The 15 Mightiest Zords In Power Rangers

Nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and Hollywood knows it. With '90s kids being all grown up these days, almost every movie or TV show from our childhood is getting a remaster just to capitalize on our love of that franchise. From the reboots of Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and even Independence Day, no film is safe from the giant of big business. As long as these reboots, remakes, or long-awaited sequels turn out to be good, there is no stopping this massive train anytime soon.

One of the next franchises on this list is the Power Rangers franchise. This might come as a shock to some, because the Power Rangers aren't exactly the most respected franchise to begin with. They are constantly made fun of for their cheesy action, dialogue, and subpar special effects. However, there has been enough love for those characters that there have been countless iterations of the team with plenty of baddies and "zords" to back them up the whole way. This reboot is aiming to bring back the classic Power Rangers feel, but also making it much grittier than you've ever seen.

Naturally, the film is going to have their own zords in it (these ones are based off of the ones from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers), and they look incredible for what's been shown so far. With that in mind, we've gone through a trip down memory lane and handpicked some of the mightiest zords that have been present throughout Power Rangers history, and there sure are some big ones.

15 Brachiozord

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Power Rangers: Dino Thunder was probably my favorite incarnation of the rangers to date, and who can blame me? Dinosaurs were all the rage back in the day, and bringing the giant lizards back to the franchise also revitalized the feel that made the characters so popular in the first place (due to it being a remake of the classic zords of sorts). One of the most impressive and powerful zords with that group was easily the Black Ranger's Brachiozord. This zord was massive, and had the special task of carrying all of the other zords into battle. In order to do that effectively, the Brachiozord had to be capable of taking a lot of hits while dealing out a lot of pain. Trust me when I say that it delivered on both. One of its signature abilities was to shoot lightning bolts from its mouth. Oh yeah, any time a bad guy wanted to shoot down this powerful zord, it would have to get past a barrage of lightning bolts! Forget dinosaurs, the Brachiozord is straight up on the level of Zeus and Thor themselves.

14 Red Lion Wildzord

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As the Power Rangers continued to have constant iterations over the years, the writers experimented quite a lot with how to make the show feel fresh without seeming like a simple rehash of the same formula. One of the best ways they did this was when they decided to create Power Rangers Wild Force. These rangers were based off of a jungle setting complete with helmets that looked like lion skins. It was pretty unique to say the least, and this fed over into their zords as well.

Each ranger had multiple zords in that continuity, and the first of Red Ranger's zords is the one that makes this list. The Red Lion Wildzord is fierce, powerful, swift, and feral. Easily one of the more feared zords to be used, the Red Lion Wildzord was so loved that it made a comeback in future seasons of the show including Super Megaforce. While not as impressive to some children as dinosaurs, there's no denying the true power of the Red Lion Wildzord with its claws, teeth, and agility. Not only that, but it helps to form not one but two Megazords in total. The villains should keep that in mind.

13 Pterodactyl Dinozord

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The original five zords for the Power Rangers hold a special place in every true fan's heart, but their fame isn't without strength. In the light of the new posters for the upcoming film, I felt it appropriate to give them their own spot here as well. The first of the group is the Pink Ranger's Pterodactyl Dinozord. Now I'm not putting this one first because it's pink or is piloted by a girl. No, it's merely in this spot because the Pterodactyl Dinozord has the ability of flight and is mostly heralded as such. That being said, there is no short-changing the power of the Pterodactyl (anyone who saw Jurassic World knows that), and it is still a force to be reckoned with. For starters, this is a zord that lives in an active volcano. It remained there simply to hide from anyone who might use it for harm. One thing that is really impressive about the Pterodactyl Dinozord is that it can fire two lasers. The zord was eventually destroyed, but its remains were eventually used to create the powerful Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord (try saying that five times fast). Talk about your terror from above.

