The 20 Sexiest Instagram Stars In The World

Instagram has made nearly everyone look like they're a professional photographer. In the age of the selfie, anything from filters to blurs that can make us look better than our best are more than welcomed. This is probably why Instagram has become such a hit. People who aren't necessarily photogenic now have a chance to look like they're straight out of a magazine.

But what about when someone who really is a cut above the average in terms of sex appeal utilizes the power of Instagram? Then, our screens are graced with some of the most gorgeous and jaw-dropping photos being created on the handy little app.

Some of these sexiest of Instagram accounts have even drawn significant media attention for their users' beauty. Here, we're bringing you the twenty sexiest Instagram stars in the world, with a mix of women, men, and couples. Join in as we marvel at their beauty as well as their skills in taking an amazing picture.

20 Faith Picozzi


Faith Picozzi is a fashion model represented by Nous Models LA and her Instagram account is full of beautiful photos. The girl is so photogenic that even when she posts informal selfies of herself with no makeup, she's a knockout.

What makes her account so much fun is that her Instagram photos have a classy, vintage feel in terms of clothing, makeup, and photo style. While her Instagram photos are tame compared to many of the uber-sexy accounts on our list, her modeling portfolio includes numerous underwear shoots with nudity that demonstrate a gorgeous body beneath that gorgeous style.

19 Julian Gabriel


Julian Gabriel's Instagram tagline is "I take a lot of selfies." But who could blame him? He is a very good looking guy and is represented by Elite Model Management.

Along with the brawn, Julian boasts the brains - he's currently in law school. Even though he's a rising star in the world of modeling, Julian realizes that his modeling career won't last forever, hence his determination to get an education.

18 Diogo de Castro Gomes


With over 40,000 followers, fashion model Diogo de Castro Gomes has a unique and very sexy look as his rock hard body is covered in colourful tattoos. His specialty is underwear modeling, and we can't say that we're complaining.

In each photo he shares on Instagram, his muscles are the star. He has selfies from the gym, photos of going out with friends, and pictures taken in the middle of a fashion shoot. To soften even the hardest of hearts, he also has photos from his childhood and even includes videos for his followers.

17 Juliana Proven


Juliana Proven is a fashion model with nearly 68,000 followers on Instagram. Many of her photos include her visiting exotic destinations (for her photoshoots, we assume). Then there are the generous photos of her donning a bikini while walking on the beach.

Many of her followers have noted that her butt is one to be envied and fantasized about as she proves that models don't have to be stick thin. She's certainly slim but boasts sexy curves.

16 Galinka Mirgaeva 

via instagram.com/mirgaeva_galinka

Galinka Mirgaeva is a beautiful Russian model admired and envied by over 1.2 million of followers. Her photos include numerous selfies in a bikini while seductively tugging her bottoms down for a sneak peek of something else that would probably get her banned from Instagram if it went any further...

15 Saville Dorfman


Saville Dorfman is a male model represented by Soul Artist Management and has over 54,000 followers on Instagram. His signature on Instagram is his generous supply of workout selfies which include his toned arms and solid six pack.

Whether he's the source of inspiration, envy, or less-than-innocent thoughts, Saville gives followers a glimpse of life with photos from his shoots, backstage shots, pictures with friends, and much more that make him look like just the average guy (with the body of a superhero).

14 Kyra Santoro


With over 369,000 followers, model Kyra Santoro graces the internet with her beauty. On Instagram, she treats her followers with exclusive shots of her photo shoots - from bikini shoots to fitness modeling.

She has become the envy of many female followers who wish they had her body. She's like the Aphrodite of Instagram, and from her photos, she also seems like a genuinely nice girl. That, of course, helps not only with gathering followers, but also makes her account exceptionally sexy.

13 Kane Lieu


Kane Lieu is a fitness personality who has the body to inspire almost anyone to get up from their couch and head to the gym. From photos of food, gym selfies, inspirational quotes, vehicles, posing with beautiful girls, Kane is certainly the guy you want to be, or the guy you want to be best friends with.

His dedication to fitness and improving the quality of life of his followers is evident, and his demeanor is undeniably endearing. You want to become his friend, as well as admire his physique. His humbleness and sexiness together is what makes his Instagram so popular with over 22,000 followers.

12 Zoella & Alfie


Zoe Sugg is an internet personality and a fashion and beauty vlogger. She is also known as Zoella on YouTube and is also the author of this year's record-breakingly popular book, "Girl Online."  Alfie Deyes is also a well-known YouTube personality, vlogging under the name "PointlessBlogs".

Fans of the two were 'shipping them for a while before the couple confirmed their romance, much to the Internet's delight. Using the hashtag, #Zalfie, the two document their time together. Together, they have over 5 million followers on Instagram, and it seems like the entire world is cheering on their relationship.

11 Jessica Nigri


Jessica Nigri is well known as a cosplayer, promotional model, and fan convention correspondent. In her line of work, she meets hundreds of people in a day and her audience loves her.

Her Instagram account is full of photos from conventions, her impressive cosplaying activities, and her daily life. Her sexy and inventive costumes have attracted over 732,000 followers, and there's no sign of the following slowing down anytime soon. So, if you're looking for sexy with a cosplaying, Jessica's Instagram is the place to go.

