Top 10 Hottest Playmates Of September EVER

September is one of the most beautiful months of the year. It is the pivotal transition from summer to fall. September features a variety of change where autumn’s touch begins to take hold, with the leaves becoming a burned red, yellow and orange. People also go through major changes after Labor Day as children and young adults all go trucking back to schools. The world returns to the daily routine. And with life falling back to a routine, men and boys of all ages return to the pages of Playboy, refocusing their attention upon the pages of the fabled magazine.

Let's talk money. We know the bunny has chosen to keep its clothes on these days. There is a very good reason why they changed their business model. In 1975, Playboy had a peak circulation of 5.6 million. But with the advent of the internet and the death of the printed word, Playboy ended up under 1 million in circulation for both 2014 and 2015. Also, stock prices have plummeted, leading Playboy to be labeled a dying brand. Now, the money may be drying up, but Playboy’s reputation still has quite the gravitas. Take for instance in China, where 40% of Playboy's sales come from licensing alone. There is no Chinese version of Playboy magazine there, but the Chinese certainly love the brand Hugh Hefner has created. They wear Playboy’s logos on everything from t-shirts to hats. In the shadows of the Playboy Mansion now being sold, and with the clothes being put back on, many would consider Playboy a dead brand. However, they would be mistaken. Although Playboy will never make money like it did before, the brand name alone will remain timeless. With the change of the season, let's look back at the best September has had to offer. These are the 10 hottest Playmates Playboy has given us in September.

10 Alana Campos (2012)

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Alana Campos is a Brazilian beauty who does not disappoint. The September bunnies are gorgeous and coming in at #10, Campos makes a striking presence as an olive skin stunner. She was born in Florianopolis, Brazil. She admits she had never taken as much as her top off at the beach prior to her Playboy shoot. But the opportunity was too much to give up. She's an active model, having landed fashion campaigns with various magazines and modeling spreads. With no shortage of beauty, this 2012 Playmate has always been in high demand. Her successes landed her with some opportunities in feature films. She's made some special appearances including the big feature film, “Las Vegas,” as well as other small TV appearances. Campos never expected the opportunity with Playboy. She sent her portfolio in on a whim. Since then it has been a whirlwind of success. The Brazilian beauty has no shortage of work and with her beautifully exotic look and we are not surprised. She rocks a 36C-25-36 body.

9 Olivia Paige (2010)

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Olivia Paige is sexy beyond belief and everything started when she was a young beautiful girl. At just 14, Olivia and her family knew she was something special. She began entering beauty pageants and cleaned up, although the busty tall blonde insists her beauty never goes to her head. She is a self-professed “down-to-earth” girl. Olivia has put her hard work in to prove she's not just a pretty face. She doesn't just talk about it either. She has worked with autistic children since her senior year in high school and is an advocate for raising money for autism research. Olivia was born in Holley, New York but it would be Las Vegas, Nevada where she was discovered by Playboy. She randomly entered a contest called "Playboy Shootout" and came in second to fellow Playmate Shanna Marie McLaughlin. Playboy was so impressed by both girls that they took both of them as Playmates. Olivia loves the deep South and is a Southern girl at heart. She also is attracted to rugged men the likes of a “construction worker,” as she describes. With her blonde hair, blue eyes, a height of 5’7” and a 36C-24-26 body type, we are guessing construction workers dig Olivia too!

8 Scarlett Keegan (2004)

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Scarlett Keegan is literally red hot. The only redhead on our list comes in at #8 and she does so with big-time flair. Born in Westlake Village, California, the September 2004 playmate is not messing around. Many people think her first name being Scarlett is a stage name, highlighting the color of her hair. But Scarlett is no stage name and her hair is all natural. The redhead is actually of 100% Irish blood. Scarlett is a petite girl, weighing in during her cover shots at just over 100 pounds. Scarlett started acting and modeling at the tender age of 12, where her red hair and rosy cheeks landed her gig after gig. The young star quickly outgrew her childlike cuteness and became a gorgeous Playmate. Her dream is to have a home back in Dublin, Ireland, a land where her relatives are from. But for now, Scarlett will continue to live the good life in and around California's beautiful Coastal communities. Her measurements are 34-24-34.

7 Vanessa Hoelsher (2005)

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When it comes to bountiful blonde beauties, the world has nothing on this Southern native. Vanessa Hoelsher was born in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2005 she stepped up to become Miss September for Playboy. Sporting champagne-blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes and a striking smile, Vanessa stands out wherever she goes. Her hourglass figure features a 36D chest that only adds to her allure. Vanessa was working for her father who was a distributor of fine wines. She was an event coordinator who enjoyed socializing and meeting with new people and new places. So when she decided to submit her photo to Playboy, the experience wasn't so different from what she already did. Vanessa is one of the few Playmates who isn't looking for stardom in the entertainment business or for looking good the pages of magazines across the world. She's extremely happy working in her family business and loves her job. In case you're wondering boys, she loves the athletic, confident type who are Southern gentlemen who know how to fix a thing or two around the house. She hates cell phones and selfishness, so all you Wall Street alums steer clear of this amazing Southern Belle. She's a fun 36D-25-36.

