The 10 Most Paused Moments In Movies

In the golden days of movies, if something appeared on the screen such as a glimpse of celebrity flesh, you would first be in shock and think twice about what you just saw. Then you would do the painstaking task of rewinding the movie and pressing the pause button at exactly the right moment in order to double check.

Today, with technology moving forward so much, it's easier than ever to pause your favorite moments. The remote control is every movie fan's best friend as you can not only pause the movie but select the scene, change the speed and repeat any moment you wish. This leads to more in jokes, Easter eggs and many hidden gems that now layer our movies. So it's not just nudity, (although it's mainly nudity!) but there are moments that make us say 'What just happened?' and 'Did I really just see that?' Now we can answer those questions and enjoy those moments again.

So now we take a look back at some of the best paused moments in movies and relive the feeling of excitement we had when we first saw them.

9 Three Boobs - Total Recall

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We start with a scene that still has people talking to this day. This cult classic movie sees Arnold Schwarzenegger having recurring dreams about Mars. So obsessed with the dream, he has vacation memories of Mars implanted in him to satisfy his needs. Then everything goes wrong and Arnold ends up going to Mars to stop an evil tyrant. It's a classic example of an 'is it real or just a dream?'

But the scene that everyone remembers is when a martian prostitute approaches Arnold and reveals her best three assets to him. Every teenager rapidly pressed the pause button to marvel in the three-boobed martian.

8 S.E.X - The Lion King

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The Disney corporation has become famous for putting hidden jokes and sometimes even adult content, in the background of their movies. With so many Disney moments to choose from, we feel The Lion King tops them all.

The movie is a classic tale of a son, having lost his father, who must reclaim what his dad rightfully left for him from his evil uncle. Disney's take on Hamlet we feel. But part way through the movie, as Simba slumps down on a rock, he blows some leaves into the air and they appear to write SEX in the sky. The official line from Disney is that it spells SEX and is a nod to their SEX department.

8. Storm Trooper Hitting His Head - Star Wars, A New Hope

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This one is not so much a 'most paused moment,' as a 'most rewind' moment. All Star Wars fans will already be well aware of this clip, as well as many eagle-eyed movie fans.

We all know the story of Star Wars but what some may not know is that George Lucas left this blooper clip in of a Stormtrooper hitting his head on the Death Star on purpose.

While on first viewing you may not notice it, once you do see it then it's all you can see. This clip just gets better every time you watch it. Absolutely hilarious.

7 Jennifer Lopez's Thong - The Back Up Plan

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Jennifer Lopez has been many things - singer, dancer, actress and a judge. But she is still known by many for one thing and that's her butt!

In the romantic comedy, The Back Up Plan, we got to see a rare view of the superstar's best asset. The movie itself is pretty forgettable. When Jennifer's character wants to have kids, but can't hold on to a man, she decides to use artificial insemination to get pregnant. On the very same day she meets the man of her dreams. Then romantic comedy fun begins.

The film may be forgettable but Lopez in a thong certainly isn't. It may only be a brief glimpse, but this scene had many men reaching for the pause button.

6 Nude Nicole Kidman - Eyes Wide Shut

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The chance to see any celebrity showing some flesh is as good a reason as any to reach for the remote, with your finger hovering over the pause button.

In this Stanley Kubrick film, celebrity flesh is exactly what's promised. With both Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman going all out for this film, movie fans are ready and poised.

A film about sexual fantasies, frustrations and with plenty of flesh on show, it's actually Nicole's rear-end flash that's the most exciting and the reason that most men are frantically pressing the pause button on their remote control.

5 The Ghost - Three Men and A Baby

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Sometimes a scene cannot only eclipse the film it's in but also pass into the realm of urban legend. This is the case with the now infamous scene in Three Men and A Baby.

The 1980's comedy starring, Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg, is a pretty standard movie. Three bachelors suddenly find their lives turned upside down as a baby is left on their doorstep. Cue madcap comedy as the three of them deal with raising a baby.

Then suddenly there's something in the background. 'Is that a ghost?' After the pause button has been pressed, many people were still unsure as rumors of a dead child started to circulate. In fact, it was just a cardboard cut out. But still,  for a moment there we were all a little freaked out.

4 Jamie Lee Curtis Flashes - Trading Places


It's hard to believe now but before this movie, Jamie Lee Curtis had always been an innocent virgin. The scream queen was always beautiful but up until this moment, she always played the young, sweet girl in 70's horror films.

Flick forward to the 80's and Jamie was all grown up and ready to bare all. The film itself was a comedy vehicle for Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. A modern day take on the Prince the Pauper, in which we saw the rich businessman Aykroyd change places with down on his luck Murphy.

The scene in question sees Curtis strip in front of a mirror giving the audience an eyeful. Pause button at the ready we think.

3 Multiple Scenes  - Fight Club

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This movie is riddled with 'must pause' moments. We feel that may have been director David Fincher's plan all along. The movie centers on an insomniac businessman Edward Norton as he searches for something new in his life. Enter Brad Pitt's character and the two of them soon start up an underground fight club. For the early part of the movie, Pitt's character is shown in flashes and in the background before we meet him. The warning at the beginning of the DVD is written by Pitt's character Tyler Durden, as well as many other 'did i just see that?' moments. We feel these were put in there just to mess with us and would therefore turn any movie fan into a pause pressing addict!

2 Phoebe Cates Bikini - Fast Times at Ridgemont High

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The smash hit 80's comedy, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, not only kick started the careers of Sean Penn, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Phoebe Cates, but it was also responsible for a major 'must pause' moment.

The film followed the lives of a group of high school students and their important issues of sex, drugs and rock n' roll. The movie became an 8o's classic. Then enter Miss Cates climbing out of a swimming pool and then unhooking her bikini from the front.

This may only be a fantasy scene in the movie, but many teenagers thought that their fantasies had come true. Pausing this scene until the button had stopped working.

1 Leg Cross - Basic Instinct

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The number one most paused moment has to be the now infamous 'leg cross' from Basic Instinct.

When detective Michael Douglas investigates a brutal murder, he soon comes into contact with Sharon Stone. Once in the investigation room, sparks fly as she uses her sexuality to distract the police detectives. Not only was Miss Stone one of the sexiest movie stars of the 90's but it was also the ultimate 'Did i just see what I think I saw' moment.

The pause button went into over-drive as many people wanted a glimpse at her 'special area.' The difficult part was timing the pause at exactly the right moment. An art form that we're sure a lot of men managed to perfect.

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