The Most Famous Hollywood Socialites

How do you define somebody as a Hollywood socialite? Is it because she is among the country’s richest? Or is fame the primary criterion? Or is beauty the number one consideration? On the other hand, some may define a socialite as somebody who is young and gorgeous, while some may argue that a socialite is one who is a party animal and makes moneys from her public appearances.

 Or is she somebody who is the favorite wild girl of the paparazzi, known for their attention-seeking ways and weird actions, a “celebutante” with no particular talent at all? Or is she somebody who is just famous for being famous, especially in this Internet age where the cult of celebrity (or notoriety, depending on how you look at it) reigns?

People may be fighting forever for the precise definition of what a Hollywood socialite is, but here are celebrities who are widely regarded in the media as among the most famous Hollywood socialites.


10 Heidi Montag


Heidi Montag is one of the prime examples of celebrities who are famous mainly for wrong reasons. She first appeared in a reality show reviled by critics but became famous among viewers. She met her soon-to-husband Spencer Pratt in the said series. Their antics in the show and public appearances afterwards in other reality shows were viewed with negative media attention. She also became more known after her sex tape came out, no thanks to her husband Pratt.Montag tried launching a music career but was panned by critics. She received further negative publicity when in 2010 when she underwent several plastic surgery procedures in just one day.


9 Kelly Killoren Bensimon


Kelly Bensimon is a popular Hollywood socialite. She is known as a former model, author, magazine editor, celebrity ambassador, and jewelry designer. She became more known worldwide for her appearances in the reality show The Real Housewives of New York City. She also got her first movie that is due for release in 2014.Kelly became the third wife of Gilles Bensimon, a noted French fashion photographer. They have two daughters. The couple however divorced in July 2007.


8 Tori Spelling


Born to legendary television and film producer and writer Aaron Spelling, Tori Spelling is already exposed in television at an early age. She became widely known for her role on Beverly Hills 90210, a TV series which her father’s company co-produced. She was also cast in various made-for-television and independent films. Together with her second husband, actor Dean McDermott, they starred in a reality series.Aside from being an actress and author, Spelling also launched her own fashion and jewelry line.


7 Tara Reid


Tara Reid is another American model and actress whose initial fame went on a sudden bizarre turn, leaping from one of the next big things in Tinseltown to become one of the negative mainstays of American tabloids.Reid was initially known for her TV shows such as Saved By The Bell: The New Class, Days of Our Lives, and Scrubs. She became more known in the popular movies such as American Pie and American Pie 2. Her movie career soon suffered from a series of commercial and critical flops such as Josie and the Pussycats and My Boss’s Daughter (where she was nominated at the 2004 Golden Raspberry Awards for Worst Supporting Actress and Worst Screen Couple along with Ashton Kutcher), National Lampoon's Van Wilder, and Alone in the Dark (where she received another nomination for Worst Actress at the Golden Raspberry Awards). Since then, she hardly headlined any theatrical films intended for wide release and instead starred in low-budgeted films, direct-to-video films, and a TV reality show that was immediately canceled, among others.She became tabloid fodder for her plastic surgeries, wild parties, and string of failed romances in and outside the country.


6 Lauren Katherine Conrad


Lauren Katherine Conrad is a television personality, author, and fashion designer. Like some of the Hollywood socialites such as her former friend Heidi Montag, she first became known for her reality television series. Her televised spats with Montag and other cast members of the series and an alleged sex tape scandal made her famous (or notorious) in Hollywood.Using her newfound fame, she launched her first fashioned line which earned her, along with her countless TV appearances as well as product endorsements, more than a million dollars. She also released novels inspired by events in her personal life and her experiences in the fashion industry.With no identifiable talent, Conrad is one of the Hollywood socialites out there who is famous for being famous.


5 Tinsley Mortimer


Tinsley Mortimer is a famous Hollywood socialite and a regular in the gossip pages. She is known for her beautiful and sultry looks as well as her fashion lines and various gigs.Mortimer also appeared in her reality TV show that was cancelled after a number of episodes as well on popular drama series Gossip Girl. She is also known as an author.


4 Lindsay Lohan


Lindsay Lohan was one of those Hollywood stars poised to make it big until a number of notorious and scandalous episodes seriously affected her budding career. She began her career with a lot of promise, starting as a child model and immediately showed her other talents in acting, singing, and dancing. She headlined a number of critical and commercial films such as The Parent Trap, Freaky Friday, and Mean Girls. Mean Girls launched her to immense stardom, accolades (she won two acting awards), and a constant focus of the tabloids and paparazzi. She also launched a singing career that was initially commercially successful. She also has her fashion line.Tabloids have often reported her alcohol and drug use, brushes with the police and law, hard-partying ways, erratic and problematic behaviors in TV and film productions, as well as the various controversies she has embroiled herself in.


3 Nicole Richie


Another famous socialite in Hollywood is Nicole Richie, daughter of pop icon Lionel Richie. She was initially known as the sidekick and close friend of fellow notorious socialite Paris Hilton (both even starred in their own reality show) but became more known for their notorious and scandalous tiff. Her spat with Hilton, partying ways, health and legal issues, as well as her personal life became a fixture in the tabloids.Although she and Hilton have reconciled, Richie continued her own career as an actress, singer, and fashion designer. Her attention-grabbing ways mellowed since getting married and having children. She is involved in various projects including environmental issues and charity work.


2 Kardashian Sisters


Who has not heard of the Kardashian sisters? They are known all over the world not for their talents but for their reality series, product endorsements, fashion lines, public appearances, and tabloid controversies. Among the three sisters, Kim Kardashian is the most popular. She became notorious to the public’s mind when her sex tape came out. She also received negative media attention after her 72-day marriage with basketball player Kris Humphries ended in a divorce. Kim is among the highest earning reality stars on television.


1 Paris Hilton


Probably the most infamous name of all Hollywood socialites—whose name became associated with pejorative terms such as “celebutante” and “famesque”—is no other than hotel heiress, reality show actress, singer, and controversy-hugging personality Paris Hilton.From her infamous sex scandal tape, police arrests, hard-partying ways, and attention-grabbing stunts, Hilton has become a royalty for notoriety and enjoying it. She has since turned her antics into a personal lucrative business empire with products carrying her name, public appearances, and other endorsements.

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