The 10 Hottest Playmates Of October

As the leaves change and start to fall off of the trees, it becomes clear that October has arrived. The weather begins to become more crisp and the air starts to become chilled. October also sports one of the most creative and exciting holidays we celebrate- Halloween. But as everyday people dressed up in all kinds of crazy outfits, the women of Playboy were seductively removing their clothes. As it gets colder during the month of October, the weather always did little to affect the heat that came off the pages of Playboy during this scorching month. October sports some special meaning in Playboy’s circle. October, 1971 featured The first ever African-American Bunny to appear solo on the front cover in the likeness of Darine Stern. And the October 2006 issue featured the oldest woman to ever appear naked in the magazine in 75-year-old Mamie Van Doren.

Aside from all the holiday happenings in October, the women who dawned the pages of the magazine have been extraordinary. The competition for October’s all-time hottest Playmate is insane. Some of the most beautiful women to grace Playboy’s pages have steamed up the October issues over the years. This month has consistently sported a great deal of impressive hourglass figures, among other assets. There is no shortage of beauty in this group and the women absolutely jump off the pages. So without further ado, here are the 10 hottest Playmates Of October ever; we know you won't be frightened by the treat we give you- no tricks!

10 Claire Sinclair (2010)

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Claire grew up in sunny California in the beautiful city of Lakewood. Her beauty was apparent at the young age of 14. Claire’s father loved to collect and sell memorabilia of glamorous pin-up models and featured the photos all around his home. Once Claire turned 18 she met renowned artist Olivia De Berardinis. The painter used Claire as a model for numerous pieces that ended up in Playboy. De Berardinis was so impressed with Claire that an introduction to the man himself was in order: Hugh Hefner. Claire was immediately pegged for a photo test and she nailed it. She was chosen as the Playmate of the month for October 2010. Since that time, she has found great success becoming the face of the page clothing line, a style that is reminiscent of the 1950s pin-up model which works perfectly with her background. Claire’s love of performing and the chance to further her career led her to move to Las Vegas to land featured roles in burlesque shows. The gorgeous brunette does not disappoint with looks and personality. 36D-24-36

9 Pamela Horton (2012)

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Pamela Horton is another California girl who is a striking beauty. Born in Whittier, California, Pamela Horton’s family shifted gears and moved to the Midwest; Wichita, Kansas, to be precise. Pamela has a major passion for video gaming. Since her father introduced her to Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past when she was just 5, Pam has been hooked. She is a major gamer enjoying all different types of games like Assassin’s Creed, God of War and Devil May Cry. Pamela was doing modeling when Playboy found her. From there her popularity has only increased. Her biggest challenge is to convince other gamers that she is a serious player. With her good looks, the gamers are far more likely to want to stare at her naked body than exchange trash talking through their headsets. Pamela is also one of the few Playmates to admit that she is bisexual. Rock on girl. 32D-22-35

8 Amanda Cerny (2011)


Amanda Cerny has been used to traveling all her life. She lived in five different states over the course of her childhood. Amanda got into modeling at the age of 15. But being beautiful and a model isn't all Amanda was about. She was a black belt in karate at age 11 and she was varsity track star in high school as well as turning straight-A grades. While attending Florida State University, Amanda got a phone call to do a test shoot at the Playboy Mansion. So she decided to take a year off of school and ended up being chosen as Miss October in 2011. Amanda is no normal playmate either. She has a deep affection for X-game fun. She likes bungee jumping, skydiving, and zip lining as well as deep sea diving. Amanda has continued her travels and visited countries all around the world. In addition to her beauty and her athleticism, Amanda is a big believer in giving back to communities. She has helped children in various places around the world and promoted aid and support for those in need. We like her hotness too! 34C-24-34

7 Teri Harrison (2002)

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In October of 2002, Playboy readers were given the gift of blonde bombshell Teri Marie Harrison. The Florida native has a beautiful sultry blend of different nationalities. Her mom is Japanese and her father is German. Looking at Teri you would never know about her Asian bloodline but she jokes about her family photos in which six of her “sumo wrestler-looking uncles” make her clearly stand out. Teri was always talented, appearing in various school shows as she grew up. While attending the University of Florida she was discovered working at a Hooters restaurant. She not only was the October 2002 Playmate in the United States, she also landed the Miss January honors in 2003 in the German edition. Teri did some small acting parts but mainly she will be remembered for being one gorgeous Playmate. 34D-26-33

