The Most Popular Japanese Girl Bands

There is no doubt that Asian music has become more popular over the last few years. With PSY making Korean music some of the biggest in the world, you can't look at the world of music and not see the Asian influence. Here are some of the most popular Japanese girl bands.

4 C-Ute

Cute made it's debut in 2007 and that same year was awarded the Japanese Record Association award for best new group. In 2008 they were nominated for best album of the year within the same award group.

3 Buono

Buono has produced and recorded songs for many Japanese cartoons intros and credits. They have played all over the world, and headlined at some major festivals in Japan.

2 Berryz Kobo

Berryz Kobo started almost a decade ago in 2004. The line up of 7 singers has been the same for that whole 9 years. The are one of the youngest groups to ever play an arena in Japan. This group has been busy! They have released 30 singles and 9 studio albums in the  last 9 years!

1 Minimoni

This girl group was started back in the year 2000. Member of the group, Mari Yaguchi, had an idea for a group where no one in the band was over 5 ft tall. They released several singles from 2000 to 2004 and were very successful. They appeared all over the television, and were shared all over the internet in Japan. There was even a cartoon made of Minimoni where the characters were voiced by members of the girl group. In 2004, the band went on hiatuis, but in 2009, they got back together to continue recording and touring.

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