Top 15 Despicable Tweets Made By Donald Trump

The presidential election of 2016 was off to a no-holds barred start right away in 2015. All candidates were hitting below the belt to get a boost in ratings, publicity limelight, and gain followers. If we were to measure American society’s interest based on reality television shows, it’s easy to see we LOVE drama! During this entire election, no one has generated more drama and controversy than Mr. Donald Trump himself. He praises himself for being an opinionated, racist, gloves-off, "One Percenter" with a mean streak and the gift for riling up a crowd (sometimes not in a good way). Not only has Trump insulted his competitors but also actors, comedians, people who don’t support his candidacy, and even worldwide icons such as Rosa Parks, Gandhi, and Abraham Lincoln. One of the biggest platforms he uses as a soapbox to stand on and preach are social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. Like most famous folks, there are always a few posts that stand out because of their crass nature or unfiltered honesty. With Trump, I think the old saying “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all” is a phrase he’s not familiar with, nor was he ever taught to be respectful growing up. Here are some spectacularly rude and degrading tweets Donald trump has posted over the years that make you cringe, get mad, and thank your lucky stars you’re a decent human being.

15 "We Must Be Vigilant"

Trump yells all through his tweets about "vigilance." As in being vigilant against just about everybody- blacks, gays, Muslims, you name it. But no policies that are spoken, submitted or asked to be addressed by congress automatically will diminish the danger or hatred he's spreading. He does say vigilance is an important factor in magnifying the situation to be public knowledge and rally support. Although that may be true, people saying “yeah, let’s fix it” only does so much. The vigilance needs to be maintained which may require multiple resources, a substantial amount of money, and where would that money come from? You guessed it…it will be given by hard working Americans. We are already in a pile of debt without an end in sight, how will this vigilance come to fruition without a rational, cost effective solution? Exactly. It’s just Donald Trump trying to wear the big boy politician pants without the suspenders to hold them up. Americans need plans of actions, active promise,s and a vigilant leader to carry policies through into action and completion.

14 Major City Crimes

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Here’s where it gets a little sticky with Donald Trump…He prides himself on how he had presented policies that needed to be addressed concerning the influx of danger and hatred- two years prior to his candidacy. Here he is making a blatantly hateful comment towards two races. The time span breaks up the post and his announcement to run as president but he is a celebrity first and his actions, words, and public image will be used against him during his candidacy. We have seen how he gives no apology for how he feels and what he thinks but saying those who are African-American and/or Hispanic commit the majority of crimes without addressing any other nationality is a nail in his coffin for votes, and turns a very big portion of American born citizens against him. Especially in urban areas. As was said before, this may have been two years ago, but people don’t forget.

13 "Family, Religion, Friendship"

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We all know Donald Trump puts value in business transactions and how much money he can rake in from that investment. He is not a person but just a brand and his face is the icon of that business. He was born into money- his father, Fred, earned his millions through real estate during WWII. Even though Fred was also a racist at times, it doesn’t negate the fact that he built an empire that stood the test of very turbulent times. By Donald saying ‘Family, religion, and friendship’ are demons, it’s not only a slap in his father’s face but also a lack of gratitude towards all those who helped keep him in his cushy lifestyle he’s living now. However, there is a flip side. After realizing that following in his father’s footsteps is not a viable means to sustain the upscale lifestyle he was accustomed to. Trump decided to invest his name in other avenues of business. Therefore, he couldn’t let emotional ties interrupt financial success or stability. Although this isn’t the worst thought he’s made public knowledge, it’s still pretty heartless to say about those who supported you.

12 African American President

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Two years ago, prior to the announcement of his candidacy, Trump made this awful remark about President Obama. Summing up an entire legacy by someone’s ethnicity is not only racist, but also wrong on a bunch of different levels. One of the main reasons is not only because of his popularity on social media sites, but also because he is a business man. We live in a different age and time where equal opportunity to seek the American dream is now a reality for everyone and not just white males. Maybe President Obama made mistakes; however, it does not mean a future African American president won’t do a spectacular job in running this country.

11 Immigration Vs. Natives: A History Lesson

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I know you read this one, please take a minute to reread it and let it sink in, I’ll wait…see what I’m getting at? His Grandparents came to America…that means they were immigrants at one point, too! I’m sure his grandparents were lovely people, however, they have a grandson who should really reread his own words before making himself look like a complete idiot. At some point or another ALL of our families immigrated to this country. The only people who didn’t were the Native Americans - hence why they are referred to as Native Americans. They are Natives to this country we call home, we’re the foreigners.

10 Ebola-Infected Americans Should Stay Out

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During an outbreak of the Ebola Virus in Africa, Americans had taken trips there. Because they were in the country during the outbreak, a few were infected and sent back to their home countries. According to Trump, we should have kept them out of this country- regardless of the precautions that were taken during their journey home. Not only that, but he took his opinion a step further. He shamed those people for wanting to help a third-world country and thinks they should accept their fate. It seems like he’s saying if you want to be a Good Samaritan in another country then plan on staying if anything happens to you.

