The 10 Most Sold Non Prescription Drugs

Non-prescription or over-the-counter medicines can have a profound effect on improving a person’s health rapidly and helping them maintain a productive life. One of the things about OTC medicines though is the ease of acquiring them and not always with the best intentions in mind. Some of the ten most popular non-prescription drugs have made the list because they're effective and reliable, while others are abused for a quick buzz.

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10  10. No Doz

Caffeine pills such as No Doz are very popular to help restore mental alertness in those feeling the effects of fatigue. Truck drivers and those working odd night shifts are a large consumer as it allows them to stay awake but with fewer bathroom breaks than soda or energy drinks. A No Doz pill contains about 200 mg of caffeine which is similar to a cup of coffee. Effects of too much of the pill include sweating, anxiety, and a lighter wallet as bottles of the pills can cost $10-$13 and upwards.

9 Codeine

While Codeine is not available over the counter in the United States, it is readily available in Canada and the UK. Codeine is the strongest painkiller that a consumer can buy without a prescription and it’s recommended right below morphine when it comes to alleviating pain.

8  8. Extenze

While sexual enhancement products like Viagra and Cialis are still only attained by prescription only (or online), substances like Extenze are popping up in common places like gas stations and supermarkets. Extenze claims to increase the size of the penis and add to the pleasure of sexual activity by increasing blood flow. There aren't firm results to support the claim but most guys won't mind dropping a couple bucks on an Extenze energy drink or pill to take the chance.

7  7. Trubiotics

Probiotics have a number of health benefits and are actually naturally occurring in the body. Specifically they are microscopic organisms that help the body build long lasting immunity to illnesses, disease, infections, and other ailments. The supplements help the body balance the millions of microbes that exist internally. Even with all the health benefits, probiotics are only recently gaining more mainstream popularity and Trubiotics is one of the most popular brands. Celebrities are embracing the use of Trubiotics as famous sportscaster Erin Andrews has signed on to be the spokesperson for the pill.

6  6. Dramamine

Dramamine is one of the popular OTC drugs that can be used for health benefits as well as recreational uses. The anti-motion sickness pill is one of the first things people pack when they're planning on flying or taking a boating trip. On the other hand consumers have also used the drug to get a high. Taking a certain milligram dosage of Dramamine is reported to have hallucinogenic effects and many users claim to see spiders on their legs and rate it a generally 'bad trip.'

5  5. Robax Platinum

One of the most popular muscle relaxers on the market is Robax Platinum as it's specifically recommended for consumers experiencing back pain. There are side effects such as dizziness, blurred vision, and fever but to many people they are much more bearable than severe back pain. Robax Platinum contains a two-pronged approach including an ibuprofen that dulls the pain while a methocarbamol relaxes tense muscles. The formulation has been modified in an attempt to limit the abuse potential that is associated with most muscle relaxers and pain relievers.

4 Nicorette

Even with the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes, Nicorette gum remains one of the most popular non prescription drugs to curb smoking. Consumers can enjoy a heavier dose of nicotine by chewing the gum or using the Nicorette patch to avoid some of the side effects or withdrawals of quitting the actual smoking of cigarettes. Nicorette is also convenient for users whose employment limits the smoking of cigarettes on their grounds. Mostly the product works to help limit the cravings of cigarettes and even though Nicorette can be somewhat costly, it pales in comparison to the price of regular cigarette purchases.

3  3. Zyrtec

The drug found in Zyrtec, which is known as Cetrizine, was previously only available by prescription throughout the United States and Canada. In 2008 it became available over the counter and generated over $300 million in sales. Zyrtec is the most popular remedy for battling allergies and hay fever and the symptoms that accompany them. The popularity and effectiveness of Zyrtec leads to some people taking it year-round while others only partake during allergy season.

2 Sudafed Elixir

On paper, Sudafed Elixir is recommended to help treat the common cold and limit symptoms such as runny nose, itchy eyes, stuffy head, etc. Pseudoephedrine helps accomplish clearing cold symptoms but it also is a key chemical used in the production of meth. Most of the components that make up a meth batch are available over the counter, which has made it such a popular (and cheap) drug. Once supermarkets and health care outlets started clamping down on the purchase of the meth manufacturing items, acquiring products like Sudafed to actually combat the cold became a drawn out process. Many stores will take a copy of the consumers driver's license identification before allowing them to purchase Sudafed, and the popularity of the product for illegal uses usually leaves shelves empty.

1 Robitussin

Again Robitussin was developed and manufactured with good intentions to help honest people relieve the symptoms of their cold, specifically a cough and sore throat. Well Robitussin also contains an ingredient known as Dextromethorphan (DXM) that is used in recreational uses. Consumers who ingest excessive amounts of DXM report disassociated effects such as hallucination, euphoria, and temporary psychosis in an event known as ‘Robo-trippin.’ There are immediate side effects such as fatigue and constipation as well as long-term results such as erectile dysfunction and flashbacks. Over half of the reported users of DXM have reported the ‘Robo-trip’ as an unpleasant experience. Robitussin remains a popular non-prescription drug despite the fact that consumers must sign a waiver and purchase amounts are limited.

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