The 16 Most Legendary Man Caves You Should Be Jealous Of

Man caves are a modern day must, whether you are a 9-5 type guy with a family, a trucker on the road most of the time, a bachelor living in a bachelor pad, an old fogey who needs to escape a nagging wife, or a guy who lives with too many girls and just needs a spot to feel manly. No matter your lifestyle, everyone needs that special, private place to call their own that they can kick back, relax, and be themselves in. That means different things to different people, and perhaps that is the reason that many man caves take on a certain theme.

We think of man caves as a basement or spare room with some kind of entertainment center, a couch, maybe a mini-fridge stocked with beer, or even a bar, if you're lucky. You hear "man cave", and you picture toolboxes, a pool table, darts, video games, etc. You get the picture. But man caves have seemingly transitioned into a new plane of coolness. And I have found 16 stellar examples of what I mean by this.

Going back to those themes I was talking about, they are a huge part of these luxury man caves. Don't get me wrong; there are plenty of man caves out there that are luxurious and that is the only "theme." But the really interesting and out-there man caves do seem to have designated themes, such as cars, sports, drinking, gaming, music, movies, superheroes, even a spa! Anything you like, love, or consider a hobby could be a potential man cave theme. Whatever a man chooses to do with his cave, the possibilities are endless.

Man caves have come a long way (and apparently, now there is even such a thing as a man shed, which is a bigger version of the typical man cave in a garden shed or something of the sort, but for now we'll stick to caves). Here are 16 excellent examples of what you should strive for should you ever decide to build or improve upon your own. But let's be honest; mostly we'll all just be jealous of the few men who are able to make places like these a reality for themselves.

So I ask you, which of these rooms most tickle your fancy?

16 The Bat Cave

via dudeliving.com

This may be the all-time ultimate man cave, the man cave to end all man caves. Just look at it! Now that is a place that I would love to kick back and relax in. Part library, part movie theater, part ode to Batman (which, let's face it, who doesn't love?), this subterranean lair has everything you could ever need. The detail is amazing. The texture of the walls and ceilings make you feel like not only are you in your man cave, but a real cave. This particular man cave belongs to some (very wealthy) man who spent a cool $2 million create this insane theater room. It even has chandeliers, gargoyles, secret passages, and even a Bat elevator. I don't think there is one thing left to be desired.

15 Car Buff’s Man Cave

via hgtv.com

This stunning man cave was featured on HGTV and the DIY Network. So yes, the owner of this chic hangout had a little help, but still. Even if you are not a “car buff” this would be a super-cool place to chill. It is complete with black leather couches, a full bar, television, and best of all, the cars themselves. The only downside I can see is that it may look a tad bit like a car showroom, and not as cozy as one might hope their man cave would be. But then again, it all depends on individual preference.

I think most dudes would like to have this in their basement. It is uber masculine and the red and black color scheme is so sleek. This is a definite show-off room, for sure. The man it was built for has a magnificent car collection, and these are two of them. I wonder if he ever switches them up, and displays different cars in his man cave? None would likely match as well, though. In any case, the custom backlit ceiling provides ambient lighting throughout what is considered a “lounge.” Looks great to me!

14 Gamer’s Paradise

via youtube.com

Having an in-home arcade would be a dream for many guys…and kids. In this particular man cave, the purple lighting really makes it look cool. If you look closely, there are many different games, including Pinball and Foosball Hockey. People who watched this guy’s video on Youtube said he also has great speakers (not-so-great music, but that is neither here nor there). It looks like an all-around awesome place to either chill or party (notice the full bar). I am not a gamer myself, but even I can picture this being a great place to unwind after a long day at work, or to go play games to turn my brain off when needed. It would suck to have to battle your kids for it, but it is big enough that that is probably unlikely. Also, that electric bill… yikes. Dude seems like money is no object for him, though.

13 The Skysphere

via androidpolice.com

This unique man cave is in the sky. The Skysphere is a tower that rises 33 feet in the air in New Zealand. Its creator, a plastics engineer named Jono Williams, got creative with his idea of his own private place to chill, and it differs vastly from what most of us consider to be a traditional man cave.

It is a circular structure with 360-degree views of the surrounding countryside, with some crazy perks: an entertainment system, a queen-sized bed, custom couches, a rooftop platform for looking at the stars, and a couch with an armrest that has a built-in beer dispenser that sounds an alert when the drinks are getting low, then texts his girlfriend to pick up some more. It is solar-powered and runs on voice control, and took three years and $50,000 to build. In the future, Jono wants to move it to the seaside and build a home below the sphere. Check out Jono’s journey of building his man cave in the sky as well as tons of photos on his Skysphere website, theskysphere.com.

12 Man Cave Spa

via mytechref.com

At first glance, a man cave that is also a spa seems to be somewhat contradictory. But isn’t the whole point of a man cave to relax, which is the same reason people go to spas? So, logically speaking, nothing could really be more relaxing than combining these two uber relaxing places. And by doing so, we get the man cave spa. Just look at this place! This particular one looks like it is in a literal cave, complete with a television and some nice foliage.

