Top 12 Men's Subscription Clubs That Are Actually Worth It

Gone are the days where subscriptions only apply to magazines and newspapers; whether you’re a fitness junkie, an avid snacker, or devoted to trying new craft beers every month – there’s a subscription box somewhere out there dedicated for just about everybody.

The subscription box business model has become wildly popular in just the last few years – most Facebook users know that it’s virtually impossible to scroll through a newsfeed without seeing ads pushing services like Ipsy or BarkBox onto consumers. The subscription box method is quickly becoming a way for a wide market of consumers to discover new products and brands without taking a step outside of their homes.

In order to determine and create a box that’s tailored for specific individuals, subscription box companies will create surveys for customers to complete that narrows down what products will be delivered every month. Since there are so many subscription clubs with different products and varying tiers of quality, the average monthly fee can fluctuate. Some users may be a part of a fitness subscription club that costs $100 a month, while others may just be a part of a snack subscription club, costing $10-$20 a month. Users will pay the price for their interests.

With a ton of monthly subscription boxes to choose from, it’s hard to pick just one; and it’s a challenge to determine which ones are really going to be worth the money. Here are 12 of the best subscription clubs to be a part of.

12 Craft Coffee

“Brew Better Coffee. Pay Grocery Store Prices,” is the Craft Coffee promise. For people who need their morning cup of joe (or afternoon, or evening) to really get the day started, this is the subscription club to sign up for. Craft Coffee allows customers to set delivery times to meet their needs, in order to never run out of beans. When getting started, Craft Coffee has users select what company they usually buy their beans from, and what the beans are called. From there, they suggest which one of their fresh roasts would be the perfect match. The Craft Coffee monthly fee ranges from $10-$25 a month.

11 BroBox

There is no real theme when it comes to BroBox, other than that it’s made for dudes looking for unique, fun products. Each BroBox comes with personal care items, snacks, energy drinks, apps, games, new technology and more. A couple unique features about BroBox includes that it’s no commitment, meaning users can cancel at any time with no financial repercussions, and shipping is always free. On top of that, those who like BroBox so much that they want to gift it to somebody else can receive a discount for multiple box purchases. A BroBox subscription costs $14.95 a month.

10 Graze

Graze is a snacking service, delivering snacks right to customer’s doorsteps. To get started, customers fill out a survey describing their favorite snacks, and then Graze will handpick snacks to send in a specialized box. Graze has over 100 snacks on circulation and all of them are guilt-free. The Graze promises include: no genetically engineered ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, no high fructose corn syrup, no trans fats, and 150 calories or less. Being a part of Graze could get you salted fudge and peanut butter cookies, beer mustard with poppy seed pretzels, tuscan pesto kern pops, and many more mouthwatering snacks. Receiving monthly Graze boxes costs $11.99.

9 Loot Crate

Nerds, rejoice. Loot Crate is leading the game when it comes to providing a monthly subscription service for geeks and gamers alike. This monthly subscription service is a little different in that customers are able to choose the theme for their crate. The crates offered include: Loot Crate (themes chosen by the company), Level Up (apparel and accessories), Anime, Pets, Gifts, Star Wars, and Call of Duty. Past crates have included comic books, accessories, action figures, and other nerdy products. Like the sound of more than just one? Loot Crate allows customers to receive more than one box a month. To receive just one box a month, the fee is $20.

8 Birchbox for Men

Originally, Birchbox was geared towards women, carrying beauty products in monthly boxes. Now, Birchbox has expanded its horizons and has opened its monthly subscription boxes to men as well. Birchbox for Men monthly subscription boxes come with four grooming samples, which could be anything from a shaving cream to a beard wash, as well as full-size product, which could be something like a bar tool or new accessory. Birchbox determines what kind of products to send to men depending on three different categories – artsy, light skinned, straight hair; classic, curly hair, medium-dark skin; or geeky, thick hair, and light skinned. Users select which profile best describes them, and from there, a special monthly box is built. New Birchbox for Men customers are given a free gift as well just for subscribing. The monthly cost for Birchbox is $20.