12 Triceratops Dinozord

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The triceratops has always been a stalwart when it comes to the dinosaur world, and the three horns on its face were exceptionally helpful in battle. Just ram your opponent, and they're down for the count. The next of the original Dinozords to make this list is the Triceratops Dinozord. The Blue Ranger's specialty, the Triceratops is as cool as it is deadly. This zord heralds from a vast desert, where it remains when not being called upon for combat. It's a good thing too, as its amazing abilities make it a force of nature and a deadly adversary for any that get in its way. It's long tail doubles as a twin laser cannon for taking out long distance foes, and its horns also function as fire cables that shoot out and subdue its opponents with extreme heat. Like the Pterodactyl Dinozord, the Triceratops was eventually destroyed, and what remained of it went into the construction of the Triceratops Unicorn Thunderzord (Hey, I don't come up with these names, I just write them down). This zord looks extremely promising in the upcoming movie, especially considering the Blue Ranger's laid back pose while riding a giant mechanical dinosaur.

11 Mastodon Dinozord

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A huge mistake I notice with a lot of average folk is on the topic of a Mastodon. First off, most don't really know what a Mastodon is (you might be among them, and that's okay). Second, many people that see a Mastodon just assume that it's a Woolly Mammoth, and that's not the case. Mastodons, while similar, are their own species.

Biological rant out of the way, the Mastodon Dinozord is the third of the original five Dinozords, and one of the most unique. After all, it's surprising that they would've chosen a Mastodon over something like a Stegosaurus. Regardless, this is a zord you do not want to mess with. Living in the sheer cold of the Arctic, the Mastodon Dinozord has exactly the kind of powers you'd expect. It can shoot harsh blasts of cold air and mist, where it would end up freezing its foes. Then with its powerful tusks, make short work of its prey. Its head is so powerful that when forming the Megazord, it became the shield. After it was destroyed, its remains came together for the Mastodon Lion Thunderzord and continued to give service to the Black Ranger.

10 Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord

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Another obscure choice for a Dinozord, don't you think? However, when you ignore terminologies, you're left with the realization that a giant mechanical Sabretooth Tiger is one of the coolest things you've ever seen. This Dinozord is on this list for many of the same reasons that the Red Lion Wildzord is, except the Sabretooth Tiger is much more deadly. Taking much inspiration from the real life animal, this zord was fast and violent when attacking its foes, and gave the Yellow Ranger a lot to brag about. Oftentimes, it was this zord that was utilized for transportation due to its speed. On top of its fast movements, the Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord could also fire lasers from its tail just like the Triceratops, and makes use of its massive teeth. It chases bad guys down, sinks its teeth in, and then makes them wish they were never born. It's the best of both worlds with the Sabretooth Tiger, and there's a lot of excitement surrounding its appearance in the upcoming film next year. After this Dinozord was destroyed, its parts were used to form the Sabretooth Tiger Griffin Thunderzord- one of the most impressive looking zords to date.

9 Tyrannosaurus Dinozord

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Every kid that grew up loving dinosaurs is familiar with the Tyrannosaurus Rex. This massive beast was known as "King of the Dinosaurs" for its size, strength, and brutality. There's a lot to love with the T-Rex and even more to love with the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Serving as the zord for the leader, Red Ranger himself, you know there's going to be no shortage of power there. This zord was so powerful in fact that many times it would fight on its own, making good use of its tail and jaw. This zord is so incredibly strong that it was even able to combat the fabled Dragonzord. The Tyrannosaurus Dinozord also had a host of abilities at its disposal, the most notable being laser eyes. Its roar adds another ability, with it being so loud that it can cause seismic blasts to throw back its enemies. Its tail was very versatile as well, being able to support the zord while it performed a kangaroo kick. After being taken down, the remains of the zord became the Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon Thunderzord (a match made in Heaven) and still remains as powerful as ever. This is probably the zord many of us are most excited to see in the film.

