16 Celebrity Hotties That Women Will Go Gay For

We all appreciate beauty, no matter what the sex is. But it doesn’t necessarily mean we’d do anything about it. Or does it? Nowadays due to the unlocking of the chains and shackles of what society has brought you up to believe, it has become customary to acknowledge your place on the Kinsey scale of sexual desire. You might find that you appreciate the taste of one gender yet suddenly find yourself foaming at the mouth for another. It may not mean you are bisexual. It may not mean you are gay. Heck labels already seem to be on the way out! Introducing a whole new world where you can comment on the appearance of one sex while lusting for another.

In a way sexuality has become much more fluid and can suggest that the days of sexual preference are well and truly over. But what exactly does it mean to be sexually fluid? Sure everybody has a type. A penchant for what they would usually ‘go for’. Yet it can only demonstrate the twists and turns of one's sexuality.

With terms such as ‘man crush’ or ‘girl crush’ regularly thrown around, it only reinforces this notion. Questions that would hypothetically start with ‘If’ now begin with ‘Who’. Who would you gay for? No uncertainty about it. So, to celebrate this new found acceptance, this new gender bending of appreciation, the blurred lines between sex and sexual preference, we take a look at 15 celebrity ladies that women will go gay for.


16 Ruby Rose

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Causing a storm in 2015 when appearing on the Netflix spawned show Orange is the New Black, Rose made women everywhere weak at the knees. With the term 'girl crush' being thrown around left right and center, the Aussie DJ became a pin up girl for the masses. With reports that women were left genuinely confused about their sexuality; reveling in her new found famed-Rose stated "I definitely don't identify as any gender. I'm not a guy; I don't really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one. So, I'm somewhere in the middle, which -- in my perfect imagination -- is like having the best of both sexes."

15 Olivia Wilde

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Blasting onto our screens as bisexual bombshell Alex Kelly in The O.C, we all fell head over heels in love. As sexy as can be, Olivia began turning ladies heads everywhere when sucking face with the equally attractive, Mischa Barton. With further roles on TV and upon the silver screen, Wilde is shaping up to be one of the hottest actresses in showbiz. Now happily married to funny man and all around good guy Jason Sudeikis, the pair play the perfect Hollywood couple to perfection. Now if only we could get an invitation.....

14 Beyoncé

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Who doesn't have a thing for Beyonce? It's not just men. Whether it be a full on girl crush or the fact that we just totally want to be her or even just hang out with her, Queen Bey is by far the most beautiful woman on the planet. With a body to die for and a face created by the best, it is hard not to admire such a beauty. It's not just us regular folks who are obsessed with the Queen of Pop, with Rihanna and Michelle Obama both openly sharing their fixation. Overall Beyoncé is so insanely talented and chic that sometimes life really isn't that fair.

13 Jennifer Lopez

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One of the sexiest girl crushes. Latina sensation, Jennifer Lopez, has often been the sole focus of a number of female fantasies. A girl who can act as well as sing, Jenny from the block is so damn beautiful she could turn the straightest of women gay. But why the huge fascination? Lopez will be a flame that will never extinguish especially if you were a young teeny bopper in the mid 90's. Bringing back fond memories and mixed emotions. Luscious Lopez will always tickle that fancy.

12 Kourtney Kardashian

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Forget Kim, it's all about the eldest with Kourtney by far the hottest member of the Kardashian clan. Fashion icon and mother of three, Kourtney is often shunned to the side with the other more prominent Kardashian sisters taking center stage. Funny, witty and the only one to really tell Kris how it is, Kourtney has found her way to women's hearts everywhere. Now single she was recently linked to Justin Bieber. Oh Kourtney no! That might be a turnoff for all her lesbian lovers.

11 Adele

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Smart, sultry and seductive. Adele has all the redeeming qualities you could ever ask for with a voice that makes the hardest of us weep. Adele reminds us of an age that is now somewhat forgotten. Such a classic beauty, Adele could rival that of Monroe and Hepburn. Leaving us warm with an armful of goosebumps, Adele writes music like nobody else could. Having us relate to every single word and rejoicing in doing so. Her down to earth attitude is what attracts most people. She's easy to relate to, she makes us want to be her friend. The fact that she doesn't let the Hollywood life get to her head is the biggest turn on of Adele.

10 Angelina Jolie

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What's a girl crush without Angelina Jolie? Probably in every woman's sexual fantasy at least once. Angelina even has background, once dating model Jenny Shimizu. Proving that she knows her way around, women everywhere freaked when Angelina played the lesbian supermodel Gia in the movie of the same name. An explicit sex scene that just further intrigued, Angelina constantly tops sexiest actress lists worldwide. Plus it doesn't hurt that she's also married to Hollywood pin up boy, Brad Pitt.

