Top 10 Hottest Women Chris Brown Has Hooked Up With

Chris Brown stays busy.  Though his career seems to go through highs and lows of attention and anonymity, his fame has afforded him the ability to woo a lot of amazing and impressive women.

Everyone knows about Chris Brown's big relationships.  His relationship with Rihanna has been on-again, off-again for over a decade now, and it seems he's officially ended his chances with his latest partner, Karrueche Tran, after public fights and alleged infidelity.  Given his dating track record, including a long list of infidelities, public scenes, verbal abuse, and even physical assault, no one would be surprised if Karrueche were escaping another poor relationship.

Brown is, unsurprisingly, not so much the relationship type.  He reports more hookups and "casual relationships" than he does serious relationships or committed partnerships.  Maybe this is due to personal preference, a psychological qualm, or maybe he just hasn't found "the one" yet.  In any case, he certainly has managed to find a plethora of other women willing to be with him that are impressive in their physique, careers, and backgrounds.

So here they are!  The 10 hottest women Chris Brown has hooked up with.

10 Draya Michele

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Seriously, Draya Michele is killing it. She's a star on the reality television show Basketball Wives LA. She's been on previous seasons because of her engagement to Orlando Scandrick, a cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys (why is the fiancee of a football player on a basketball wives show? Who knows, no one can make sense of it).

Draya was open about her relationship with Chris Brown, talking about it during the show and on several talk shows. The two had a slightly messy breakup, just like any normal breakup, but they've stayed amicable. Recently, when paparazzi tried to drag her name through the mud, she tweeted that Chris Brown's girlfriend (at the time) and she were great friends, and she wished them both all the joy in the world. Not only is she sexy, but she's sweet and mature, too!

9 Nia Gonzalez

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You might also know her by her preferred name, Nia Amey. Amey is the name she goes under when working professionally in her modelling career, most of which are nudes or minimal coverage shots.

She might have just began as a hookup for Chris Brown. It seems that the two never really tried to make a go at a relationship. However, it would seem that they weren't very careful either. Nia is now Chris Brown's "baby mama," for lack of a better term. Nia seems to be working her way through college. While playing mother to his child, she's also a nursing school student and works two jobs. She's a hardworking woman and a single mother. She's independent and doesn't let anyone boss her around.

It would seem that the two didn't have enough chemistry to work as a couple, but they get along very well as parents to their daughter.

8 Simply Jess

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Who's that, you're asking? Simply Jess is the self-proclaimed best promoter of arts events in the Miami area. If you visit her twitter page, which you can find here, you'll see that she stays incredibly busy. Barack Obama followers her. I mean... what? Who the hell is this chick?

She and Chris never formally committed themselves to a relationship, but they dated on and off and hooked up many times between 2010 and 2012. The two still hang out occasionally; if nothing else, they've maintained a great business relationship.

Simply Jess is simply hot. But she's also an incredibly ruthless and successful business woman. She doesn't take no for an answer and she dominates her market (we can hypothesize, perhaps, that she may have been that way in her relationship with Chris). She's her own woman, and it's a safe bet that she called the shots in their casual relationship.

7 Natalie Nunn

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Natalie was a cast member of the reality television show Bad Girls Club during its fourth season and has since appeared on a handful of other reality shows, playing a shallow, confident, sassy version of herself.  She's married to Jacob Payne (an Arizona Rattlers football player) now, but she's had a handful of interesting courtiers in her time including Wiz Khalifa, Rorrey Fenty (Rihanna's brother, if you can believe that weird bit of irony), and, of course, Chris Brown.

The two got close, but Chris backpedaled pretty quickly, claiming on twitter "I don't mess with that girl."  Probably a smart move, as she is a self-proclaimed gold digger.  Natalie was definitely no more than a hookup for Chris Brown's books, but she can't (and won't) be ignored.  Though she's pretty shallow and superficial, she's still pretty hot; hot enough to make the list, at least!

6 Amber Rose

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Amber Rose (her real name is Amber Levonchuck) is a model, fashion designer, and actress.  You might have seen her in Black-ish, Selfie, or The Hills, and she's got a role in Zoolander 2.  Her career had tragic beginnings: she stripped to provide for her family after her parents divorced.  She was soon discovered, though, and her career took off, ensuring her family would never go without again.

