The 10 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries for Men

Being a handsome dude isn’t as easy as it was in the old days. That old adage about women think men with money are “handsome” doesn’t quite work anymore. These days, older men not only have to compete on the same level against younger men, they have to compete for as well as against younger women. Building a career now means looking presentable, appealing, healthy and “youthful” to the general public, regardless of sex.

This is why more and more men of all ages are now more likely to consider plastic surgery to enhance their overall looks. While cosmetic surgery cases for females still outnumber the men’s (in the U.K. women’s procedures numbered 39,070, versus the men’s 4,102 cases), in general, anti-aging procedures have soared in 2012 around the world, there are more men than ever going “under the knife.”

So what cosmetic surgical procedures are most popular with the men? Here’s a countdown of the top 10 most commonly performed cosmetic procedures for dudes.

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10 Brow lift

Among men, one of the signs of old age is the sagging brow coupled with a wrinkled forehead. This is due to the lessened skin elasticity around that area as a result of less collagen. To give a more youthful appearance, surgeons can “pull” the flesh around that area more tautly. A Botox injection may also be done to augment the brow lift. Botox is a nerve-killing substance that “freezes” minute portions of muscle into place, thus tightening and immobilizing sagging flesh.

9 Face or neck lift

This usually accompanies the brow lift. The sagging flesh around the cheekbones, jaw area, and neck are pulled taut from certain positions i.e., the back of the skull, back of the neck, and underneath the hairline. And just like the brow lift, this procedure may be complemented by a few Botox injections to maximize the results.

8 Liposuction

This is actually a series of procedures designed to help formerly-obese patients shed the last few unwanted pounds of fat from their body. Sometimes, as much as 15 pounds are removed. In men, target areas are commonly centered on the belly and arms compared to the women, who seek liposuction for buttocks and legs as well. Surgeons make a small incision in the targeted area, insert a small tube, and “liquefy” the fat cells with a laser or source of heat contained in the tube. Then they suction the liquefied fatty matter out using the same tube.

7 Otoplasty

People are often dissatisfied with the natural size, shape, and orientation of their ears. These often stick out like oversized “Mickey Mouse” ears. Moreover, large ears tend to sag with age, especially among men. Otoplasty is the cosmetic procedure designed to reduce or re-orient ears to a more aesthetically-pleasing position.

6 Blepharoplasty

This is eyelid surgery, meant to correct the size and appearance of the eyelids. It’s an extremely delicate area of the face, requiring some experience and specialization on the part of the plastic surgeon. Most men experience sagging eyelids and “eyebags” (sagging lower lids) as they age, and it’s even more pronounced among men than among women.   Technically, it’s a reduction and “tucking” of flesh for a tighter fit, with no visible scars.

Among Asian men, especially in the Far East Asia, the procedure is different and has little to do with removing signs of aging. Instead of reducing eyelids or eyebags, eyelid surgery means adding an extra lid or “fold” to create a more expressive a.k.a. “Western” or Caucasian eyes.

5 Abdominoplasty

This is popularly known as the “tummy tuck.”  Both men and women tend to gain weight with age. Their skin also tends to stretch and remain stretched upon any weight gain, even after losing the pounds again. The area where it is most obvious is the abdomen. Cosmetic surgeons can perform what’s essentially a liposuction, the removal of excess skin, and a re-positioning of the remaining skin.

4 Gynecomastia

This is otherwise known as a breast reduction. A significant percentage of men naturally have overdeveloped breasts and nipples, which are considered feminine and unsightly. While such physical features are usually found among obese or formerly-obese males, some men are genetically predisposed to developing extra fat tissues around the chest and nipple area, regardless of their weight or state of health. Cosmetic surgeons can correct this by performing a minor liposuction or fat cell removal, and “skin tucking” in the area until it is flat and “masculine” looking.

3 Chin enhancement

Technically, this is much like breast implants in women. Surgeons implant a silicon part on the chin underneath the skin and flesh, in order to create a new and more masculine chin shape.

2 Hair transplant or removal

They sometimes call it “manscaping” but it actually involves two different procedures: surgical hair “transplanting” to correct bald patches or a receding hairline on the head, and laser hair removal in other parts of the body e.g. “zapping” away unwanted hair follicles. This is for men who experience premature balding, but have excessively hairy chests, arms, legs and backs. Both procedures are considered as “minimally invasive”, meaning only local anesthesia is needed as in the case of the transplant. The surgery is literally only skin-deep and fast as in the case of laser hair removal.

1 Rhinoplasty

Just as with women, perhaps even more so for men, the symmetry or “handsomeness” of the face depends largely on how the size and shape of the nose and bridge “balance out” the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty completely reshapes the nose and is a major operation requiring full anesthesia. The procedure can correct undesirable “oversized” or “hooked” noses, as well as flat button noses.

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