10 Scott Eastwood


Scott Eastwood is the son of famous actor, Clint Eastwood. That alone makes his Instagram account interesting, boasting over 95,000 followers. But he boasts the same degree of 'sexy' as his dad once did, establishing him as one of the hottest Instagrammers out there.

Scott makes a living as an actor and model, and he often takes photos behind the scenes of model shoots and filming locations. His chest and abs are very much deserving of their own account, though. Scott's Instagram is a delightful mix of sexy and fun, letting the world in on his life and what it's like to be the son of Clint Eastwood.

9 Broderick Hunter


Broderick Hunter is a male model with over 45,000 followers on Instagram. Not only does he pose luscious selfies of his enviable / desirable physique, but he also has a strong foundation of faith that he's not shy about sharing.

While some of his photos might contradict his religious views, he displays himself as down to earth, just living and enjoying life. He is followed by numerous people who are not only looking for some eye candy to gaze upon, but also use him as inspiration for their own fitness endeavors.

8 Hannah Polites


Hannah Polites has over 533,000 followers on Instagram and has a wide variety of interests including health, fitness, and fashion. The Australian is noted for appearing in only a bikini in almost all of her photos.

There is also the occasional photo of beautiful looking food (like fruit), which probably helps contribute to her toned body. Hannah literally takes you on a journey throughout her day-to-day life, and as a follower, you get a glimpse of her life as one of Australia's sexiest women.

7 Ricardo Baldin


Ricardo Baldin is a Brazilian model who has about 172,000 followers on Instagram.

What makes Ricardo's Instagram so sexy is the fact that Ricardo shows himself to be extraordinarily down to earth. Unlike other models on Instagram, Ricardo's account is full of selfies that vary from shirtless beach photos to being bundled up outside; there's even a selfie with a beer.

As a model, Ricardo will post only the occasional professional photo. People can relate to him, which helps not only with his popularity, but also the level of sexy on his Instagram account.

6 Beulah & Alex

via instagram.com/goldmorning

Together, this sexy couple boasts almost 8,000 followers. They're not only a beautiful couple, but they also have Instagram to thank for bringing them together. Alex Ekkelenkamp and Beulah Anne are both photographers, and they met after Beulah won an Instagram photo contest.

After winning, Beulah gained about 200 new followers, one of them being Alex. He left a comment on one of her photos that stood out to her, and so they connected originally to talk shop about photography. After strings of emails and video chatting, they finally met for the first time in Florida. The couple got engaged last year and got married a month ago.

5 Cindy Prado


Cindy Prado is a working model, known for her work in posing for Maxim. Her look makes her wildly popular on Instagram. With an account that has over 165,000 followers, Cindy's pictures look like they're straight out of a magazine. Many of her photos show off her sleek physique while wearing bathing suits and lingerie.

Then, of course, there are a few casual photos of her posing in front of various locations as if she was out for a walk - she's just like you! It's probably safe to say that many of her followers are male, with numerous female followers who use her as inspiration for their workout routines.

4 Nathan McCallum

via instagram.com/isnathan

Nathan McCallum has 129,000 followers on Insta, and not only is his account sexy, but it's also pretty unique. How many guys can pull off a body that rocks the gym and a mustache that's a throwback to the early 1900s? Not many, but Nathan makes it work.

His photos are a mix of model-like poses with a touch of casual with a hefty dose of shirtless photos by the pool side. There's even a few shots of him barely wearing anything. Women follow him, men want to be him. It seems that Nathan has it all. His mix of sexy and classy draws much attention.

3 Murad Osmann

via instagram.com/muradosmann

Photographer Murad Osmann and his girlfriend have reached near-celebrity status on Instagram with 2 million followers. Their claim to fame is Osmann's series of hand-holding photos. These are more than just selfies in a mirror holding hands - they show his girlfriend leading him around the world.

The photo above is one from Osmann's latest "Follow Me To" series.  The couple is rarely ever home, and the photos are not only intriguing - where will they be next? - but sexy as well, making any user who follows them yearn to join them on their adventures.

2 Rosie Roff

via instagram.com/rosieroff

Rosie Roff is not only known as having one of the sexiest Instagram accounts, but also having one of the most controversial pages on the site. Instagram recently imposed a ban on nudity, and many of Rosie's photos show her in the buff.

Even though strategic areas are covered, it's suspected that her page could have a limited life span if there are enough reports of her nudity. Her photos are indeed lovely, showing a mix of casual poses, plus a mix of leisurely activities amongst her sexy photos. This makes her account popular since she's also showing off her most casual and albeit "human" side.

1 Jen Selter

via instagram.com/jenselter

With under 500 posts featuring her derriere, Jen Selter secured 5 million Instagram followers.

She's one of those rare individuals who has attained international fame through her Instagram account alone. Selter told PEOPLE magazine that she initially formed her account to follow models and take photos of herself for motivation for the gym. Then, a lot of people started liking the photos and an internet sensation was born.

All the selfies featuring her butt led to the creation of the term "belfie" (butt selfie). From poolside to the New York City subway, she has found creative ways to demonstrate her impressive derriere on Instagram. She continues to post photos monthly and has inspired many women around the world to do some extra squats.

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