10 Celebs Who Could Replace Pamela Anderson In The New Baywatch Movie

If you were older than eight years old in the 90s, you remember Pamela Anderson and her famous red-hot bathing suit from the not-so-great yet mythical show Baywatch.  If you were a teenage boy, you'll remember her running along the beach or her sexy poses while waiting for disaster to happen. If you were a teenage girl, you just hated her.

Set in Los Angeles , Baywatch was about the ups and downs of young and hot Los Angeles County lifeguards. To this day, it still holds the record as the most watched TV show. According to Anderson, the show worked because the 90s were a "simpler, sweeter time." And sweet it was to Anderson: while playing the role of CJ Parker from 1992 to 1996, Anderson's fame sky-rocketed.

The Canadian bombshell is still smoking hot at 48,  but she didn't make the cut for the recently-announced Baywatch movie remake. The movie will start shooting in 2016, with  Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson confirming their presence. Both rock the beach body and there's no doubt that the duo will look stunning in the red lifeguard trunks.

But Anderson isn't too happy about the remake. Contacted by TMZ, she said didn't think it is a great idea. Fifteen years after the series ended, the role the former playmate played is up for grabs.

Female casting has yet to be announced, so we went ahead and whipped up a list of suitable replacements for the 90s sex symbol.

10 Scarlett Johansson

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Wait, what? You hadn't picked Scarlett Johansson as a candidate to play CJ Parker ? She's blonde; she's hot; she has a killer smile and is sparkly. It's not a surprise that she is considered to be a modern day sex symbol - yet still has the girl-next-door vibe. She's a regular on Maxim's and FHM's hottest women list since 2005 and is a critically-acclaimed actress.

But the bombshell is also an activist, campaigning for U.S President Barack Obama. She was an OXFAM Global Ambassador until 2014 to fight poverty. She married Frenchman Romain Dauriac in 2014.

The Oscar nominee would seriously be a great Baywatch lifeguard.

9 Jennifer Lawrence

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The Hunger Games actress is best-known for her action movies, but the beautiful blonde has a vibrant and bubbly side to her that would make her perfect to play CJ Parker. Jennifer Lawrence has proven that she has everything she needs to wow audiences.

She's not only a Golden Globe and Oscar winner, her physique doesn't leave men uninterested. AskMen dubbed her the "most desirable woman" of 2013, and FHM named her "sexiest woman in the world" in 2014. The 25-year-old Louisville native is sure to turn heads.

The smoking hot actress also has a big heart: she's an active philanthropist, involved in various organizations such as the World Food Program and is the ambassador of the Special Olympics.

She's also the new face of Dior's "Addict" beauty campaign. How about that.

8 Kate Upton

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Kate Upton made the cover of the most-anticipated edition of Sports Illustrated - the swimsuit issue - so we know she's not bikini-shy. She has also made the cover of famous magazines like Vogue, Elle and Esquire. And that YouTube video of her performing "the Dougie" proves that she has plenty of bounce for a run on the beach.

The supermodel is not only beautiful in a bathing suit; she acts and has a sense of humour. She made an appearance on Saturday Night Live and played alongside Cameron Diaz in The Other Woman. She's also the face of the Game of War: Fire Age game available as an app.

7 Ronda Rousey

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Surprise! A less obvious choice, the 28-year-old UFC champion would not only kick any villain's ass, she would knock-out any man with her beautiful body. Ronda Rousey is as athletic as she is stunning. The American mixed martial artist is also a judoka master and actress.

She also made the coveted covers of both ESPN magazine and Maxim. The latter actually saved her a spot in the 2013 MAXIM Hot 100 list. The California hottie is not only fierce, she's incredibly dedicated.

She would definitely give a great edge to the CJ Parker character, one which no one else could possibly offer. And, we bet she would look great in the famous red swimsuit. Wouldn't you like to find out?

