20 Times You Couldn't Tell Isla Fisher And Amy Adams Apart

Isla Fisher and Amy Adams, Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Same thing, right? In my head they are, because even though they are two individuals, I still cannot manage to keep them straight in my head. There are many celebrity doppelgangers out there, but it is a rare thing to find a pair of lookalikes that make me do a double take every single time (even after writing this whole article). They are distinguishable by a few select features, but still each photo has me squinting, just to be sure.

I do have a favorite between the two, I must admit, even though that is kind of silly since I can barely tell them apart. Isla and Amy's fair skin, fiery red hair, and round faces make them look like twins, though you will notice throughout this list that one has blue eyes and one has brown. That is always the dead giveaway. But do you know which one?

Play along and see in how many of these 20 photos you can tell me which Hollywood lady is on the left, and in how many you can say which is on the right. Meanwhile, I am going to go figure out once and for all exactly which one was in that magic movie Now You See Me (I swore up and down it was Amy, but then I saw a photo of Isla that looked just like whichever one was in the movie, so now I have to consult my trusty-dusty IMDB). Have fun!

15 I Swear They're Not The Same Person

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Would ya look at that? Both women flaunt that beautiful porcelain skin I was talking about, as well as a demure little smile in this side-by-side. Even their makeup, which as we know can make someone (especially an actress in Hollywood) look like someone else entirely, matches up. The lipstick shades are different, but other than that they do not overdo it, and have a more natural look, even all dolled up. They are both lovely, but I know my favorite! I think.

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The pose helps, but just look at these two! Their resemblance is uncanny. Even though makeup plays a role, here they both have essentially the same shades, so really the only sure clue is those eyes. Another feature that differs greatly besides their eyes are their teeth. They are not similar in the slightest, so that is another way I know who is who. Eyes and teeth. Otherwise, how would you ever know? Same stance, same hair, same expression, and same face, for all intents and purposes.

14 Could They Be Twins?

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This is an easy one, because it is labeled for you! But would you have guessed right if it were not? There is also the small fact that both women are in costume for their respective movies, Confessions of a Shopaholic (Isla) and Enchanted (Amy). Even without the expression of shock on their faces for these film promos, Isla and Amy would still look like sisters, twins even. Their features are just so remarkably alike that I, for one, needed to cheat with the labels (especially since I have not seen either movie!).

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Remember how I said before that they have vastly different teeth? Well, this one is tough, because one is smiling open-mouthed, and one is smiling closed-mouthed. Hmmm... Well, they still look uber-alike here, but with one woman's darker makeup and bigger smile, it is a bit easier to tell them apart than in the previous photo. It would still take me a minute, though. It is not like looking at a picture of, say, Isla Fisher and her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen, where you don't even really have to look at it at all to know who is who because they are obviously very different. But have her stand beside Amy, and you do have to pay closer attention.

13 They're Actually Good Friends

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Oddly, given how many side-by-sides comparing these two redheaded beauties there are out there, there is only this one (that I could find) of the two of them actually side by side, as in, together in person. Since we just got through talking about how they would look standing next to each other, it seems a fitting next item for this list. So here we have them not standing but sitting next to each other. It'll do. They have a rarely-seen (at least in this article) differing hairdo than each other, but that is not what is crazy about this pic. What is crazy is their physical likeness. They even somehow donned the same color scheme for the evening, and their body language only adds to the image that they could be sisters- I mean, they look super comfortable with each other like they are already friends. So where are the rest of the pictures of them together hiding?

12 A Little "Cleav" Never Hurt Anyone

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It turns out that they are friends, actually. Their daughters attended the same ballet class in Studio City, California. Isla's two daughters (Elula and Olive) with her husband Sacha Baron Cohen, and Amy's daughter with her husband Darren le Gallo (Aviana), have mommies who were frequently seen chatting, hugging, or hanging out outside of the ballet studio. It helps to have little girls the same age, but they also share a taste for unique baby names, and just look at this photo! They both chose, at separate times, an emerald green gown with a flattering but not as mainstream choice of bust line. And they both look stunning; I have always thought redheads look amazing in green, and here they remind me of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.

