The Top 10 Most Sold Bottles of Champagne

It has been described as “perfume going in, sewer coming out.” Still, this sparklingwine is one of the most sought-after drinks in times of celebration. Here is a list ofthe top 10 most sold bottles of champagne.

10 Champagne Philipponnat, 2003 Clos des Goisses Brut

In 1935, Pierre Philipponnat purchased the vineyard called the Clos des Goisses.The vineyard was so productive that it allowed for the production of the firstchampagne culled from a single vineyard. The 2003 vintage of the brand is madeup of a blend of 70 percent Pinot Noir and 30 percent Chardonnay. It resultedinto a full blooded sparkling wine. The fruit, spice and mineral flavors are blendedtogether well and it is complemented by a real vibrant acidity. A bottle of ChampagnePhilipponnat, 2003 Clos des Goisses Brut will cost only $140.

9 Champagne Laurent Perrier, Grand Siecle

The bottle for the Champagne Laurent Perrier reminds a champagne connoisseur ofthe Great Century of King Louis XIV. The Grand Siecle’s vintage is of different years,as it is sourced from 12 of the 17 vineyards of Grand Cru situated in the region. Ithas an equal blend of Pinot Noir grapes and Chardonnay and features the aroma ofhoney, brioche and almond that leaves a full bodied feeling in the mouth. A bottle ofChampagne Laurent Perrier, Grand Siecle costs just $150.

8 Champagne Ruinart, Dom Ruinart 2002

Champagne Ruinart is the oldest established house of champagne, having beenestablished in 1729. The uncle of the founder was a Benedictine monk namedDom Ruinart. This champagne was named after him, with the 2002 vintage beingtaken entirely from Grand Cru Chardonnay grapes. The golden champagne hascitrus and tropical fruit flavors with some minerality to complete the taste. A bottle ofChampagne Ruinart, Dom Ruinart 2002 costs only $150.

7 Champagne Veuve Clicquot, 2004 La Grande Dame

Veuve Clicquot is the widow of Francois Clicquot, the son of Philippe Clicquot who isthe founder of the company. It is one of the few brands of champagne that has beennamed after a woman. Veuve was able to inherit a large, diversified organization.She decided to concentrate on the champagne business. The 2004 vintage of LaGrande Dame is made up mostly of Pinot Noir. It emits a complex combination offloral and peach aromas. The taste has chalk minerality and leaves a full bodiedfeeling in the mouth and palate. A bottle of Champagne Veuve Clicquot, 2004 LaGrande Dame costs $150.

6 Champagne Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon 2003

It is probably the first prestige cuvee in the world. Dom Pierre Perignon was aBenedictine monk from the 17th to 18th centuries who invented several techniquesin making wines. A bottle was named after him in 1936 and only 38 vintages have been released since then. The 2003 vintage is notable for its bright floral smell complemented by a lemon and orange zest taste. A bottle of Champagne Moet & Chandon, Dom Perignon 2003 costs $160.

5 Champagne Charles Heidsieck, 1995 Blanc des Millenaires

Charles Heidsick, also known as Champagne Charlie, was a colorful character inthe 19th century United States. He traveled around the country during the height ofthe Civil War and was even imprisoned for a time in a Union prison. He then settledin Denver, Colorado. The 1995 vintage of Blanc des Millenaires comes from 100percent Chardonnay. It was then allowed to age and develop for 15 years. The resultis a champagne with soft lemon taste and hints of vanilla and caramel, even as itis enveloped by the smell of dried fruits and nuts. A bottle of Champagne CharlesHeidsieck, 1995 Blanc des Millenaires costs $185.

4 Champagne Taittinger, 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rose

The Champagne Taittinger boasts of a bottle that reminds one of a bulb. The bottlefeatures a seal from the Comtes de Champagne, believed to be Theobald I ofNavarre, who lived in the first half of the 13th century. It was Theobald I who broughtthe first Chardonnay cuttings to France. The crusading knight had come from theland of Cyprus. This particular vintage has a blend that features 70 percent of PinotNoir and 30 percent of Chardonnay. It has a full red berry flavor with hints of violetand pear. A bottle of Champagne Taittinger, 2005 Comtes de Champagne Rosecosts $200.

3 Champagne Perrier Jouet, 2004 Belle Epoque Rose

This champagne comes in a stylish and elegant bottle designed with Japaneseanemones. It serves as the perfect introduction to the floral aroma of the champagneinside the bottle. The 2004 vintage of Belle Epoque Rose has a unique combinationof taste derived from the flavors of pomegranate, blood orange and strawberry.These came out from the blend made up of Grand Cru Chardonnay grapes and abit of Pinot Noir. The result is a crispy feeling in the mouth. A bottle of ChampagnePerrier Jouet, 2004 Belle Epoque Rose costs $270.

2 Champagne Armand de Brignac, Ace of Spades Rose

Champagne Armand de Brignac spells out class all the way. The champagne comesin a shiny black case so that it could be stashed away for safekeeping properly.Inside the box is a pink bottle that has an impressive blend of sparkling white wineand still Pinot Noir. The result of this blend is champagne with a beautiful rose color.The smell of strawberry and black currant is distinctive and it will continue to hauntthe drinker long after he is done. A bottle of Champagne Armand de Brignac, Ace ofSpades Rose costs around $475.

1 Champagne Krug, 1998 Clos d’Ambonnay

This is the finest offering from Champagne Krug. It is made entirely from Pinot Noirgrapes gathered from the Clos d’ Ambonnay vineyard. It was then allowed to age in the cellar for a period of 12 years. The flavors may be complex, but they are refined and well integrated, blending up the tastes of blackberry, raspberry, licorice and red currant. A bottle of Champagne Krug, 1998 Clos d’ Ambonnay costs $2,200.

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