6 Carly Lauren (2013)

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Carly Lauren was born in West Hills, California and raised in Fresno, California. The blonde is another bountiful beauty who sports striking blue eyes. Carly is no slouch. She got a bachelor’s degree in business administration. While in college, Carly was a bartender, modeled, and acted on the side. Carly was discovered for Playboy on Instagram of all places. Playboy photographer Josh Ryan saw her on the social network and Carly was almost immediately inserted into Playboy’s Cyber Club. Within months she was upgraded to Playmate of the Month for October. Carly has landed regular modeling gigs since. She also has appeared on the television shows Suburgatory and Rules of Engagement. When Carly isn't looking beautiful on camera she enjoys hitting the outdoors by going hiking, swimming, wakeboarding, and snowboarding. We are betting she looks pretty darn good doing those things as well. 34D-25-35

5 Amanda Paige (2005)

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Amanda Paige is a true southern girl. Born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Amanda remained a southern belle through college- she graduated from the University of Virginia with a bachelor’s degree in sociology. Amanda appeared in the Girls of the ACC pictorial in Playboy and the powers above noticed. Amanda had never modeled before but her beauty was never in doubt to the Playboy executives. Amanda first was named Coed of the Week and Hugh Hefner was impressed. He made her Miss October 2005. In addition to being Miss October 2005, Amanda was chosen to be on the cover of the September 2007 issue. Amanda, naturally, lived in the Playboy mansion for a period of time. In addition to that, Amanda appeared in three episodes of The Girls Next Door. Amanda isn’t shy about the boys falling at her feet either. She has admitted numerous times that boys constantly approach her and we are not surprised. Her beautiful blonde hair combined with hazel eyes is something else. 34D-24-33

4 Spencer Scott (2007)

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Spencer Scott is from Dallas, Georgia. She's a small town girl who grew up in the shadows of Atlanta. Spencer was an insane beauty who was homeschooled. Although Spencer never went to prom, she was on a competitive cheerleading team. When Spencer was 18, she left her home and set out for Los Angeles, California. She started doing some bikini modeling. The ambitious young beauty wasn’t going to wait for Playboy to find her. Instead, she sent her pictures to Playboy. They immediately asked her to come out for a test shoot. After that, she quickly was named Miss October of 2007. Spencer Scott wants to be in the entertainment industry for a long time. She has made some small appearances in various television shows, mainly showcasing her body. But she wants to do more than just be the “bikini girl” on an episode of CSI. The blue-eyed blonde is determined to hit it big some day. 32D-27-36

3 Kelly Carrington (2008)

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White Plains, New York produced this Playboy beauty. Kelly Carrington may have been born in New York but she spent a couple of years in Sweden before settling back down on Florida’s Atlantic coast. After watching The Girls Next Door Kelly thought she could possibly make it on Playboy. Her friend sent in some photos of her. Playboy was impressed with Kelly’s looks and she was off to the mansion. Kelly was introduced to Hugh Hefner and the rest was history. She nailed the 2008 October Playmate of the Month. Kelly continued on after Playboy and became founder and creative director of Eclairee, a high-end line of swim and resort wear. With blonde hair with blue eyes, eye-popping beauty, and an amazing personality, Kelly has it going on. 34C-24-34

2 Jenny McCarthy (1993)

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We have arrived at one of the most famous Playmates of all time: Jenny McCarthy. Back in 1993 Jenny McCarthy became Miss October for Playboy. From that point on she has enjoyed a whirlwind of success. Jenny McCarthy had a Catholic upbringing and it was this quality that Hugh Hefner was looking for at the time when he wanted a “wholesome Catholic girl.” McCarthy was later made Playmate of the Year and her infamy grew when she appeared on a Playboy television show called Hot Rocks. It would be MTV where Jenny McCarthy's celebrity exploded, however. She co-hosted a dating show called Singled Out and the rest was history. What followed was a series of television shows as well as appearances on both the small and large screens. Jenny has also evolved into quite the author and activist for autism. Jenny McCarthy has been a regular in the public eye ever since her appearance in Playboy and is one of the most successful Playmates of all time. 38D-24-35

1 Ana Cheri (2015)

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We gave our top spot to the last of the October Playmates to go completely nude. Ana Cheri is a brunette beauty who has some exotic Latin flavor in her blood. Born in Anaheim, California, Ana Cheri did not just become Miss October 2015 by accident. She actually was cyber girl of February 2013 first. The incredible response from fans helped propel Ana to the top spot in October in 2015. Ana has always described herself as both a girly girl and a tomboy. She grew up with four brothers so rough-necking was always part of her childhood. After college, Ana began modeling and found great success. She's appeared in many fitness magazines in addition to posing for Playboy. Ana is also an internet sensation, amassing more than 3 million followers on her Instagram account. To say she is sexy would be an understatement. Maxim also named her one of their Instagram girls of the week. She is beautiful and exotic and we stand and applaud her with pride. 34D-25-38

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