The World's 19 Sexiest Vloggers

People have always felt the compulsion to document their experiences for posterity. The days of spending hours penning personal thoughts in private journals are long gone, however, replaced by musings and vents on personal weblogs - better known, of course, as blogs - posted online for the world to see, and share.

In recent years, largely thanks to the power of YouTube, the written word has all but been usurped by the front-facing camera. Instead of toiling over diary entries, people are turning on their cameras and sharing their faces, spilling their every thought to the world. Video blogging, now known more commonly as vlogging, is an umbrella term encompassing numerous genres. For example, some will just turn on their cameras and speak their mind. Others will interview people, while some may offer up "tutorial" videos. Fitness vloggers show off their best lifting routines and diets, 'haul' vloggers flaunt their latest purchases, 'unboxing' vloggers fetishise the first opening of whatever must-have product is trending in the world of tech: Vlogging can be used for promotion, as a spotlight to become famous or, in its purest form, as a way to entertain and inform.

YouTube stars are rapidly transitioning into real-life stars, with millions of viewers daily. Just this week, a select number of popular YouTubers are to be given the opportunity to interview Barack Obama, having been chosen to visit the White House on 22nd January. They'll be broadcasting, of course, on the White House YouTube channel. Really.

As vloggers are typically front and centre in their videos, their look is a significant part of their popularity. The following vloggers have gained attention not only for their content but also, for various reasons, for their sexy factor. These are twenty of the most popular, sexiest vloggers ranked by the number of subscribers they boast on YouTube.

19 JoshuaDTV - 581,098+


Joshua David Evans runs his own channel called "JoshuaDTV", where he posts a variety of videos from singing with himself, to vlogging about his life (especially with fiancee Colleen Ballinger), plus behind the scenes footage of his projects. Joshua also recently started his own t-shirt line with everything from catch phrases like "Be Nice to People" to shirts with his and Colleen's couple's name, "Joshleen".

Currently, he has over 580,000 subscribers and growing. Of course, he also assists with the shoots for Colleen and her projects as well.

18 MissHannahMinx - 581,125

via YouTube.com

Miss Hannah Minx was a popular vlogger in her 20s who became an internet sensation with her videos on Japanese lessons. But this was more than just a boring professor-type in a suit taking you back to your foreign language classes. Hannah's USP was that she dresses in cute and sexy outfits while teaching you Japanese.

She did more than just teach Japanese, too; she posted reviews of tech products and talked about her life, a favourite subject being her pets. Her followers were a mix of supporters along with trolls who believe she only got her fame due to being well-endowed in a certain very prominent area...

Minx's YouTube channel really took off - as evidenced by her huge number of followers - but she's been oddly inactive across all her social networks for over a year as of 2015, leading to wild rumours, speculation and worry among her fans. Some speculate the trolls simply got to her and she called it a day.

17 Olan Rogers - 700,191


Olan Rogers is an actor who also hilariously vlogs about his life. If you're a fan of some crude comedy, you'll like Olan's work. His video, "Ghost in the Stalls", went massively viral and gathered Olan a following of over 700,000 subscribers. Along with his personal vlogs, Olan also uploads his reels, short films, behind the scenes looks, and more. So, with Olan's channel, you get more than just a recap of life or hearing the thoughts of a stranger. His philosophy is that you should be able to do something you love regardless of whether you're making money or becoming famous out of it.

16 Charles Trippy - 1.4 million


CFTxC was originally started by Charles Trippy and then-girlfriend, Allison "Allie" Speed. The couple originally shared the channel and posted videos of their daily lives, including their proposal and wedding. However, the romance wasn't meant to last as Charles and Allie announced their separation in April of 2014 and the divorce was finalized in June of that same year. Charles, who has been vlogging and making videos for nearly a decade, still runs the channel, changing the name to "Internet Killed Television", and his new girlfriend Allie Wesenberg makes a regular appearance. Allie Speed is still vlogging under a new channel. You can't deny that the couple (both versions) are incredibly good looking, plus very successful with their vlogging work.