9 Trump's Stand On Sexual Assault In The Armed Forces

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Not only is Trump letting his racist flag wave freely but he’s outwardly a sexist, too! Even though this was posted three years ago, he has recently made it evident that he still feels this way towards women. If he wants their support if he becomes president, he’s going to want their protection if it’s needed. If he’s referring to only women in the military, then that is not only sexist, but still an insult to all military personnel as a whole. Women have overcome years of being denied from joining the military, and overcame the scrutiny of those who never thought women could contribute to the military field. If a woman joins the ranks, she is not asking to be sexually assaulted, nor should she be blamed for someone else and their unwelcome actions. Trump should really tread softly if he wants the military to help him in his efforts to protect his “wall" and any other "off-the-wall" ideas he has.

8 Paris In Crisis

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Okay, it is one thing to insult a person, but to insult an entire country, let alone during a national tragedy in a beloved city? Well, that’s crossing the line. Wanting to run for president is not just enough. Forming alliances and keeping other countries close is instrumental in keeping lines of communication, trade, and unity open in the event their help is needed. By offending France with blatant disregard for the tragedy they had just experienced, Trump showed he is not the type of person who should run a country. It is not just about gun control that brought them to a tragedy, it was a heinous act committed by terrorists on innocent people for the sake of “politics” or “religion.” Trump’s words are fighting words and somewhat childish. Sarcastic insults on social media are expected from a teenager- not a grown man.

7 September 11th Post

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Did he seriously try to send peace to all by insulting those who don’t support him!? Who does that?...oh wait. Clearly, Trump does. Once again, a national tragedy occurred and during its somber remembrances, instead of setting aside differences for a measly twenty-four hours, he continued to be a pompous jerk. Granted this post was three years ago, but he has continued to make a national tragedy into a joke, or a platform to promote his candidacy to his supporters and hate on those who do not. September 11th is a very special day for those who lost loved ones and are still grieving their loss and to the nation as a whole. It is not the time, nor the place to be raising awareness of people he doesn’t like just because they don’t like him.

6 Trump's IQ

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 You can’t help but giggle a little on the inside and feel about ten points smarter after reading this post he created back in 2013. Just because a person has a high IQ doesn’t mean your common sense is exactly at the same level, which clearly, his still isn’t. A person's IQ may be quantifiable; however, common sense and common decency are something people can see and recognize, admire, and want to strive toward. Being smart? Of course that’s great; who doesn’t want to be? But flaunting it just makes you dumb.

5 Diet Coke Is Not Made For Skinny People

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Well this is just rude. Who cares if a person is fat or thin and what they drink? Is he really that bored that he needs to make offensive statements such as these? Soda in general is bad for anyone, diet doesn’t make it any better- there’s no such thing as “healthy soda.” Literally everyone already knows that even if they pretend otherwise. Furthermore, Trump doesn’t seem like the type who comes in contact with real-life America and keeps himself in a 1% bubble. If he wants to run for president, he should really refrain from making impolite half-witted comments, or retrace himself through previous posts and delete them to avoid scrutiny and the potential for voters to hold it against him later on.

4 Arianna Huff's Dirty Laundry Hung Out By Trump

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Back in 2012, The Huffington Post announced they would be putting Trump’s presidential campaign in the entertainment section rather than the political section. Trump struck back calling HP “a glorified blog” and “not a legitimate news source.” The saga continued when Trump took on Arianna Huffington, the editor-in-chief and co-founder. He took a personal matter in Huff’s life and turned it into a soapbox to show the world how low he can hit below the belt. What she went through in her marriage is no one’s business. Business and pleasure don’t mix for a reason and she was directing her position from a business standpoint through and through. She never mentioned his personal life, people he is close to, and the issues he has going on.

3 Marco Rubio

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First and foremost, let’s correct the spelling errors his autocorrect did not have the high IQ to fix: it's “choker” not “chocker...” Now, moving on. Their presidential debate held on February 26 made headline news the following morning across the news; radio, television, social media, etc. Trump jabbed at Rubio by stating he couldn’t even get elected as a dog catcher in Florida; Rubio rebutted accusing Trump of flying around on “hair force one” (I can’t stop laughing even as I type this). It was like watching two siblings go at it in the back seat about who is dumber. Honestly, boys, cut the name calling, get to the REAL issues, and please, leave Trump's hair out of it.

2 Ted Cruz And Melania Trump's GQ Past

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Next up to bat, Mr. Ted Cruz! To boost his footing in the primaries, Cruz used a nude photo of Trump's wife, Melania, for an ad posted in a heavily Mormon area of Utah. She had done a nude photo shoot for GQ in 2000, so Cruz took it upon himself to destroy his “bromantical” relationship with Trump and featured Melania naked and a heading above her body stating: “Meet Melania Trump, your next first lady.” At the bottom it said: “Or you can vote for Ted Cruz on Tuesday.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out who posted this ad. Trump was outraged and quickly fired back, using social media threatening to “spill the beans” on Cruz’s wife. The band of republican brothers had officially been broken once Cruz decided to step toe-to-toe with the social media soapbox lover Donald Trump.

1 Trump vs. Megyn Kelly

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Not sure what he was hoping to accomplish by posting these on Twitter, but, he did manage to make himself look ridiculously vulgar and offensive towards women. The image alone is enough to make someone throw up in their mouth a little. Ever since his feud with Megyn Kelly, he’s obsessed with writing posts about her, trying to degrade her, and make her look stupid, but he’s hashtagging make America great again? I don’t remember America ever being great for calling women h*es or B's and inviting them to perform sexual favors like a prostitute. I think Trump needs to crack open those history books again and reread why America was great in the first place. I'm pretty sure he won’t find rap lyrics.

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