Amber is, without argument, a gorgeous woman: she's curvy, voluptuous, and is well endowed both in front and behind.  She's had her share of famous romantic partners: Kanye West, Machine Gun Kelly, Wiz Khalifa (with whom she married and mothered a child), and Chris Brown.

The two have been caught in public on numerous occasions, several times in scandalous situations (i.e. she got all twerked up on Chris in a club).  It's rumored that the two got together to make their respective exes jealous. But all that matters to us is that they got busy.

5 Jasmine Sanders

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="1274"]http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m2ugp7Ejmw1qmu3b4o1_1280.jpg via tumblr.com[/caption]

Jasmine is super hot, but that's not what makes her awesome.  She's made herself a career out of nothing, and she's not going to let anything get in her way.

German born and South Carolina raised, Jasmine is a model second, internet personality first.  Her instagram has over 1.3 million followers.  This baby-faced starlet knows how to climb to the top and she's "becoming a top model on her own terms," inspiring everyone else in her field.

It seems that the two dated on and off, but it appears Jasmine got tired and walked away.  Allegedly, she started dating Rob Kardashian soon after and when Chris was asked how he felt about it in an interview, he said her "fifteen minutes of fame were up" and he wasn't going to give her any more publicity.  Not only did he lose a super hot chick, but he underestimated her as well.  Jasmine's not done yet.

4 Natalie Mejia

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Natalie was a member of a pop group called Girlicious.  The group was a sort of spin-off of The Pussycat Dolls.  They created the same basic product: albums of women selling sex through shallow lyrics.  She's a self-managed singer, model, dancer, and "actress" (not really though, her only acting experience is playing herself on reality TV), though she hasn't had nearly as much success since Girlicious disbanded in 2011.

She and Chris Brown had an odd relationship.  While Natalie claimed they were in a serious relationship, and celebrity paparazzi backed up these claims with damning pictures, Chris Brown and his representing agents never acknowledged the relationship.  He actually fought the claims vehemently, refusing the two were connected in any way despite tangible evidence that indicated otherwise.  Maybe he was somehow embarrassed by her failing career but, in any case, he can't deny that she was mega hot.

3 Keisha Kimball

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Can we bring Baywatch back so Keisha can star in it?  Keisha is a model and actress (though her acting career is definitely eclipsed by her modeling career, and rightfully so as she's not very good).  While she does a lot of swimsuit and underwear modeling, she prefers to sport bohemian styles in her personal time.

Her time with Chris Brown was brief... we think.  At the time of the alleged hookup, she was actually just a waitress at L.A.'s Playhouse nightclub.  She was his regular waitress at the club and the two got a little intimate on occasion.  Unfortunately, this was during the time that Chris and Rihanna were dating; not the best time to be feeling up your waitress.  One of their many breakups is reportedly due to Keisha and Chris being a little too close.

2 Rhea

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="525"]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_m_juKDqqx1k/TEb8MAjrC5I/AAAAAAAAA80/S0_kDuDs2eI/s1600/Rhea_NERD.jpg via blogspot.com[/caption]

Rhea is a singer who was a part of Pharrell William's crew, N.E.R.D. (standing for No-one Ever Really Dies. She was kicked out because her sound didn't match the rest of the group).  She's one of the backup singers you hear in all of Pharrell's songs.  A native of Guyana and raised in Canada, she's got an interesting upbringing.  She's got a lot of talent and a lot of spunk, which may be a couple of the reasons Chris Brown was interested in her.

Not too long into the couple hooking up, they rented a luxury mansion in Miami to spend New Years together (because that's the practical thing to do).  Maybe their prolonged time together over the holiday was too much for the couple to handle, or maybe they realized they weren't ready to commit to a relationship.  Maybe Chris Brown caught word of her sexual escapades (the tabloids would have us believe there are a lot).  In any case, she was a brief but sexy interlude.

1 Anara Atanes

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Yeah, it makes sense that Chris Brown would want to wake up every morning to see her.  She's a British pop singer and a Victoria's Secret model (no surprises there).  She's known by paparazzi and online because of her foul mouth and lack of self-censoring.  She's deeply passionate about Futbol (soccer, for you Americans that can't get with it) and has been banned from multiple matches for poor behavior (you know how raucous you have to be to get banned from those?).

Chris Brown might've used Anara to make an ex jealous.  The two weren't seen together often but, when they were, they were very physical in public and showy about each other.  Perhaps they were both using each other to make someone jealous; Anara's dated her share of futbol players, that's for sure.Sources: hollywoodlifemirror

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