6 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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Yet another Victoria Secret Angel on this list, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a British phenomenon. The 28-year-old blonde started her modeling career at age 16 in a Levi's commercial. In 2011, Whiteley was positioned at number 1 of both the “Hot 100″ list by Maxim Magazine and in the FHM's World’s Sexiest Woman poll. She grabbed the no.22 spot in the 2015 edition of the FHM's poll.

Whiteley also starred on the big screen, replacing Megan Fox in Transformers: Dark of the Moon and in the recently-released Mad Max: Fury Road. The star is currently dating actor Jason Statham and continues her modeling career.

5 Elsa Hosk

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At 5'9," model Elsa Hosk would make a great fit for CJ Parker's bathing suit. The 26-year-old - also a Victoria Secret Angel - started modelling at 13. The blue-eyed-blonde-haired marvel has worked for the biggest names in the fashion world, from Dior to Dolce and Gabbana and Guess. She also has a soft spot: she has worked to aid the anti-human-trafficking organization, FAIR girls.

This athletically-fit model would make for an awesome lifeguard. I mean, who wouldn't want to be saved from a sure-death by the Swedish goddess?

4 Candice Swanepoel

The Victoria Secret people really have an eye for blonde bombshells. Candice Swanepoel has been an "Angel" since 2010. At 26 years old, she modeled for an impressive number of designers, like Dior, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace and Juicy Couture. You might have seen her in Nike, Diesel or True Religion ads, or spotted her on the cover of Elle, Vogue or GQ.

In 2013, Swanepoel was the cover model of the Victoria's Secret Swim Catalogue and was chosen to wear the "Fantasy Bra" in the brands fashion show - that's a $10 million bra, designed by Mouawad.

The South African bombshell now lives in New York City. She confessed on her website that "despite the high-profile life I lead, I’m still happiest and most comfortable hiding away on a beach with a good pair of sunglasses, soft sand and some Reggae music." That screams CJ Parker!

3 Charlotte McKinney

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Blonde hair, big breasts, great smile and a perfect body - Charlotte McKinney has it all. Born in Florida, McKinney is the quintessence of beach beauty. She describes herself as being "a curvier bombshell with big boobs," and we can't disagree.

McKinney became a star after the fast food chain Carl's Jr aired the "All natural" commercial during the 2015 SuperBowl. The 22-year-old has since been catapulted to stardom. She once was a struggling model who decided to use Instagram as a portfolio, which paid off in the end as she's now considered as the next Kate Upton.

Still not sure she would make a great Pamela Anderson replacement? McKinney actually eats burgers and is all natural; she's always glad to remind people about that!

2 Kim Kardashian

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Don't act so surprised! Kim Kardashian is overexposed, we admit it, but it seemed obvious why she should make the list. I mean, didn't you see her bikini pictures - there are so many going around.

Known for her curvaceous body, her luscious lips and for being anything but prude, this Kardashian would just be a natural in the skimpy, red swimsuit. Just think about all the waves she creates everytime she posts pictures of her floaters. The 34-year-old knows how to strut her stuff and isn't the least bit shy about it. She did, after all, become famous when a sex tape leaked in 2007.

She's not only a TV celebrity, she also shares a clothing store with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe called D-A-S-H. They also launched a clothing line for Sears.

She's expecting her second baby in December 2015, and is married to well-known rapper Kanye West.

1 Hannah Davis

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You might have not heard the name yet, but we're sure you've seen the pictures. Hannah Davis has been a regular in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition since 2013, and even scored the coveted cover spot in the 2015 edition.

The 25 year-old model is also very athletic and loves the beach. A Saint-Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands native, she was a champion on the Caribbean National Tennis Team and also played on the Virgin Island's National Volleyball Team.

She is also known for Tommy Hilfiger and Victoria's Secret ads, and was the face of Ralph Rocks, a Ralph Lauren fragrance.

Sources: www.si.com; www.wikipedia.org  

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