6 Bryiana Noelle (2013)

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Gorgeous, exotic, and rich are just a few of the adjectives we could use to describe Bryiana Noelle. These days, the beauty is married to fashion and entertainment guru Rob Dyrdek. But back in 2013, Bryiana Noelle was a beautiful woman who was about to appear in Playboy. This wasn't by accident or a shot in the dark. Bryiana was a teenager who spent many days in beauty pageants. She was named Miss California teen back in 2010 and in 2008 she grabbed the coveted Miss Teen of the Nation. A combination of Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Blackfoot and Cherokee, Bryiana has some of the best the world has to offer inside her. This combination gives her olive skin, exotic looks, and beautiful brown hair and eyes. Born in Salinas, California, Bryiana has risen to not only hit the cover of Playboy but also as the wife of Rob Dyrdek. She is in a position where she never has to work again. In her Playboy profile Brianna had listed one of her dreams as running her own clothing line. Marrying a man who is worth tens of millions of dollars and who owns his own clothing line is a heck of a start. It seems it will be easy for Bryiana's dreams to come true. 31B-24-33.

5 Kerissa Fare (2000)

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There is no mistaking this Orange Country, California native. Kerissa Fare is a bountiful, gorgeous blonde. But she wasn't always the beauty queen she grew into. She started out as a tomboy as a young girl who liked to mix it up on dirt bikes. She grew up poor in the destitute deserts of Riverside, California. Despite having self-esteem and weight issues growing up, this blonde bombshell loved the camera and had the personality for it. Although Kerissa had to manage her house as a youngster while her parents worked multiple jobs, she has no regrets. She matured early and gained valuable lessons in independence. Many compare Kerissa’s look and vibe to other Playboy blonde beauties like Pamela Anderson and Marilyn Monroe. Make no mistake about it, when Kerissa enters a room people pay attention. Her incredible fun-loving personality is a great addition to her killer figure, which is 36D-26-33.

4 Dalene Kurtis (2001)

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Sensual and strikingly beautiful, Dalene Kurtis made quite the splash with her September 2001 appearance in Playboy. Dalene made a lot of fans in her 2001 appearance and wasn’t soon forgotten. She was so well-received by the Playboy audience that she became Playmate of the Year for 2002. Dalene ended up being a Playboy dynamo, but her love for being in front of the camera started quite a few years prior. Dalene took a shot at modeling a few years removed from high school and made a couple of semifinal splashes at Hawaiian Tropic and Venus Swimwear competitions. Then she moved from her small town of Apple Valley, California to Los Angeles. Dalene scored a job as a Budweiser girl in addition to other modeling gigs. That led to her receiving a coveted invite to a Playboy party and catching the eye of one Hugh Hefner. Hef was smitten by Dalene at first sight. He invited Dalene to live in the mansion and the rest is history. With a 34D-24-35 hourglass figure, this blonde bombshell is a winner.

3 Tiffany Toth (2011)

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Blue eyes and blonde hair are just the beginning for this image of perfection. Tiffany Toth is a beauty to behold. Growing up in Orange County, California, Tiffany was always a beach bunny who dreamed of being a real bunny, as in a Playboy bunny. She used to collect the classic magazines as a youth and emulate the stylings of the models. Tiffany scored a spot as Playboy’s "Cybergirl" of the month for 2006. Tiffany was a regular in the various Playboy scenes- she wasn’t done with just her Cybergirl work. Her five-year relationship with Playboy landed her Miss September 2011. After her Playboy appearances, Tiffany landed numerous modeling deals. She even had a small role in the Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler movie Just Go With It. Tiffany loves all the opportunities that have come her way from modeling. But people would be surprised to know that Tiffany is more of a homebody. She enjoys staying home, cooking and decorating her home and is 34C-25-36.

2 Monica Sims (2015)

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There is definitely something about Orange County, California as another blonde beauty makes her appearance on the list. Monica Sims was awarded the 2015 Miss September role and she wears it well. Monica Sims is just plain gorgeous and she caught the eyes of modeling scouts when she was just 15-years-old. With piercing green eyes and a stunning figure, Monica scored some early success with her modeling, and at the tender age of 16, was able to purchase a convertible Mercedes-Benz. The Southern California girl loves to surf and do yoga on the beach. Certainly, we would love to watch Monica do them both. Monica makes no apologies about her desire to have fun. She is definitely a late night girl who openly warns others that she will undoubtedly be late for any and all plans, so have low expectations of her showing up on time. However, she does promise that wherever she goes she just may stay out until dawn. Monica definitely is anything but shy and we welcome her forwardness and her 32D-25-35 figure.

1 Janine Habeck (2006)

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2006 marked the second time a German beauty adorned the covers of Playboy. Born in Berlin, Germany, Janine always had a way about her. The brunette beauty is half-German and half-Italian. It is this extraordinary blend that has brought this exotic beauty the extra attention she gets. Janine ruled Germany, becoming both Playmate of the month and year there. Then she was one of 12 international models chosen to pose for the World Soccer Team pictorial. Hef couldn't resist her beauty and invited her out to the Playboy mansion. Then Janine was chosen to become Miss September 2006 for Playboy. Janine loved her work posing for Playboy and found it empowering. She also enjoyed the spoils of being a Playboy model in America versus Germany. She has enjoyed the good life with limousines and finely tailored outfits. Janine loves chocolate and champagne and dislikes people who smoke. She's a classic 36C-26-36.

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