Not pictured but also in this room are a sound system, fog system, and multi-colored fiber-optic lighting in the ceiling. It looks like it would feel like a mini-resort in your own house. This man cave spa is actually just a small part of what the owners built all at once: a 12,000 square foot atrium with an indoor pool, a 10,000-gallon saltwater aquarium, a sitting area, a separate Zen-like living room, and of course, this hot tub haven. To access it, one either must swim through a waterfall or walk through a 40-foot tunnel. Talk about privacy!

11 Star Trek Dream Cave

via blastr.com

Shockingly, one of the coolest (and nerdiest- but still, so cool!) man caves ever was ruined, all because of a divorce. Tony Alleyne spent 10 years building this incredible ode to Star Trek, an interior replica of the Starfleet starship, the USS Voyager. He hand crafted all of the furnishings, added a high-tech bathroom, voice-activated blue lighting, command console, and more, thus transforming his 500 square foot apartment in Leicester, UK into this amazing replica. But unfortunately for him, his wife owned the apartment and had been paying the mortgage the whole time and wanted to sell it, so he was forced to tear it down, breaking his and any Star Trek lover’s heart.

It would cost him an estimated $156,000 USD to rebuild it from scratch. Tony said of his loss, “To say I’m gutted is an understatement. It’s my life’s work- and it looks like it’s going into a skip. I admit there were tears.” Seems to me there are enough Star Trek lovers out there that would feel the pain of tearing something like that down that Tony could probably have started a GoFundMe account to raise the money to buy his apartment from his wife, himself.

10 A Golfer’s Heaven

via mountainmodernlife.com

The golfers I know would absolutely love to have a man cave with a golf simulator like this. And I can see why! You could play golf whenever- and wherever- you want with one like this. A simulator is a nice way to play a quick 18 holes, which takes about an hour, or slightly more if playing with some buddies. And as you can imagine, things are pretty high tech nowadays and what you can do with something like this is pretty cool. Especially if you live in one of the northern states, this would be extra nice to have around in the winter when options of entertainment are much more limited than during other times of the year.

The nice touches of the leather armchairs and the wood are especially masculine, but cozy, as well. Any guests you have over could either participate in the game or be a spectator, or both. And even with people over, there is still plenty of room for a healthy swing while playing and elbow room while lounging. How lucky would you be to have this in, say, your basement, literally at your feet any time you wanted it?

9 Cigar Lounge

via imgur.com

This luxurious gentleman’s heaven is perfect for the likes of Ron Burgundy or Duke Ellington. It looks like a room out of the board game Clue, or a set from Mad Men. It is classy, classy, classy- a grown-up man cave, if you will. This in-home, custom-built cigar lounge belongs to a 33-year-old account manager named Rune Jensen, who lives in Esbjerg, Denmark with his girlfriend in their three-story home. It features a mini-library of books, a stocked-up globe bar, a little fireplace mounted to the wall, a timeless record player, and an ambiance to die for, whether or not you smoke cigars, drink cognac, have a mustache, and do all that other stereotypical manly stuff that people who have these kinds of rooms do. The wallpaper and mahogany add to the cozy atmosphere, and there is a window that is not pictured, which is nice but I think that I personally like the privacy and subterranean feel of the room without it. Of course, according to smokeynews.com, one of the key features of an adequate cigar den is that it have proper ventilation, so there you have it.

8 The Castle Truck Man Cave

via dudeliving.com

It’s a truck… it’s a castle… it’s a man cave! Who would have ever thought all three of those things could actually all be combined to make one single place? It kind of looks like an RV, but the two turrets in the back give it that regal, castle feel- a true fantasy come to life! Seriously, what could be better than a mobile man cave, except a mobile man cave that makes you look and feel like a king?

When the truck is parked, it unfolds into the castle that is completely self-sustaining and off the grid. It runs on solar power, has sliding doors and an open rooftop with a hammock. Inside, there is a fully functional kitchen, a loft for sleeping, and a bathroom with a shower, all separate from each other. It sounds like just what any man needs to relax and unwind.

7 The Bar & Lounge

via lacrouxsteeb.com

Believe it or not, this awesome man cave is only one small part of the entire thing; not pictured is the fireplace, hidden staircase, and the hydraulic door entrance that opens with the push of a button. In Aspen, Colorado, this “underground luxury cave”, as described by Lacroux Steeb (the company who did the lighting), is underneath what looks like a normal, single-family home, making it even more impressive. The wall lights are color-changing, and perhaps coolest of all, behind that glass curtain is an automobile lift (with video panels mounted to the ceiling). Schnazzy!

This project was an unprecedented lighting approach, and hundreds of leather belts make up the wall paneling. All of the lighting and screens are controlled from an i-Pad. How cool would it be to have a get-together down here? The full bar and comfy couch complete this treasure of a room that any man (or anyone, at all) would be lucky to call theirs.