11 Sweet, Sweet Smiles

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And let the squinting resume. Here we have our lovely ladies appearing so very unassumingly sweet, that same almost bashful mini-smile on their pink lips. However, Amy has said that she simply does not understand the comparison between she and her gal pal. Isla feels the same way apparently, and they both joke that it is flattering to be likened to the other. Sounds like they are as sweet in real life as they look in this photo. Amy said she gets called Isla all the time, and that they joke to each other of people confusing them that, "I get it, but I don't get it." Same sense of humor too? This is getting freaky. Is there anything these two do not have in common, physical or otherwise?

10 Does Black And White Make It Easier

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Does black and white make it easier or harder to tell them apart? I vote harder, because their coloring is hidden. Take away the color palette and there are fewer differences to be seen. And in my opinion, it accentuates their face shapes which is one of the things that, while similar, is a little different at the jawbone. Here, that difference is hardly discernible at all. You would never know that they were once strangers and not sisters, or even related. But it is not hard to see why both women are known for playing cheerful, upbeat, but often naive women in their lighthearted films.

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The wide-eyed, sexy innocence works for them both. Amy and Isla rock low-cut, deep-red dresses and the long, loose, red curls that are characteristic of them both. As usual, they are both stunning and gorgeous; what else is new? This is a far cry from the quirky, girl-next-door types they are both known to play, but they pull it off nicely. I suppose a talented actress should be able to pull off more than one "type", and as we know, they are definitely both talented. Other random facts they have in common? Well, the list goes on. For example, they were both pregnant at the same time with their girls in 2010.

9 What's With The Red Lipstick?

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The bright red matching lips add an extra element of difficulty in this side-by-side if you want to tell Isla and Amy apart. They both have that "red-lipped, classic thing that you like" thing going on, as Taylor Swift would say. And even their teeth don't appear all too different in this instance. So I would say, aside from those eyes of course, that this is one very hard challenge in our game here. But the funnier of the women? Well, they are both talented comediennes, naturally, but I would have to go with Isla on this one. Why, you ask? Here is one example: "If Shopaholic is a hit, it was Isla Fisher in the movie, and if it doesn't work out, it was Amy Adams." This was what Isla had to say in 2009 just before the release of her girly movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic. Funny girl, that Isla Fisher!

8 Born Abroad

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Here is yet another stark example of the twin strangers, both of whom were, quite interestingly, born and raised abroad. That's right; they are not even from the same country! Amy was born on the U.S. military base in Vicenza, Italy, one of 7 children. Isla was born in Muscat, Oman, to Scottish parents, and spent her early childhood in Scotland before moving to Perth, Australia, where she grew up. Her father was a banker for the U.N. So both women were born abroad, raised internationally, made their way to Hollywood, and wound up with their daughters in the same ballet class. May not be much of a coincidence normally... except that they look exactly alike.

7 They Worked Together On The Same Movie!

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The gingers are lookin' sassy here! It is something in their eyes, I think, or maybe the identical smirks. Maybe they are excited about the fact that they both got to work with the smoldering Jake Gyllenhaal in the upcoming movie, Nocturnal Animals. I'd be smirking, too. And yes, this means that they got to work together on a movie- the poor director! Nocturnal Animals is the story of an art gallery owner who is haunted by her ex-husband's novel, which is a thriller she believes to be a veiled threat to her. It comes out in December of this year (Merry Christmas to us!) and also stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Armie Hammer, and Laura Linney. It should be interesting to see a movie with both of them in it.

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Can you tell who is older (that is, if you can manage to tell who is who)? Well, I am not giving any hints, but one difference that actually exists- yes, we found one- is their age. It is not a huge difference, though, just two years. Amy was born in 1974 and Isla in 1976. So who in this photo appears to be younger, if either? They both retain their glowing skin but one of them (I shall not name her, lest I ruin the fun) seems to have the beginnings of crow's feet on the side of her face. The other looks perfectly smooth... or airbrushed. Take your pick. The fact remains though that they are both gorgeous no matter their age, makeup, or the age lines that may or may not exist.