9 Jennifer Aniston

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This gal has been considered eye candy ever since she shot onto our screens as spoilt socialite Rachel Green on the highly successful Friends. Girls as well as boys fell in love. Adorning the walls of teens everywhere. Jennifer became so popular that she even spawned a haircut. With the 'Rachel' becoming the fashion must-have of the mid 90's, getting better with age Aniston just keeps delivering with new admirers every day. If Angelina doesn't float your boat then Jennifer Aniston will. Although Brad Pitt thought otherwise.

8 Kate Winslet

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Kate Winslet probably is featured in every girl's top ten of 'ladies they would definitely go gay for...' The famous red head has entertained us for years making us laugh, cry and fall in love -we're talking about Titanic! Kate is just so damn cool that as much as we want to marry her we also wouldn't mind being her best friend. Unfortunately that role has already been taken. With Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio often showing some serious BFF goals that only we could dream of, it's OK we don't mind sharing.

7 Nicki Minaj

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With an ass that won't quit and a body of a goddess, Nicki Minaj is forever captivating her audiences making her mark on music and becoming a role model for women everywhere. Not only is she attractive but Minaj also screams some serious sex appeal. The rapper is the perfect example of the theory of girls are overall hotter than boys which leads to females having small girl crushes. With that insane bod and those seductive moves, who wouldn't get turned on? Insanely talented, Minaj's lyrics are so cleverly written that her overwhelming confidence only adds to how ridiculously attractive she is.

6 Helen Mirren

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Sometimes the older the better. And with Helen Mirren, age really works in her favor. After wowing us all with that body in Calendar Girls, the whole world took note. Ageing ever so gracefully and looking fabulous doing so. Mirren has become something of a chick magnet ever since. With over a 100 screen credits to her name and over 50 years in the biz - even playing the Queen of England not once but twice - Helen is a force to be reckoned with.

5 Cara Delevingne

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With a well known fact that Cara likes to bat for the ladies' team. it only increases the number of straight women followers everywhere. Supermodel and world wide fashionista, Cara Delevingne is stunningly beautiful. And it's not just her looks that have us weak at the knees, it's also her personality and the way she carries herself. The model has this distinctive sense of humor that always grabs everyone's attention-often showing that side on the interview circuit. The ultimate "it" girl, Cara is only 22 years old. Taking the fashion world by storm and relishing its waves. Think of all the clothes!

4 Mindy Kaling

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Starring and writing in the hilariously funny The Mindy Project, Mindy has become a hero to many. From starting out in a man's world in the midst of the male-oriented writers room, Mindy had to make a point to be heard. However no matter how much you love her just don't mention the word girl crush. With Kaling previously stating "I take issue with the phrase ‘girl crush,’ and I take issue with someone being like, ‘Oh is she your bestie?’ I’m an adult woman. She’s my best friend. I don’t have a bestie or a BFF. Don’t infantilize me." She probably wouldn't like this then.

3 Emma Watson

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Let's be clear. We are talking from Goblet of Fire onward. At least! Sophisticated Watson has gone on to a glittering career since packing up her wand and upping sticks from Harry Potter. Not only is she a talented actress but she is also extremely clever. Now known for her work with regards to equality and feminism, Watson just gets better and better. And if that wasn't enough, Watson is also the UN Women's Goodwill Ambassador, delivering speech after speech with the utmost class and humility.

2 Anna Kendrick

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There is something about Anna Kendrick that makes you want to drop everything and just stare at her for a while. Often playing the hip cool girls on screen. Kendrick also seems to be pretty damn awesome in real life. With a cracking sense of humor displaying the sassiest of quotes, Kendrick went full on sass in response to one comment that claimed she was ugly. Quoted as saying 'The most common thing that I get is, 'Am I the only one who doesn't think that Anna Kendrick is pretty?' And you're like, 'No, you're not the only one. Arguably, all of the boys in my high school agree with you.'" SNAP!

1 Jennifer Lawrence

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Describing her style as 'slutty power lesbian,' we're already liking her. Jennifer Lawrence is funny, smart, talented and to top it all off, extremely hot. And even if you can't go to bed with her, you would easily take the second best option by becoming her number one gal pal; move over Amy Schumer. Although let's face it, you would probably take her, too. With women losing their minds and confessing to some serious sexuality questioning, Lawrence takes the top spot of number one girl crush worldwide.

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