8 Wildforce Megazord

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You all knew that eventually it would get to the point where we'd be talking strictly about the Megazords. These zords are a combination of the basic zords used by the Rangers. Each series had its own unique zord (or more) that had their own special powers to save the day. In the Power Rangers: Wild Force series, they had the Wildforce Megazord at their disposal. This zord was a combination of Red Lion Wildzord, Yellow Eagle Wildzord, Blue Shark Wildzord, Black Bison Wildzord, and White Tiger Wildzord. The end result was ferocious and powerful. What makes this Megazord even better is that when the additional Elephant Wildzord is called upon, it activates a strong Sword and Shield Mode. The elephant's trunk straightens and becomes a longsword, while the bulk of its head and tusks become the shield. The sword can even transform into an energy whip to strangle and crack its opponents. The Elephant Wildzord is not the only addition that this Megazord can have though, as there are many other modes that it can take depending on the additional zords it takes on. This makes it one of the most adaptable Megazords to date, and one of the mightiest.

7 Ninja Megazord

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In the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers continuity, as you know by now, the original Dinozords had been destroyed and rebuilt as the powerful Thunderzords. However, those mighty beings didn't last long either, as they, too, were demolished by one of the Rangers' villains. By the time season three rolled around, the Rangers went to a temple where they got new zords, aptly named the Ninjazords: Wolf, Frog, Bear, Crane, Ape, and Falcon. To start things off, these were already powerful, agile zords. When they combined to form the Ninja Megazord, they became much stronger. Sporting a pair of Power Gloves, this zord was able to throw punches fast and hard, more so than any zord before it. It's most impressive feature was just how agile it was. It lived up to its ninja name by fighting faster and smarter than anything it came up against. Sometimes, it would even gain the ability to fly when the White Falconzord would attach to its back. Its only draw is that it doesn't really have a weapon; it simply uses its fists. That doesn't hurt in any way though, as the Ninja Megazord is still a powerhouse.

6 Shogun Megazord

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In the Power Rangers universe, legend tells of five powerful zords that existed for many years, but after time, they became lost, and their very existence was questioned. After some time, the zords were eventually uncovered and used by the Rangers. These zords were much different from the typical zord though. While most are based off of a specific animal, the Shogun zords were much more humanoid with animalistic features. Due to them being ancient and legendary, these zords were very strong to begin with. When combined to form their megazord, they became something else entirely. The Shogun Megazord is a counterpart to the Ninja Megazord in a lot of ways. Whereas the Ninja is incredibly quick, the Shogun is slow. It makes up for it by having stellar defensive capabilities though. Like an actual samurai, the Shogun Megazord holds its ground and waits for the right opportunity to strike, bearing a slew of armor to make sure that nothing will break it. The zord's weapon of choice is a fire sword which it uses to expertly slice through any foe it comes up against. Burning a baddie then cutting them to pieces is the way to go here.

5 Dino Megazord

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The Dino Megazord is the one that started it all and paved the way for many colossal creations to come after it. The Dino Megazord is a beautiful combination of the Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Pterodactyl, Mastodon, and Sabretooth Tiger Dinozords. It's not hard to guess the amazing death machine that came from them. What makes the Dino Megazord so special is that it has not one but two forms for combat. The first is the Tank Mode. In this form, the Dino Megazord is exceptional in long-ranged combat and taking down big targets. The laser cannons on the basic zords factor into stronger beams of energy. The Megazord also carried the Tyrannosaurus's trait of firing lasers from its eyes. Its second form is the one that we all know and recognize: the Battle Mode. This form is sleek, and puts together the power of each and every one of the Dinozords. While it doesn't have very many long-range attacks, Battle Mode was designed for close quarters first and foremost. When it fights up close, the Dino Megazord does it extremely well. As if its basic build wasn't enough, the Dino Megazord could also make use of the Mastodon Shield and Power Sword to tip the scale its way.