6 The American Dream

via forums.yoworld.com

Probably the majority of American men’s alleys is this man cave dedicated to football. Sometimes you do not need anything fancy-schmancy to appeal to the masses- just some TV’s, some couches, and some beer. Of course, this is a little fancier than just TV, couches, and beer. This man cave is not likely to be one used for manly solitude (nor was it meant to be), but rather for parties, football watching, and pre-gaming.

This NFL super fan’s man cave has seven screens and a rotating floor that can swivel to face any screen, operated by a hydraulic system. Ryan and Jessica Donaldson from Maryland won a contest co-sponsored by the NFL Network and the DIY Network, and thus converted their rec room into a man cave that revolves around their favorite sports teams, the Redskins and the Ravens. This room also has a full bar and on one wall, a 100-inch screen that receives its images from a ceiling-mounted projector.

5 Simply Relaxing

via ricorock.com

This homeowner worked with an artificial waterfall design and installation company to design his man cave. In somewhat of a more tranquil setting, this man cave has a rock waterfall and hot tub by which one could eat, drink, and relax. What better to do in a man cave, anyway, since its purpose is to escape from real life for a bit? Notice the fireplace and the multiple televisions mounted to the stone walls which make it feel like a real cave.

There is a full bar, as well, and in my book, if you have a hot tub and a bar, you have all you need for a kick-ass party. Or like I said before, some simple relaxation time. There is even a soothing aquarium to look at and space out to. If you are a family man seeking the all-elusive peace and quiet, or a bachelor trying to impress the ladies, or anything in between, this may the man cave for you.

4 Sleek & Chic

via sahomeowner.co.za

Talk about sleek, chic, and unique! These words precisely describe this ultimate man cave, which is oh-so classy. The silver and chrome color scheme, as well as the shiny wooden floors and backsplash all work together to make this an atmosphere of the utmost class.

The pool table ensures entertainment, and the bar ensures a good time. You can also see a chair in the corner, leading me to believe there is more of a lounging area than is visible in this photo. There is also a sliding glass door that presumably leads out to a backyard or outdoor area of some sort (not as cool as the “secret staircase” under the hydraulic door from the Bar and Lounge man cave, but it's still pretty freaking cool- and probably easier to access, let’s be honest). This room is yet another man cave that seems like it would be the perfect location for anything, at all, be it hanging out, partying, much-needed alone time, or a date-night.

3 Hunter’s Lodge

via youtube.com

How’s this for a theme? Since most of these legendary man cave hangouts seem to have a theme, we’ll continue our list with this cozy hideaway, which is done in the theme of a hunter’s lodge. It looks warm and inviting (if you’re not a deer, that is) while keeping its manly vibe and featuring a bar-type place and light-up beer signs. That can be a hard thing to do, to keep a room’s cozy vibe whilst also making it into a bar area and displaying animal parts everywhere. Maybe it is the low lighting, soft couches, rustic woodwork, and stone fireplace that make it look so inviting. I would love to cozy up there, especially on a cold winter night. It even has a full kitchen! Light a fire, drink some beer… sounds a little like heaven. The owner of this little “heaven” is a man named Travis “T-Bone” Turner who undertook this home-improvement project in the spring of 2012.

2 The Swanky Man Cave

via hstudion.com

Ooh, look at this one! It is not in the typical basement or any old spare room; it’s a room all its own. It is decorated nicely while remaining masculine, and those floor-to-ceiling windows are to die for, as is that glass-enclosed fireplace in the middle of the room that gives it an outdoorsy element, like it is a campfire or something. And I don’t know what city is twinkling below it, but I don’t care. I could look at city views all day long.

This room is right in the city with all its perks, but a retreat away from all the chaos at the same time, a perfect mixture. The openness and unlimited natural light are uncharacteristic of most man caves, but that is why I like this one so much, because it is different than most. It is not a place you would have your buddies over to for a party or to watch football, but if you are a dude who appreciates the finer things in life and a killer view, this may be the kind of man cave best suited to you. Just don’t spill on that couch, or (man cave or not) your wife may have your "hyde."

1 The Freak Show

via soundandvision.com

Not sure this is a place I would want to hang out in for extended periods of time, but hey, to each their own. Movie prop collector Wesley Cannon wanted his own cave, so with a little help, he wound up with not one but two rooms for his man cave. One is a movie prop display room, which you must walk through to get to the media room. And both rooms are decorated with gore.

In the movie prop room, it feels like a museum with horror props, and furniture designed to make you feel creeped out. Wesley’s collection of movie props is displayed throughout the room, and since he desired it to feel like a real cave, there are multiple faux rock formations, and even stalactites hanging from the ceilings. The media room is (slightly) more cozy. It is centered around a 62-inch television and sound system. There is a comfy couch and custom-designed tables and more faux rocks, though the color scheme in here is a warmer brown to the first room’s colder gray.

The two very different rooms are bridged together by the cave-like features and their common horror theme. It is basically a show room and then a lounging room, kind of like the car buff’s show room and lounging area; same thing.

Sources: blastr, electronichouse, soundandvision

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