Top 14 Hottest Boy Band Members' WAGS

What would millions of tween, teens, and grown women have done without boy bands? Each group had a member that appealed to everyone’s type, whether they adored the cute and sensitive boy or the rugged and “bad boy” type. All of the boy band songs were catchy, the clothing was trendy, and the dance moves were fresh and fast-paced. You couldn’t turn on the radio or MTV without hearing a tune from NSYNC, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, or some other popular boy band du jour. Posters lined teenagers’ walls and T-Shirts sold like hotcakes. Fantasies of one day marrying a boy band member ran through the minds of naïve fans faster than a new boy band came on the scene. Yet, for some lucky folks, getting together with a boy bander became a reality. Some married their boy band love, some partnered up, and some were the “special someone” for a pop star to come home to after a long season on the road.

Here’s a glimpse into the significant others of some of the most popular boy band members of the past few decades. Certain relationships made it to the tabloids and TV, while others remained under the radar. Some of these partners and spouses are famous in their own right, and the rest are everyday folks that just so happen to have boy band lovers. Screaming fans may provide a temporary ego-boost, but they won’t be there to wipe a boy bander’s eyes when he’s sad or feed him chicken soup when he’s got the flu. Hey, even boy band guys need to find love and these ladies and gents made their way into their hearts.

14 Donnie Wahlberg Of New Kids On The Block – Jenny McCarthy (Wife)

Former NKOTB boy bander, Donnie Wahlberg, married in the summer of 2014 to the bold, blonde, and brassy TV personality and radio host, Jenny McCarthy. The two goofy lovebirds seem like a match made in heaven, but they actually met when they were both guests on Watch What Happens Live! with Andy Cohen. Donnie and Jenny seem to have a major issue keeping their hands off one another, but that’s far better than the fate of the short-lived marriages we usually see in Hollywood these days. Jenny has a son from a previous relationship, but there are no signs that the couple is planning to have a child together. Yet, what’s another kid added to the family after all? Donnie’s got a bunch of siblings, which have been highlighted on the hit television series, Wahlburgers. Let’s hope Donnie sings “I’ll Be Loving You” for many years to come to his pretty and perky bride. She is his “Favorite Girl” after all!

13 Nick Carter Of Backstreet Boys – Lauren Kitt (Wife)

The adorable Nick Carter of the former boy band, Backstreet Boys, must have told Lauren Kitt that “As Long as You Love Me” that he would be her doting hubby. Vowing “I’ll Never Break Your Heart,” the couple wed in 2014 in Santa Barbara in a lovely and intimate beachfront ceremony. Kitt is a fitness trainer and expert as well as an actress who was on the soap opera, One Life to Live. The couple starred in a reality show together, I Heart Nick Carter, which documented the ups and downs of their relationship. With his boy-next-door looks and undeniable musical talent, Carter was a hot commodity while single, but now that he’s a taken man, many desperate fans are “Inconsolable.” He did find “The Perfect Fan” in Kitt who’s beautiful and confident in her relationship with her boy band babe. Let’s hope their relationship lasts and she remains “The One” for a lifetime.

12 Kevin Richardson Of Backstreet Boys – Kristin Richardson (Wife)

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In 2000, throngs of female (and some male) fans worldwide were brokenhearted to learn that the handsome and hunky Kevin Richardson of boy band, Backstreet Boys, wed the beautiful Kristin Kay Willits in Kentucky. She is an actress who has appeared in flicks such Jarhead, Rock Star, and Shut Up and Kiss Me, among other films. Kevin and Kristin have two children together, a son named Jerald Wayne and a daughter named Ann Littrell. While both people in this famous couple are quite attractive, their relationship is far “More Than That.” Kevin is “Helpless When She Smiles” and their commitment is undeniable. “In a World Like This,” it’s nice to know that even celebrities can make a marriage work. While the Backstreet Boys may not last forever, “Everybody” hopes that the Richardson’s marriage is “Bigger” and makes it through the decades. No one wants to feel “Incomplete,” not even when you’re famous.

11 Joey McIntyre Of New Kids On The Block – Barrett Williams McIntyre (Wife)

The fan-proclaimed “cutie” of the boy band, New Kids on the Block’s, Joey McIntyre, married the super attractive real estate agent, Barrett Williams, in 2003 at New York City’s famous and fabulous Plaza Hotel. The pair has three children, Rhys Edward, Kira Katherine, and Griffin Thomas. McIntyre’s “Valentine Girl” has won his heart for the long term and the two were lucky to “Click Click Click” from the very start. They met when she showed him a home in Venice, California and he was actually her very first client. This gave a whole new meaning to being lucky in love since she not only nabbed the commission but she also nabbed a husband. McIntyre must have professed his love for Williams and told her “Since You Walked Into My Life” that he’s been over-the-moon smitten. Williams surely ruined NKOTB fanatics’ fantasies by taking one of the boy band’s cutest members off the market, but he couldn’t remain “Single” forever. Let’s hope this marriage is a keeper.