4 Mega Dragonzord

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The Dragonzord is a powerful creature that was designed to contend with the original Dinozords at the command of the villainous Green Ranger. The Dragonzord was so powerful that it could only be fought by the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, and sometimes even that wasn't enough. Luckily for the Rangers though, the Green Ranger ended up breaking free of the spell that caused him to go evil and then he and the Dragonzord joined their team. You can see where I'm going with this.

As if the Dino Megazord was not powerful enough, adding the Dragonzord to the mix was something to be feared. When combined, the Dragonzord became an armor of sorts for the Dino Megazord. It also added shoulder cannons and a powerful energy beam attack to the mix. This deadly combination of Dinozords and the Dragonzord was appropriately named the Mega Dragonzord, and it was a beast. When using its energy beam attack, the power was so great that it would disintegrate opponents entirely. No fight needed to be had, no up close and personal attacks. Just fire that energy beam and they win.

3 Thunder Megazord

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It's kind of surreal to think that with many new iterations to the Power Rangers, stronger zords and megazords are introduced constantly. After all, what can top a disintegrating energy beam? To start this off, understand that the rebuilt Thunder Zords, after the original Dinozords were destroyed, are much stronger. Now take all of those stronger zords and combine them into one megazord. Is it starting to make sense yet? The Thunder Megazord is a combination of the Pterodactyl Firebird, Sabretooth Tiger Griffin, Mastodon Lion, Triceratops Unicorn, and Tyrannosaurus Red Dragon (which is an impressive two formed zord all on its own) Thunderzords. This newer Megazord is much more powerful than the original Dino Megazord and can withstand many more attacks while dealing out plenty of damage at the same time. Lord Zedd even attempted to mind control the Thunder Megazord, but found that the zord was much too strong to fall prey to a tactic like that.

The Thunder Megazord's weapon of choice was a Thunder saber, which could channel electricity while fighting enemies. This was especially useful when the sword was stolen, because the megazord could simply charge the sword up and shock the thief.

2 Legendary Megazord

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The Power Rangers are not known as weak individuals, but even they have battles they can't handle on their own from time to time. The Legendary Megazord was created under the presumption that there would be an evil the Rangers couldn't defeat with their own strength. It's just as powerful as you'd expect it to be.

The Legendary Megazord appeared during the Super Megaforce season, and much like the Shogun zords, the zords that formed the megazord were a bit different compared to what had been seen in the past. These zords were not based on animals or humanoid creatures, but instead on vehicles and machinery. There was the Super Mega Skyship, Super Mega Jet, Super Mega Wheeler, Super Mega Sub, and the Super Mega Racer. These basic zords weren't primed for combat like the other zords were, more so for quick transportation. When they formed the Legendary Megazord however, it was no slouch. Based on a pirate, this megazord has a threatening design to begin with that would make any enemy think twice before attacking. What makes this zord so powerful is that is can create entirely new zords and attacks on its own. It's like an army all by itself. The Legendary Megazord also uses twin scimitars that are reminiscent of its pirate design.

1 Dino Ultrazord

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Regular zords are powerful tools on their own, fighting large opponents with extreme ferocity. Megazords are even stronger, boasting a conglomerate of five zords to take down even stronger foes. There is one thing that is stronger than a Megazord, though. That would be an Ultrazord.

Any Ultrazord could have made this spot on the list, but because the upcoming film is based on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I felt this one deserved the spot. On top of the Dragonzord, there was yet another Dinozord introduced that helped the Rangers. This was Titanus: a massive Brachiosaurus zord that carried the rangers' zords for many seasons. Sometimes, Titanus would combine with the Mega Dragonzord to form the Dino Ultrazord. Remember how strong the addition of the Dragonzord made the Megazord, but then add a behemoth on top of that! The Dino Ultrazord looks like a tank/human hybrid, and looks threatening enough to send any foe running for the hills. It has laser cannons pretty much everywhere, and enough durability to take even the toughest of blows. The Ultrazord is defined as "the Rangers' ultimate weapon", and it's not hard to see why. The Dino Ultrazord is the number one machine for the Rangers and it's number one on our list.

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