a ring girl for Bellator. She worked for the promotion for 4 years before they "decided to go in a different direction," and parted ways in 2014. Even with years out of the game, she's still a favorite ring card girl of many fans and is still very highly regarded. Bellator caught a ton of flack for letting her go.

In an interview with Spicy Magazine, she revealed that her biggest turn-ons are as follows: A charitable heart, an adventurous spirit, hilarity, faith and a desire to travel. Most of you reading this right now will have a biggest turn-ons list that's a lot more concise: Jade Bryce.

6 Camila Oliveira -  First Brazilian Octagon Girl

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Camila began her modelling career at the age of 16, and she holds the distinction of being the very first Brazilian Octagon Girl for the UFC. She says her worst moment at work was when Anderson Silva broke his leg in his rematch with Chris Weidman.

At UFC 162 when Silva first lost his belt to Weidman, she was there to see it - and she cried. She's very patriotic, and has become very invested in the fights... and sometimes, the fighters, too. She has dated UFC fighter Erick Silva, but she has said that Luke Rockhold is the most handsome man in the UFC. For what it's worth, she's right.

5 Arianny Celeste - UFC's Finest

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Her list of awards, features, and appearances is endless. She has won Fighter's Only Magazine's Ring Card Girl of the year award 5 times. She's a mixture of Mexican and Filipino, and her real name is Penelope but she has had the nickname "Arianny" since she was a kid. She's not afraid to stick up for herself either, like when Ronda Rousey was hurling insults at her, or when she was arrested for kicking her boyfriend in the face after he put his hands on her.

4 Carly Baker -  UFC's First European Ring Card Girl

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Carly Baker is in the next generation of smokin' hot UFC ring card girls. Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste have been at it for a long time, but eventually they'll move on to other things. When it's time for the changing of the guard, don't worry, because girls like Carly Baker and Vanessa Hanson are here to carry the torch.

Carly is from London, making her UFC's first European ring card girl. She says she loves working for the UFC, and she loves fitness, which is an important hobby to have if you're going to flaunt your stuff in front of millions of people.

3 Summer Daniels - Bellator

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Summer Daniels is the "new direction" that Bellator wanted to take after parting ways with Jade Bryce. She's also been on the cover of Hustler, so do what you want with that information. In addition to a prolific list of appearances as a spokesmodel and a long list of magazine appearances, Summer is also a musician. In fact, she's the first woman to ever grace the Hustler cover without appearing nude inside the issue. Good for her, but kind of a bummer for everyone else.

Bellator isn't her first rodeo as a ring card girl. Summer Daniels has also previously worked with Strikeforce, and Elite XC. She had big shoes to fill when she stepped in for Jade, and she's winning over the fans, who were initially upset to see Jade leave, with her good looks and personality.

2 Brittney Palmer - Another Octagon Girl!

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Brittney Palmer is an artist, a model, and an Octagon Girl for the UFC. Arianny and herself  are basically the poster girls when it comes to ring card girls - they're two of the most recognizable due to being the two main Octagon Girls. In recent years, the UFC has started to bring up the next generation, but Brittney's still holding it down and handling all the biggest shows.

When you think of Octagon Girls, which is the UFC's trademark name for their ring card girls, you think of Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste because they've both been holding it down for so many years, but there's always a fresh new face gunning for the throne. Fans can order a custom painting by Brittney on her website with prices starting at just $200- we're not sure why you'd want to but still!

1 Vanessa Hanson - The Hottest Of Them All

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Vanessa Hanson has that "girl next door" quality about her, if the girl next door to you is a gorgeous model, at least. She's come a long way since her UFC debut.

She lists her turn-ons as: intelligence, guys over 6 feet tall, humility, active lifestyles and crude senses of humor. She's 5' 8" herself. In 2011, she won a contest to be a guest Octagon Girl at the US Open of Surfing, and the rest is history.

Her exotic look is thanks to her background which includes Mexican, German and Norwegian heritage. She's becoming more and more of a fixture at UFC events all around the world, so don't be surprised if you see her sticking around a while.

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