6 Both Wow In Black

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Here, they wow in black, and even though their outfits are not even close to being identical, their stance and everything else about the photo (including their faces) come close. Both have their own individual ways of showing off their, ahem, assets, here, and while before I said Isla is maybe the funnier of the two, I am going to go ahead and label Amy more risqué; I say this because of her plunging v-neck that despite being daring is quite flattering, but also because before hitting it big in Hollywood, she was a Hooters girl! Yes, Amy Adams worked at the scandalous franchise until just after she turned 18 (didn’t know you could even work there before that!). As opposed to Isla’s slightly more covered (but still sexy) see-through ensemble, Amy’s is a touch more risqué, though both are the definition of the word- I mean, you can see her bra!

5 Up Close And Ginger

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Can you tell the gingers apart in this close-up (ok, ok, without cheating by looking at their eye color)? They continue to make that feat difficult because almost everything is the same from their complexion to their hair. Up close like this it is only more apparent. So let’s keep finding differences. We have to turn again to something other than the physical to do that. Amy’s first job was at Hooters, but Isla worked as a lottery ad extra for her first job, and was reportedly so excited to land the gig that she hyperventilated for four hours and nearly fainted (I wonder how she reacted when she got her first big role, then?). So their first-ever work experiences, for one thing, were very different. That's one thing, at least.

4 Different Styles

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At least here they are making different facial expressions (a secretive smile versus a sort of snobby indifference, if you will), though that does not go far in determining who is who. I feel like this is a good example of what I mean when I say that I feel like one of the women (the one on the left, who I shall not name; where is the fun in that?) has a more unique look over all. The woman on the left smiles like she has a secret, kind of like the Mona Lisa does, and in general, her features work together to create the unique look I speak of, more so than those of the woman on the right. And this, somehow, even though they do look so very much alike! It is odd to have a "preference" when most of the time I cannot tell on first glance which actress is which, but even so, I do.

3 Different Makeup - Can You Decide Now?

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In this instance the ladies both don that smug, almost pissed-off-looking smile. Though their makeup is quite different, it is not different enough to escape this list of photos. They will, alas, always be doppelgangers in our eyes, right? So do you know who is who? Is it Amy in the royal blue gown, or Isla? Who is wearing the white silk? I have noticed that it seems as if one of them (nope, still not telling who!) wears big, dangly earrings more so than her lookalike does. Perhaps that could be a clue, looking back, if you have nothing else to go on when trying to identify these two celebs from each other.

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Here we have a photo of Isla and Amy that does not make us think as hard as some of the others. One of them has darker hair than usual, and lighter eyes. She also has darker makeup than her lookalike, and their teeth are obviously telling at this angle. Plus, there is our newest clue: the earrings. With all of that to go on, can you tell who is on the left in black, and who is on the right in white (though it appears as if she is wearing nothing since her skin is so very fair)? That darker-than-normal hair shade leads me to think of what is possibly the most shocking fact of all about Amy Adams and Isla Fisher: that they share the same natural blondness. That’s right! Neither is a real redhead! My jaw dropped, too.

2 Stunning In White

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Dazzling in white, they are at it again. They stun us, they wow us, they confuse us. Especially when they dress similarly, and have the same hairstyle, like this fun, wavy, side sweep thing they have going on here. Paired with a white ensemble, bright lipstick, and that demure grin that at least one of them always seems to have on her lips, they once more require a bit of thought to discern which woman is which, though by now we should admittedly be pros at it. And in a first, one of them (on the left) looks to have somewhat of a tan! Known for their Snow-White skin, usually they are very fair, like a porcelain doll. Maybe the woman on the left recently went on vacation, who knows?

1 The Blue/Brown Connection

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And now for our final comparison, a mashup of their faces. It is the ultimate test: can we tell them apart when they share a face? Such a weird question, but a valid one. And it only goes to show their facial structures are eerily similar because their features flow into one another’s flawlessly. If anything, this mashup highlights how much makeup plays a role in their subtle differences, because without it, I think merging their faces would look even more flawless. But aside from each other, Isla Fisher and Amy Adams have other lookalikes, too. They have been compared to Anna Kendrick, Debra Messing, Nicole Kidman, Joanna Garcia, Jenna Fischer, and Kate Mara. But none of those likenesses will ever be as stark or uncanny as our two main ladies are to each other.

Sources: yourtango

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