The 10 Most Controversial Celebrities

Many celebrities have repeatedly made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Being in the spotlight usually means that both negative and positive publicity stunts are essential because popularity is increased when a celebrity is trending on the tabloids. So, is this what makes the act wild? The fame? Well, most of the controversies are normally linked to alcohol and drug abuse. In some other cases, it’s just scandals. Here is a list of the 10 most controversial celebrities:

10 Paris Hilton

Currently signed by Lil’ Wayne’s YMCMB [Young Money Cash Money Brothers], the singer and model has created a great deal of ripples in the entertainment industry. About a decade ago, her sex tape leaked. Then afterwards, she was involved in a series of cases involving drug possession.

9 Ashton Kutcher

The ‘Two And A Half Men’ actor has been accused several times of cheating on his wife Demi Moore. Although he has consistently denied the allegations and opted to hide his face from the media, this has not prevented camera attacks from the paparazzi.

8 Rihanna

The good Rihanna disappeared with the hit song ‘Pon De Replay’, which made her famous, and in came the bad girl. Even her dress code has been raising eyebrows of late. Her image has sort of been tainted by the numerous love scandals surrounding her as well. Still, fans love her magical voice and electrifying dancing moves.

7 Justin Bieber

Justin rose to fame and made millions from his three albums in a very short time period. However, he has been accused of being responsible for fathering children by several women. In addition, his neighbors usually complain that he is too loud and a bad influence to their children. He is currently the richest teen celebrity.

6 Miley Cyrus  

The gorgeous and talented singer rose to fame at a tender age. She has been able to manage a long and successful career but not without her share of controversies. Some nude pictures of her circulated online but she has still managed to keep her focus on the path to becoming a legend.

5 Lady Gaga

She steps on stage with wild outfits and delivers thrilling performances time after time. Her lyrics are also thought provoking. Lady Gaga never conforms to the norm, she likes to do things differently. She is also an alleged high ranking member of the Illuminati cult.

4 Britney Spears

Rising to stardom at a young age has surely affected the life of Britney. Ever since she got married and had a child, she’s been experiencing turmoil in her life. She has also been in rehab several times without much improvement being seen afterwards.

3 Kim Kardashian

When the sex tape of Kim Kardashian and Tyrese Gibson was released, it proved that Kim was controversial indeed. She took the opportunity to rise to the spotlight. She was previously married and divorced only after 72 days before she got married again, to Kanye West. They now have a child together.

2 Lindsay Lohan

The sexy celebrity makes men ogle, little wonder as to why she has so many fans worldwide. Despite her glamorous lifestyle, she has been involved in cases of drug possession a couple of times. On top of this, she has also been arrested for drunken driving and theft. She agreed to volunteer in different communities to reform.

1 Charlie Sheen

Charlie was paid a hefty amount to star in ‘Two And A Half Men’ but he always disrespected the producer. He frequently used abusive language and showed negative attitude even to the rest of the cast. He was spotted several times with strippers and hookers, and is also known as a heavy cocaine user. He recently embarked on a nationwide comedy tour.

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