The 15 Hottest Britney Spears Moments

Pop music in general at times can feel like a revolving door, where many artists come and go. Unless there was an extra spark, further than a one-hit-wonder, they manage to stay relevant. One of those artists is the multi-talented Britney Spears. For those of you that have been around long enough, one would feel they have known the infamous pop star since her childhood debut starring in Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club from the early to mid-'90s. Who would have known roughly three years later she would blossom to be one of the biggest stars that generated from the nineties? Quite a few have called her, “the next Madonna."

We have seen Britney grow from childhood to adulthood, where at times it was a bit cringeworthy where we had to see her in complete tears during her 2007 mental breakdown. However, she managed to pick herself up and return, which included the release of her ninth studio album, Glory, that was released on August 26th, just two days before her performance at MTV’s Video Music Awards. Additionally, Spears made a triumphant and hot comeback at the VMAs as well, where her flame is evidently still burning. Continuing to push the limits with her multiple skill sets that include performance, singing, and motherhood, she continues to rise through it all, despite the change of times. Her history is quite interesting, along with a bit of a few heated moments. Looking through her career under the spotlight, here are fifteen moments that has captured her hottest times in one way or another.

15 2001 Super Bowl Halftime Performance 

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2001 was the year for pop artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson. However, it was also the time of boy bands and Spears’ relationship with her childhood co-star Justin Timberlake. That time frame alone was the most pivotal for them as it jump-started their career. Little did anyone know that at that time that Timberlake would become such a successful solo artist and actor. Flashing back to 2001, everything appeared to be moving in the right sweetheart fantasy direction so, why not bring it out to the big field? Secondly, rock icons Aerosmith was added to the fire to put in some additional edgy heat to the highly anticipated halftime event of the year. The event switched from rock to pop as Britney Spears bounced between a legend and her own teenage heartthrob. It is recognized as one of the best halftime performances in history that also featured Mary J. Blige and Nelly. There were no songs from Britney Spears. However, she managed to dance around for both pop and rock which was pretty cool.

14 Britney And Versace

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Donatella Versace is the creative fashion genius behind the well-known company referred to as Versace. The Italian designer was born in the world of fashion as her mother was a dressmaker and her older brother, Gianni started it all. The two of them worked together during the seventies, and eventually Donatella expanded to creating her own line. Sadly after the unfortunate murder of her brother in 1997, Donatella was left to keep the name active along with the designs. Donatella is considered a fashion legend; a few would call her a goddess, which leads to the Spring of 2003. Britney Spears wore this skin-tight stunning Versace dress at the 2003 Spring Versace show in Milan. She had everything working for her that night and most importantly she managed to meet the legend Versace in person while wearing the dress. The two of them sparked together in the photo, as though they formed a friendship of their own that night.

13 Britney Losing Her Mind

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Life isn't easy for anyone and celebrities aren't omitted from the ups and downs of life. In fact, many go through a phase of downfalls, mental instability and sometimes experience a complete breakdown. Sadly, 2006-2008 was the timeframe Britney Spears lost control of her life. She went in and out of the hospital, shaved her head, and yet was still forced to attend events, award ceremonies, and performances. Perhaps Spears thought it was a way to help her forget what was happening; maybe she was forced, but all we know is, it was not a good time for her. During her messy experiences, she did end up living her mid-twenties partying it up in Hollywood and forgetting to put on underwear at times while being in public completely intoxicated. Her shenanigans were unstoppable as she went in and out of rehabilitation centers. It was February 2007 when Spears decided to shave her head as she lost her mind. Despite her struggles, the truth is her shaved look was a bold, sexy and courageous look for her. Sadly, it was considered as a negative.

12 Britney And Snoop Dogg

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Before Britney Spears' meltdown years, as she continued to release albums relentlessly, her fourth studio album, In The Zone, held the hit song “Outrageous.” It was written and produced by R. Kelly, and it was the final single from the album. Jive Records wanted this to be the first single off of the album. However, Spears wanted tracks such as “Toxic” to reach promotional acclaim first. This tune became a single after it was the selected theme song for the 2004 movie, Catwoman, which also encountered a few hip-hop elements. With that said, the hot music video was shot in New York City and it was her and her love towards Snoop Dogg that revealed a bit of sex appeal to the video. It has an edgy sound, as it features her dancing on the streets that look to be in Brooklyn. Spears is revealed with Snoop Dogg while dressed for basketball in loose clothes and a baseball cap, as she discovers the ball, ready to toss it back to Snoop Dogg. The two of them generate a sexy chemistry together on the screen as Spears continues to dance on the street.

11 Pepsi Ad - Superbowl 2004

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One thing is for sure, Super Bowl commercials can be just as exciting as the Halftime performances. At times people watch the Super Bowl just for the halftime show and the commercials themselves. It was for the Superbowl 2004 when a new bold approach was added. In 2004 Spears joined forces with Beyonce and Pink for a Pepsi ad. The three women were dressed up like sexy warriors at the time, singing the hit song “We Will Rock You.” As the trio craved to take a sip of Pepsi, the only beverage that could satisfy them was Pepsi-Cola. The commercial demanded sex appeal and the three of them were in their prime in 2004. Who would have thought twelve years later, they still are?

