The World's 10 Most Addictive Gaming Apps

What are the coolest apps? How do I download the newest games? With the evolution of Apple technology, it seems like new and addictive apps surface into our digital lives on a daily basis. From fashion to food to music to gaming, the iOS platform has mastered the spectrum of apps; begging our fingertips to try each and every one of them on for size.

With so many options floating around the never-ending App Store, it can be difficult to choose which app is the best one for you. And then, how do you find the ‘best of the best’ for each category that attracts you? It’s the old kid in a candy store problem… You can't help but want to try them all.

While everyone has their own preferences f0r useful, informative or practical apps, a very significant demographic that downloads apps are categorized as “the gamers.” These gamers often search the web to find the most addictive apps out there that provide optimal entertainment with the best gameplay. Although each app has star ratings and reviews by app users, an Apple owner can often feel overwhelmed after sifting through the pages upon pages of apps that all have similar gameplay descriptions. To seek out the best apps out there for the gamer, a user has to understand the biggest underlying question: What makes a game fun?

A crucial factor in finding a fun gaming app is that addictive quality that makes it impossible to put your phone down, that compulsion to move to the next level or pass the incoming obstacle. Some games also have a social component that allows you to challenge friends and other players, allowing players to feel constantly connected to the outside world.

Considering all these factors, the following are the greatest, most addictive gaming apps out there today.

10 Pictoword (Free)

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In this wordplay game, players are presented with two pictures and must come up with a single word that both images represent. For example, if you were presented with pictures of a beach scene and the villain from the Wizard of Oz, you would type in SANDWICH. It’s a pretty simple concept with simple puzzles, but the game still manages to engage and challenge your mind.

The momentum of the game can get you hooked for hours. If you are a gamer that is really into smart apps that make you think, than this brain-buster is right up your alley.

9 Limbo ($4.99)

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This app originally came out as a game for the Mac, but quickly gained popularity among iPad and iPhone users who loved the game so much, they had to have it in their pockets too. Limbo has a very simple gameplay and artistic graphics that are absolutely stunning. The beauty within the game is definitely its main attraction.

Although it can be more difficult to maneuver on smaller devices with its sensitive controls, the game’s deep and meaningful story still comes through strong. Despite the price, the app is known for its positive recommendations among users which assure players that it's worth the cost.

8 Cut the Rope 2 ($0.99)

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Cut the Rope brings even more addictive attractions in the sequel with its new challenges, unique animations, different characters with unlockable suits, and even the ability to choose your candy. Many users love the game’s level of difficulty, which is what makes it fun and impossible to put down.

The variety of worlds and missions to complete can keep users hooked on this game for a long time. There are a few bugs that need to be fixed, which can make the app more frustrating for the gamers who pay for the product, but the adorable gameplay is what keeps bringing players back.

7 Tiny Wings ($0.99)

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An adorable and simple gameplay that features a little bird who wants to fly, but his wings are too tiny. It is the gamer’s job to collect coins and help get the little guy home before it gets too dark. It’s an easy app to catch on to with only a few controls, so it can be played by younger demographics as well. With its single-player, touchscreen focus, the game can be very addictive.

However, due to its simplistic nature, some users complain that the game’s addictive attraction can wear off after a while. They will often take a break from the app, but after some time has gone by, many users admit that they always come back due to the game’s amusing qualities.

6 Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake ($4.99)

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A jam-packed single-player game filled with clever puzzles, epic challenges, fantastic characters, an amazing storyline, and a cute little wiener dog too. Many gamers rave about this app’s great graphics and fall in love with the cute little monsters with different costumes you unlock along the way.

The game is great for people of all ages and, most importantly, has no ads, no bugs, no problems – which makes it an awesome app for your iPhone! Although the price may seem a bit high, the game itself is fun and entertaining. The puzzles are addictive and will hold your attention easily.

5 Monument Valley ($0.99-$3.99)

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For gamers interested in a beautifully unique puzzle app, Monument Valley is a great option. Players must guide a silent princess through a visually stunning world filled with impossible and original architecture in 10 incredible levels.

Artistically-minded users will fall in love with this game as they experience enchanting landscapes, a beautiful soundtrack, and intriguing characters with deep backstories. While many gamers do complain about the price, the app is a steal while it is on sale for $0.99. Others, on the other hand, become so ensnared by this fantastical game, that they argue the app is worth the purchase at any price.

4 Tall Chess ($0.99)

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Chess is often a difficult game to visually represent electronically, but Tall Chess manages to do a very nice job by changing the shape of the board and utilizing the whole screen for the game. Users can examine their moves and challenge their friends or automatically be paired with other players in this chess app that emulates realistic chess play. A big problem with this game, however, are the glitches.

The bugs restrict certain normal moves and prevent users from even finishing a game. The game obviously needs a new update, but for classic gamers, this basic design is the best out there.

3 Symmetrain ($1.99)

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ISpy fuses with a train station background in Symmetrain, where players must spot the visual differences as the train moves from one station to the next. The goal is to mirror the objects on both sides on the track by clicking on the spot that is missing its mirrored pair.

From the peaceful music to the great artwork, Symmetrain will keep players wanting more. The minimal effects simplify the game and make it enjoyable and relaxing while still presenting a challenge to stay focused. It requires a unique ‘eye-hand-brain’ skillset and is purely fun to play and pass the time.

2 Proust (Free)

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Proust is one of the more original apps gamers might come across. It is primarily a ranking game where players are given a list of people or objects and are asked to order them from best to worst.

Match up your lists with your friends to see if you both have natural distastes for the Kardashians, but love pizza. The app will reveal if you are twinsies or polar opposites. With the game’s odd categories, Proust can turn into a bizarre riot among you and your friends. Its main function is to be confusing and goofy. For social gamers who love absurdity and weirdness, this game is perfect for you.

1 The Nightmare Cooperative ($3.99)

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This favorite mobile game might initially lure players in with its gorgeous visuals, but the app’s ‘Ocean’s 11’ fantasy gives you a handful of basic characters – each with unique abilities – that you must use to hunt down some riches.

The game utilizes turn-based strategy that requires users to really think through each puzzle. Because of the strategic gameplay, this game can take a lot of patience and at times can be a bit slow, but will keep players coming back with their own invented strategies. It’s simple, easy to use, and loads of fun. Once again, the price is highly disputed, but will be worth it for gamers who love puzzles and roleplaying scenarios.

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