15 Natalie Tran - 1.6 million


Natalie Tran is the star of "communitychannel" and basically vlogs about everyday life as well as hypothetical situations. She is one of the most-subscribed Australians of all time, and she makes approximately $100,000 a year from her content. That's not bad for someone in their mid-20s. Natalie's quality and content involved camera angles, cutaways to the hypothetical situations, and overall, making her audience base laugh and subscribe to her, totaling in over 1 million subscribers to her channel. Don't let her cuteness fool you, she can be quite brazen and tough as she proves in her videos with expletives sneaking in on occasion.

14 Kalel Kitten - 1.7 million


The original name of the channel was, "WatchUsLiveAndStuff", which was created by SMOSH's Anthony Padilla and this then-fiance Kalel Kitten. Because of SMOSH's fan base, the channel took off as fans watched the couple go through daily life and even got to share the experience of their proposal. However, in December 2014, the couple announced that they were broken up and going their separate ways. Since then, Kalel has been continuing the channel under the name "Kalel Kitten" and is continuing to upload videos with other YouTube stars.

13 Dulce Tejeda - 1.8 million


Dulce Tejeda created her YouTube channel, "Dulce Candy" and started vlogging about beauty and fashion while she was on a 15-month long deployment to Iraq. She created the channel so that she could feel feminine despite being in the military, which tends to be a bit more masculine so to speak. Needless to say, she was surprised over the positive response to her videos. Once she returned home, she was able to focus more on her channel, which has led to nearly 2 million subscribers and Dulce is working with major beauty brands for tutorials, reviews, and more.

12 Colleen Ballinger - 1.8 million


Colleen Ballinger is quite a prolific presence on YouTube. Many people may know her better as her alter ego, "Miranda Sings" where she portrays a comically bad singer and dancer who is unaware of her lack of talent plus offering lessons and tutorials.

Her performance is so good, that even years later, people still think that Miranda is a real person. But when Colleen is not putting on bad lipstick and singing flat, she is quite a talented actress and singer. She vlogs (as herself) as well as posting videos of her "normal" performances in her YouTube channel, "PsychoSoprano."

11 Justine Ezarik - 2.1 million


You may remember the woman who got a 300-page iPhone bill a few years ago and her video describing the incident went viral. Well, that was none other than Justine Ezarik, who runs the channel, "iJustine." Not only is she popular on YouTube with over 2 million subscribers, but she is also a host on Justin.tv. On YouTube, she vlogs about the latest tech, while also looking pretty dang hot in the process. So, she has shown viewers that you can be a tech geek and look sexy at the same time. They CAN come together in one package!

10 Mike Chang - 3.1 million


If you're looking to get a completely ripped body by 2017, then you need to be watching Mike Chang. The fitness guru used to be overweight and was struggling with finding ways to finally get fit. He then discovered "the Afterburn Effect" and used it to work his way to a sexy body with a six pack. Mike started to vlog about his journey, and in turn, started to offer advice, tips, and workouts to help his subscriber base of over 3 million people get just as fit as he is. His channel is call "Six Pack Shortcuts" and continues to offer support and valuable insight that has caused his rise to fitness fame. And since he used to be overweight himself, viewers find him easy to connect with.

9 GloZell Green - 3.3 million

via YouTube.com

Before you question the name, yes, GloZell is a real name. GloZell Green first made YouTube laugh in 2008 when she made the video, "My Push up Bra will help me get my man" which has gotten over 20 million views since. After GloZell moved to Hollywood to pursue comedy and acting in 2003, she joined The Groundlings as well as attending numerous Jay Leno shows and filming her own interviews. She eventually started to use YouTube to host. GloZell rose to massive fame in 2012 when she uploaded a video of her taking on the cinnamon challenge, which has garnered 42 million views in just over 2 years.

GloZell is one of three YouTubers who, in an unprecedented move, has been selected to visit the White House for a YouTube broadcast this week, January 2015.

8 Alfie Deyes - 3.5 million


Alfie Deyes has a vlogging channel on YouTube known as "PointlessBlog", which has branched off into a second channel called, "PointlessBlogTV", and a third called "AlfieGames". Since 2009, Alfie has been gracing the internet television scene with his videos and has collaborated with numerous other vlogging celebrities. In 2015, he will be releasing two books and has also been named numerous times as a web-entrepreneur to keep a close eye on. What makes his channel even more adorable is the fact that he is dating YouTube vlogging star, Zoe Sugg (we'll meet her soon), and she frequently makes appearances in his videos. Alfie has started 2015 strong with a recent video about eating American candy.

