The 10 Best States to Get Your Party On in America

Miley Cyrus is not right about much, however she was right when she sang "Party in the USA"! There are parties going on all the time all over America, the question is which states turn it up the hardest. Americans are known for many things, and knowing how to party is one of them. From high school age to however old Hugh Hefner is, Americans are known to indulge in some explicit celebrations. Strip clubs to frat parties, music festivals to casinos, different states represent different kinds of parties.

America loves music, gambling, drinking, eating and beautiful women but where exactly can you find all these qualities at once? This article will give you a glimpse into America’s best party locations. Although each state has diverse ideas of when and where to have fun, they all have one major thing in common, getting you F'd up. All of these ten states have much more to offer than their amazing nightlife; they have a rich history, amazing museums and incredible schools, but we don’t really care about that. What we do care about is where the party is.

If you truly consider yourself a party animal, you will not regret a trip to any of these states. So before you finish school and start some dreadful 9-5, before you meet that special someone and start a family, get a group of your craziest pals together and check out some of these extravagant party locations sprawled throughout America. Whoever said you had to travel far to experience different lifestyles obviously never explored these great states. No one cares how you get there - drive, fly, hitchhike if you have too - these are the top 10 states you MUST party in before you die!

10 Tennessee

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Nashville is where it's at in Tennessee. Aspiring country artists travel from all over the US in hopes of finding success in this big city. Not only is Tennessee one of the most epic spots for country music, it is filled with incredible bars, great concerts and fantastic clubs. Tourists and locals alike flock to Nashville’s Lower Broadway, which is filled with famous bars and incredible music.

Another fan favorite is Whiskey Kitchen. Filled with large booths and high top tables Whiskey Kitchen is the perfect place to pound a few drinks back and watch the game. Whiskey Kitchen has also been known to get a little rowdy - actually most places in Nashville are known to get a little rowdy. Tennessee is a great place to party if you are into the whole country vibe.

9 Arizona

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Arizona is home state to the fun city of Phoenix. This city is filled with amazing spots where you can eat well and then burn those calories off on the dance floor. The most popular spot is GypsyBar, this big night club is stocked with premium booze, neon dance floors and confetti canons. Phoenix’s elite partygoers choose GypsyBar for their weekend party spot. This club has been known to house many celebrities and athletes.

No club in Arizona can compare to the booze-fuelled scenes that go on at Arizona State University. Also located in Phoenix, ASU is known as one of the biggest party schools in the entire world. You can find most ASU students chugging beers on Mill Avenue right near campus, or having some sort of get together on campus. There are always parties going on for these students; whether it’s the week of finals or a long weekend there is something happening somewhere on campus…until the cops shut it down, that is.

8 Georgia

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Georgia, a wholesome state filled with family traditions and delicious foods. Surprisingly this wholesome state has some of the best strip clubs in the country, especially in Atlanta.

Magic City, one of the most famous strip clubs in the world has been black owned and operated since it’s opening (fun fact). The inspiration to many rap songs, this club is over the top and filled with pure sexuality. If you are bored on a Monday in Atlanta hit up Magic City Mondays, it is claimed to be the best party of the week.

Cheetah is one of the most exclusive clubs in the state. Known for its beautiful women and surprisingly good food, Cheetah is a go-to party spot in Atlanta. Jay Z thinks so too, in his famous song “I Just Wanna Love You” he raps “From club Cheetah to club Amnesia.” Amnesia is another club in Atlanta popular for its full houses and hip hop-filled evenings. Georgia is a great place to eat well, let lose and see some boobies.

7 Texas

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Texas is known for big pieces of meat, big pieces of land and big-ass parties. Texas, which is huge, is filled with a large variety of people; it is really the state that has something for everyone.

If you are into partying, Houston, Dallas and Austin all take the cake. All three of these cities bring partying to a different level, whether it's a crazy bar or an epic campus party there is always something going on. Because Texas is so big, people feel the need to over-size everything, including alcohol portions. Texas, is a really cool state with a lot to offer.

6 Louisiana

Morgan City is an extremely underestimated part of Louisiana; most people are unaware of how amazing the nightlife is. Morgan city has a large amount of nightclubs and bars. However if you ever decided to visit, you should know they are known for their strip clubs. Morgan city is a popular bachelor party destination in Louisiana and is definitely somewhere you should check out if you are into that scene.