7 BarkBox

For the guys who consider their furry pal one of their best friends and only deserving of the best, BarkBox is the service to sign up for. BarkBox specializes in sending clients' dogs treats, toys, and gifts every month. Like humans, all dogs are different, and BarkBox also has a way of making sure to send boxes that are tailored to specific pup’s likes. Users will first select their dog’s size, and what timeframe they’d like to sign up for (BarkBox offers 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plans which are possible to be cancelled at any time). BarkBox boxes are shipped out on the 15th of every month and are packed with toys, treats, and chews to keep dogs happy and entertained. BarkBox plans range from $19 to $29 a month, depending on the plan selected, and shipping is always free.

6 Cairn

“Outdoor inspiration delivered monthly” is what guests see before signing up for Cairn. Cairn subscription boxes are for hikers, nature enthusiasts, and anybody who enjoys outdoor activities. Cairn is $25 a month and users create personal profiles in order to receive personalized boxes. This subscription club motivates customers to stay involved with the company and site by offering review opportunities and a point system. People who are signed up for a monthly subscription can receive points towards a free month of Cairn by completing tasks like getting a friend or family member to sign up, reviewing products that come in Cairn boxes, and for filling out a personal profile on the website. Subscription boxes include gear (products like headlamps and cookware), apparel, food and energy products, skin care items, and emergency and medical kits.

5 Dollar Shave Club

For men who are tired of spending too much money on low quality razors, Dollar Shave Club is here to help. To get started with Dollar Shave Club, users have to sign up for one of three packages, costing $14 to $22 depending on the subscription chosen. After that, blades are only going to cost $1 to $9 a month. In the cheapest box, razors, a handle, and shave butter is included. The second box is going to come with a handle, razors, shave butter, and post-shave cream. The most expensive box is going to include razors, an executive handle (higher quality), shave butter, and post-shave cream. Users are able to choose to do a monthly subscription or bimonthly, depending on personal shaving schedules. Like most subscription clubs, Dollar Shave Club is no commitment and is available to be cancelled at any time.

4 Try The World

Try the World is a subscription box club that sends clients gourmet boxes with products from around the world every two months. Try the World offers three different payment plans where customers can pay $39 every two months, $105 every six months, or $198 every 12 months. The first box is guaranteed to ship in two weeks, free shipping is always guaranteed, and the service is no commitment. Try the World boxes come with 7-8 products chosen by an “expert chef,” with items including teas, jams, cookies and more. Previous Try the World boxes have included items from Thailand, Spain and France. Try the World allows clients to expand their culinary horizons without leaving home.

3 Bespoke Post

Bespoke Post offers monthly boxes full of lifestyle gear for men. Bespoke Post boasts the ability to “discover something for different” for men, with the goal being sending customers lifestyle gear from “up-and-coming brands” that the company admires and can be used regularly during the day. Bespoke Post offers 15 different boxes for people to choose from. A few examples of the boxes offered include Steam, Fit and Copper. The Steam box aims to revamp bathroom style, with fashionable towels and toiletry products. Fit boxes include fitness products, energy mints, cards, and more. The Copper box includes everything you need to make cocktails in the rustic copper mugs that they send you, along with recipe cards. Bespoke Post is $45 if signed up for the monthly subscription, and $55 per box if not signed up.

2 Craft Beer Club

Like beer? There's a club for you. The Craft Beer Club claims to send "the finest craft beers from America's best micro breweries." Per month, subscribers receive 12 beers, and up to three bonus gifts. For this service, a $39 monthly fee is attached. The Craft Beer Club is particular about what beers are sent out to subscribers; only small-production, independent brewers who stick to traditional methods are a part of the Craft Beer Club's exclusive producers. In each delivery, subscribers can expect 12, 12 ounce cans or bottles of beer coming in four different styles. Monthly newsletters are also provided by the Craft Beer Club which include the story behind the beer subscribers received, what's in it, and where it's from. Like most subscription clubs, Craft Beer Club is no commitment and ships free.

1 Carnivore Club

Warning: this is not a club for vegetarians. The Carnivore Club is all about catering to those who love to eat meat. The Carnivore Club is the first cured meat club, and every month, artisans from around the world are featured in the monthly boxes. The boxes that are delivered to customers are faux-wood, and are stuffed with four to six cured, handcrafted meats. The past few boxes have included artisan meat and cheeses, cured slow food-style pork, South African meats, and more. People who are a part of the Carnivore Club can choose to receive boxes monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. For those who plan on doing a monthly subscription, $50 is the price tag. Just want to try it out once? $55 is the price tag on a single box.

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