7 Jack & Finn Harries - 3.9 million


Jack and Finn Harries are the stars of the YouTube channel, "JacksGap", which documents the twins' gap year between high school and college. The twins are not only handsome, but they're British, which means they have quite the sexy accents. The original purpose of the channel was to solely document life without school in 2011. However, viewers and subscribers began to grow, and the channel took on a life of its own. Jack was the original star, and once his twin Finn joined, the pair became extremely popular among teenage girls. The twins have started traveling the world (paid for by their video revenue) and documenting their adventures to the delight of their audience.

6 Joey Graceffa - 4.3 million


Joey Graceffa first started posting videos to YouTube in 2007 with a friend from high school. Then, in 2010, he started his own YouTube channel, and has continued to not only vlog, but also upload short films and web series. In terms of exposure, it might have helped that Joey was a contestant on the television show, "The Amazing Race" in 2013, and made it to the tenth leg before getting eliminated. Joey is also an actor and typically stars in his own work. Before you raise the eyebrow, he is actually quite talented and worth a look. His latest web series, "Storytellers", has been well-received so far.

5 Jesse Wellens & Jeana - 5.6 million


Jesse Wellens and Jeana started a YouTube channel known as "PrankvsPrank" in 2007 where the couple would pull pranks on each other while filming for the world to watch. Jeana's last name isn't immediately known to the world. The videos depict the person prepping for the prank, filming the action, as well as their reaction. But this sexy power couple wanted to give their audience an inside look on their personal lives with the channel BFvsGF which has gathered over 5 million subscribers. They were recognized on USA Today as the best pranksters on YouTube in 2014, and the public continues to be drawn into their crazy pranks as well as get to know the human side of them.

4 Tyler Oakley - 6.3 million


Tyler Oakley has been vlogging since 2007, discussing current events, LGBT issues, suicide among gay youth, and other social issues. Despite only being in his mid-20's, Tyler has shown an incredible amount of wisdom that would only be seen in his elders. His channel isn't all about the serious topics, and does integrate comedy periodically on his channel. With over 6 million subscribers, Tyler has gotten a lot of exposure for his work and is often asked to speak at conventions, rallies, LGBT pride events, and more. He also volunteers regularly and has even stepped up to making appearances on mainstream television.

3 Zoe Sugg- 10 million


Zoe Sugg is not only adorable, but she has over 10 million subscribers between her two YouTube channels, Zoella and MoreZoella.  Zoella was Zoe's first channel, which she started in 2009. The channel consists of beauty tips, fashion, and reviews. The newest channel, MoreZoella, is more to document her everyday life and random adventures with her boyfriend, Alfie Deyes of PointlessBlogs. Perhaps it's her doe-eyes, maybe it's her accents, or maybe it's the quality videos she puts out on a regular basis, but there is no questioning Zoe's popularity and success, plus her overall sexiness bringing awareness to the fact that young people can accomplish big things.

2 Ryan Higa - 13.6 million


Ryan Higa's YouTube channel has been seen by over 2 billion people, and has over 13 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. The vlogger and actor is of Japanese descent and when he first started making videos on the website, he had no idea what the purpose of YouTube even was. So, he began making videos of practical jokes, skits, rants, and more. Soon, his subscriber base began to grow to astronomical numbers. With more subscribers (and what we assume revenue from ads), the quality of Ryan's videos began to improve to almost cinematic proportions. Not only is he hilarious, but also very easy on the eyes.

1 Jenna Marbles - 14.5 million


It's probably not a huge shock that Jenna Marbles made it as number one on this list. Let's be real: she is sexy, and also incredibly down to earth with her comedic and realistic antics that make her relatable to her subscriber base of over 14.5 million (and counting). Her stage name is Jenna Marbles, while her real name is Jenna N. Mourey, and she has the 7th most subscribed YouTube channel operated by a female. She first gained fame back in 2010 for her video, "How to Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" and most recently celebrated her 200th video upload. Have we mentioned that she also has a Masters degree?

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