There is then the most obvious place in Louisiana for a good time: New Orleans. New Orleans is notorious for its nightlife. Since bars and clubs are not required to close at a specific time, the party is known to go all night. There are countless clubs, bars, concerts and parades that go on throughout the year. In New Orleans there is nothing the people love more than a good time, especially for Mardis Gras, which is probably one of the most classic events this state has to offer. People come from all walks of life to drink and celebrate throughout these festivities.

5 Illinois

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There is a lot to be proud of being from Illinois. It's a place with great food, great music and even better festivals. Chicago is one of the coolest metropolitan cities in the world. Not only is Chicago known for amazing Greek restaurants and extra greasy pizza, it also has an incredible nightlife. Chicago is filled with awesome clubs, most of which close at 4 am, giving its party goers plenty of time to let loose and enjoy themselves.

With major events going on almost every weekend in the summer, Chicago, Illinois is the capital of music festivals throughout the summer months. Neighborhoods all around partake in ribfests with live performances and an abundance of beer. Many locals spend their summers partaking in these casual bashes.

Every year music lovers from around the world come together in Chicago for Lollapalooza, which is one of the biggest music festivals in the world. Last year Illinois's biggest music festival had performances from some pretty heavy headliners like Skrillex, Eminem, Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon, a show seriously worth checking out.

4 Nevada

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Viva Las Vegas! Okay so maybe Nevada is not the most exciting state, but it is home to the Las Vegas Strip, arguably the most thrilling place in America. This over-the-top strip is filled with the most extravagant clubs, restaurants, casinos and shows. Vegas is a place where people go to forget their problems and let loose. The fact that you are allowed to drink on the strip makes everything a party, even the walk from one hotel to another. Although people lose thousands of dollars at the many Casinos, Vegas is still somewhere that millions of people visit because it is such a crazy place to party.

EDC, which stands for Electric Daisy Carnival, is another serious music festival in the US; this festival is for serious electric music lovers! Away from the Vegas strip, Nevada houses thousands of ravers every year to take part in one crazy weekend.

With parties like these it's no wonder what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

3 Florida

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One of the most popular spring break destinations, Florida is definitely a state that likes to party. Whether you are livin’ it up at Miami’s Liv or vibing at Fort Lauderdale’s Vibe, Florida is a must when it comes to party destinations. This sun-kissed state has an incredible party scene. Between Tampa, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale and Miami, Florida locals are not strangers to epic parties.

What is amazing about Florida is that there are parties all year round. In the winter, people escape the cold and head to Florida, during Spring break students from around the globe go party in Florida. These people just know how to have a good time.

2 California

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California is also awesome because you never know who you might be partying with; athletes, writers, musicians and movie stars all roam through their natural habitat, sipping on champagne and looking fabulous.

Whether you are partying it up in the Valley or surfing in Malibu, California is a great place to relax and let loose. Known for its lavish lifestyle and Hollywood glam, California has much more to offer than just film production. California has incredible parties that put other states to shame. Surrounded by sun and beautiful women, California was close to being number one on our list but lost out due to the fact that last call is at 2am, very lame. This cuts the night early making the party in California not last quite long enough.

California is also known for its love of the arts, especially music. With countless music festivals every year Californians know how to have a good time. Similar to Lollapalooza and EDC, Coachella attracts people from all around the world. Although on the surface these music festivals seem to be similar, Coachella is known to be the best in North America, making it a must for music lovers to check out.

1 New York

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New York is not only our number one pick because of NYC, New York has some other rad party spots as well. The Hamptons located outside of the city is one of the most popular summer party destinations for both New Yorkers and tourists. It houses numerous bars and clubs, many of which have an elite clientele.

Of course, in this state lives the city that never sleeps, New York City, a metropolis notorious for its culture, art, history and most importantly its nightlife. It is known as the city that accepts every kind of person, so whether you are classy or trashy, gay or straight, New York City has a club for everyone. Home to some of the most exclusive and celebrity infested clubs in the world, New York City is probably the most epic place in North America to party. Numerous artists have been inspired by the New York City nightlife, songs, paintings, movies all stimulated by this wildly incredible city. The big apple is THE BEST city in America, especially to party.

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