10 Britney Spears, Judge On X-Factor

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Hotness level could seem a bit far-fetched since Britney Spears was a judge onf X Factor USA for one season. Yes, she alongside a man who has no filter in Simon Cowell. Cowell wanted to terminate her $15 million contract instantly as he was not satisfied with how she handled judging others. During the 2012 season alone, it looked as though there was no way she would be asked to return as a judge. She may be an outstanding performer but, her judging experience needed a bit more work. The criticism lasted throughout the entire season between the fellow hosts and the contestants on the show. It was painful to watch at some points, with quite a few cringe-worthy moments. However, why is this one of her hottest moments? Well, face it, Spears has proven that she could do whatever she wants on and off the screen and in terrible and commendable ways.

9 Britney Spears' “Stronger” Music Video

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It was Britney Spears' second studio album, Oops!... I Did It Again, in 2000 under Jive Records when we noticed that Spears, herself, was not quite innocent. She proved to the world that she was an experienced adult as the video “Stronger” was no different. The video featured Spears, out to prove how she is passed the many breakups. In the video, you notice her sexy moves around the chair as it’s mixed with her at an event or party, with of course more dancing. Spears' videos mainly showcase her as a performer and “Stronger” was nothing different from that niche. However, her sex appeal in this video is quite steamy. Many women would most likely have failed to reenact her moves that surround that metal chair.

8 Britney Spears’ 2015 Billboard Cover

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She has been through a lot, and this image stands out as it showcases strength, domination, and conquering it all. It is a steamy photo. Not only was this Billboard cover sexy, but Spears returned to Sin City in June 2016 at Planet Hollywood for a performance of her own that proved her excellent shape in her bondage-themed performance. Her outfits included a bright red bra, sparkling red underwear underneath her red plastic skirt. That wasn’t all she wore nor revealed as the clothing became to be a bit less and less. Spears still has it and is not afraid to show all.

7 "Oops I Did It Again" Video

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It’s incredible to discover that within sixteen years, the need for revealing less clothing is considered sexy, especially apparel that leaves less room to the imagination. Sixteen years after Britney Spears' notorious hot video of “Oops I Did It Again,” Spears decked out in barely-there attire when in 2000 all you needed was a full-blown latex jumpsuit and jaws dropped like flies. Time has flown by with pop stars where instead of vocals and dance moves, it appears videos have turned out to be a battle of the booty where less clothing equals more. No one will forget Britney's powerful  “Oops I Did It Again” performance in 2000, where she proved to the world that she was, “Not that Innocent” in her full-fledged red leather attire. It was sexy, the dance was spot on, and it was something that many continue to watch until this day along.

6 Britney And The Giant Snake

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Britney Spears has made quite a few performances and appearances on MTV’s Video Music Awards. A few have held long-lasting impressions but the one that stands out the most was from her 2001 performance, that included a giant snake as a special guest. Her look surprised us all as she was dressed as a warrior in a forbidden jungle. She moved effortlessly with women, lions, and men. However, when she grabbed the snake from one of the backup dancers, she surprised all as she carelessly held that snake and continued her performance. It was shocking and memorable, and one can only wonder if she can handle a live snake again.

5 Her Toxic Video

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Britney Spears added additional steam in 2003, with her hit song “Toxic” from her fourth studio album, In The Zone. The video, released in 2004, is perhaps her hottest music video in her entire career. You see her on a motorcycle wearing a red wig and that intense look alone was sexy. As the video progressed, one more look was revealed where one would question if she was supposed to be Catwoman. Despite the video making absolutely no sense, and no clear storyline, it almost doesn’t even matter as the looks Spears showcased was enough to keep people watching.

4 Rolling Stone Cover

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At a close to barely-legal age, Britney Spears appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine in 1999. This was during the time when she quickly jumped into the spotlight after her debut album, Baby One More Time. The cover story labeled it as, “Inside the heart and mind (and bedroom) of Britney.” With that headline alone, what else is there to add aside from the photo showcasing Spears laying down in bed holding a telephone and wearing minimal clothing. The article featured her initial story which discussed the launch of her career as it was kicking off. This was another way to prove that Spears was no longer a child, as she was moving into the beginning stages of her adulthood. Her future was bright, her singles sold millions and fans begged to see more of Britney Spears.

3 The Kiss

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Throughout Britney Spears' entire career, many have classified her as the next Madonna. Spears has shocked us all, as she proved to be sexy and talented at the same time, unlike many other pop artists. Madonna is a renowned legend, and she has grown to be a spiritual and multi-talented genius over the years. However, Madonna has continued to surprise us all along the way, with adding spice to her career and that was no different at the 2003 MTV VMAs. The moment appeared to be staged, or maybe Madonna was flattered by Spears’ admiration for her. Or perhaps they got lost in the moment. One thing is for sure: the kiss did happen, and it shocked the live audience and the viewers at home. It was a moment that no one expected, and there was a little bit of Christina Aguilera action as well.

2 Britney Spears Joins The Circus

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It was in 2009 after the release of her sixth studio album, Circus, when Spears kicked off the tour entitled “The Circus.” The tour went incredibly hot where Spears released it on DVD; the action can never be forgotten. Spears re-enacted her old hits as well with re-envisioned '90s attire. It was an epic comeback that helped kick off her career once again as Spears continued to rise. Additionally, her figure appeared to be back in good shape as Spears seemed to work incredibly hard for her triumphant return.

1 Hit Me Baby One More Time Video

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It was in 1998 when MTV used to play music videos and people used to actually use this channel as a reference for music. Whether fans watched it from the initial premiere date or happened to pass by it while going through a bit of channel surfing, the classic video of Britney Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time” came on and it has remained a classic ever since. It is every man’s fantasy to see a grown woman dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, and Britney Spears obviously pulled it off and introduced her talented dance moves for all to see. It is her most iconic video for the simple fact that it is the one that sprung attention for many eyes to see.

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