The 15 Sexiest Fashion Bloggers Of 2016

You probably don't know a whole lot about fashion bloggers, unless you borrow your girlfriend's computer a lot, or she talks to you a lot about clothes, and for your sake we hope that is not the case. But whether you know about them or not, these chicks are everywhere on social media, helping the ladies of the world look better and figure out what to wear.

To be taken seriously as a woman that tries to help people look good, these women have to look good themselves, and believe me, a lot of them do. Some of them, of course, look a little bit better than others, and those are the ones you will find below on this list.

Now, all of these women are probably going to remind you of girls that would not date you, or they might date you but they would tell you to stop wearing cargo shorts, or that you look lame in your favorite T-shirt. That's all right, though, you can get past this stuff for now, because this list is really about just one thing- how hot these chicks are.

So let's see who puts the hot in Haute Couture. I know, I know... you don't get it.   Anyway, here are the 15 hottest fashion bloggers in 2016. Who knows, if you check out their blogs maybe you just might stop dressing like such a slob, but that's not strictly necessary to enjoy our list, and we here at TheRichest love you just the way you are.

15 Emily Weiss

via popsugar.com

Emily is the founder and CEO of Glossier, which according to its website, celebrates what it means to be a girl today. If I am to judge by looking at Emily, what it means to be a girl today is to be totally cute, and to make a ton of money helping other women figure out how to be totally cute. So she's got that going for her. Either way Emily is a big shot in the world of fashion and fashion blogging and as such deserves a place on this or any other list about the subject.

14 Chriselle Lim

via vice.com

Chriselle does most of her fashion damage via YouTube, where she is one of the most popular vloggers around. She is also big on social media as well, of course, but checking her on video is where you are most likely to get your fashion tips.  She has worked with such brands as Coach and Banana Republic. And who would not want to work with Chriselle? When it comes to looking good and dressing well she certainly walks the walk.

13 Jane Aldridge

via seaofshoes.com

Jane Aldridge has been rocking the fashion blog scene since she was fifteen years old and shows no signs of slowing down after doing it for the last eight years. She partners with some high profile brands like Cartier, and obviously makes her money the old fashioned way, by being incredibly good looking. For those of you who like skinny chicks (and I am not one of them; I dig the curves), one can find a variety of photos online of Jane rocking the bikini.  Just in case you were wondering.

12 Susanna Lau

via bon.se

Susanna is big with the fashion insiders; her blog is considered the number one blog for that type and she is now one of fashion's leading voices. She is very opinionated, and because of that has gotten a lot of press in some of the industry's leading websites and magazines.  All of that is super cool of course, but she did not make this list because of her opinions on fashion, but because she is one of the hottest fashion bloggers out there.  That's our only criteria, after all.

11 Jessica Stein

via wordpress.com

Hey look, everyone...a blonde. Finally! I mean can't blondes be fashionable, too? Seriously. Anyway Jessica is from Australia and spends a good portion of her time traveling around the world, and having adventures while she looks ridiculously good and posting about it to her Instagram. Why can't I get a gig like that? Jessica is tall, blonde, fashionable and speaks with a hot Australian accent, so it is a good bet that she will not be going out with you any time soon.  However, you can stream the movie Kissing Jessica Stein, which has nothing to do with her, if you want.

10 Danielle Bernstein

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Danielle is another young, and hot fashion blogger that makes her way onto this list. She started her blog as a way to get her fellow students at the Fashion Institute of Technology to pay a little bit of extra attention to her, but it soon became a big hit. While she does not have traditional looks that one might consider to be hot, she totally has what most of these fashion bloggers have. Which is a super confident attitude that makes her even hotter than she already is.

9 Zanita Whittington

via popsugar.com

Zanita is yet another woman on this list who is filled with style and class, and probably would not want to be your girlfriend because you spend all day Sunday in sweat pants watching football. Regardless of that, she is another one on this list from Australia, and is also an avid photographer. She is also serious about getting her blog noticed, and offers aspiring bloggers tips on how to do the same. Also, she is really rather hot, which is why she made this list.

8 Elin Kling

via shutterstock.com

Elin Kling is lovely, there is no doubt about that whatsoever. She is from Sweden, she is hot, and she is a fashion blogger. She even has her own design company. What is there not to love? In fact, do all women from Sweden look like this? I don't think I have ever seen any woman ever from Sweden who is not totally hot. If you have some photos of ugly women from Sweden, please send them to me. On second thought, scratch that, I will pass.  There's too many hot ones to waste my time on that.

7 Shea Marie

via artefactmagazine.com

Shea is a West Coast fashion blogger so she has a little bit of a different look than the rest of these ladies. While most of them are at high class gatherings in New York, a lot of Shea's blog shows her in bikinis or yoga outfits. We are not complaining mind you.  The whole high fashion meets Southern California thing is a look that will never get old. Especially if the one modeling the look is as hot as Shea is. She has worked with a number of large brands.

6 Julia Engel

via michaelkors.com

Julia is an up and comer in the blogging world through her blog Girl Meets Glam.  She is only twenty-three but already has a ton of people paying attention to her on Pinterest and Instagram. She appeals to the same type of woman that gets into the whole Lauren Conrad and The Hills vibe. Julia is from San Francisco and looks ridiculously cultured for a 23-year-old. What is a guy to do when a woman looks so hot and yet is so intimidating? Just look, I suppose.

5 Nicole Warne

via imgtalent.com

Nicole is yet another fashion blogger from Australia. I have to ask the same question that I asked about Sweden. Are there any women from Australia who are not totally hot? I think not. Nicole started by launching a site called Gary Pepper, which was a site where one could buy clothes. She started off by modeling the clothes on the site to help sell them, but soon she became more of a fashion blogger than a clothes seller. Oh, and also, if I forgot to mention it, Nicole is hot.

4 Rumi Neely

via tumblr.com

Rumi is one of those on the list that easily could have made it as a model if she was not a fashion blogger. Maybe she is not tall enough, I need to check her height.  Her style of blogging features cool clothes and Rumi striking a ton of modeling poses. As a lot of women want to look just like Rumi, she then started her own clothing line to take advantage of that. Any list that has hot fashion bloggers on it simply has to include Rumi. Her blog is called Fashion Toast but all we know is she's hot no matter how you slice it.

3 Aimee Song

via shutterstock.com

Aimee Song is a hot fashion blogger from Los Angeles who has made a name for herself by posting a ton of photos of her looking awesome in cool outfits on the street. She is huge in social media, she has close to two million followers on Instagram, and when you have that many followers, you know you are doing something right.  She fits right in on this list as a hot fashion blogger, but she has a little bit more of an approachable vibe then most of the rest.

2 Chiara Ferragni

via shutterstock.com

Chiara is a ridiculously hot fashion blogger who is 27 and lives in Los Angeles, even though she is originally from Italy.  She is popular all over the world, and has as many fans in Europe as she does in the States. How popular is she? Glad you asked- she has over three million followers on Instagram. This just goes to show you that if you work hard, try your best, and also look super hot in well-designed clothes then you can come to America and make a name for yourself.

1 Blair Edie

via popsugar.com

Well, it is almost too obvious to say, but that is what I get paid to do. Blair looks pretty much perfect. She started her fashion blog when she was in San Francisco, but is based in New York City now. She works with many major brands, as she has a reputation as someone who can convert readers into shoppers. I am sure she also has a reputation as being someone who is just ridiculously hot, and if she does not, there is a good chance she will now.

Sources: fashionista

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