10 Justin Timberlake Of NSYNC – Jessica Biel (Wife)

Probably one of the most famous and successful post-boy band musicians is the super cool and super hot, Justin Timberlake. Ever since he said “Bye Bye Bye” to his boy band buddies of NSYNC, his career has become one of the biggest and brightest in the music biz. We’ve seen him go through a number of famous flings, including a relationship with pop princess Britney Spears, but Timberlake certainly needed a gal a bit more stable to call his “Mrs.” That’s why the gorgeous and talented, Jessica Biel, was the real deal for Timberlake. While she was great in I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, the more appropriate “I do's” was between her and her hubby Justin back in 2012. They now have a child together, and with their gifts in the genetics department, the couple should try for more. Who knows, maybe they can create their very own boy band of the future!

9 Lance Bass Of NSYNC – Michael Turchin (Husband)

While many a lady wanted to be Lance Bass’ “Girlfriend” back in his NSYNC boy band days, Bass was always into the boys, romantically speaking. So “For the Girl Who Has Everything,” Bass would be the one thing she’d sadly never obtain. That seemed to be alright for Bass though, who married his handsome sweetie, Michael Turchin, an actor and painter. There was so much intrigue over this union, the ceremony was televised in 2014. The couple wed on the E! channel in a special called Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding. Surely, their vows included sentiments like, “I’ll Be Good to You” and “This I Promise You.” While Bass never made his sexual orientation public while he was part of NSYNC, he’s open about it now and remains in the public eye (most recently as the host of an all-new all-male dating show). May Lance and Michael live in wedded bliss far longer than NSYNC stayed at the top of the charts.

8 Joey Fatone Of NSYNC – Kelly Baldwin (Estranged Wife)

NSYNC member, Joey Fatone, married his high school sweetheart, Kelly Baldwin, in 2004 at New York’s Oheka Castle, but in recent years, allegations of infidelity and separation have plagued the couple. Although it appears that they are not officially divorced presently, reports have circulated that the two live very separate lives. The couple has two daughters, Kloey Alexandra and Briahna Joely. Lance Bass, Fatone’s former boy bandmate is the girls’ Godfather. In 2007, Fatone was accused of fooling around with another contestant when he was on Dancing with the Stars, and other cheating rumors have surrounded him since. Hopefully, Fatone tells Kelly, “I Want You Back” before she’s “Gone” for good. Although with all the attention Fatone must have gotten during his boy band days, it must have been quite difficult for him stick to his high school sweetie for so long. She must have been patient while he catered to his throngs of feisty female fans. Let’s hope this long-time couple can mend their relationship, just like a boy band reunion.

7 Jonathan Knight Of New Kids On The Block – Harley Rodriguez (Partner/Boyfriend)

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Jonathan Knight was another boy bander who made all the teen girls and ladies swoon, but little did they know that he only had eyes for his own gender. Good news for his future partner, actor Harley Rodriguez, who has been Knight’s main squeeze for about 8 years, which is a huge feat in Hollywood standards. Knight even took his man’s last name once gay marriage was legalized in all fifty states, so he now goes by Jonathan Knight-Rodriguez. Harley is an actor who has appeared in Cake Boy, Sweet Valley High, The Amazing Race, Price of Glory, Saved by the Bell, and more, but his favorite role must be the true love of a former boy bander. While the two are not married, they are in a committed and serious long-term relationship, so “Call It What You Want.” It’s nice to see that this Knight brother is still with his man, and only time will tell whether his brother, Jordan, will follow suit.

6 Nick Lachey Of 98 Degrees – Vanessa Lachey (Wife)

The beautiful Vanessa Lachey (formerly Minnillo) is Nick’s second wife. The two were married in 2011 and said “I Do” at Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, and have two adorable kids, Camden John and Brooklyn Elisabeth, with a third bun in the oven ready to say hello to the world soon. Of course, many fans still can't help but recall his first marriage to the goofy and beautiful, Jessica Simpson, from 2002-2006. Luckily for Lachey, he found his true soulmate in Vanessa, a TV personality, actress, and former beauty queen. The couple met when Vanessa appeared in one of Nick’s music videos for his ballad, “What’s Left of Me?” Apparently, there was enough remaining for Vanessa to fall head over heels for the former boy bander turned solo artist. Today, Lachey calls Vanessa “My Everything” and they still “Heat It Up,” since baby number three is on his or her way!

5 Drew Lachey Of 98 Degrees – Lea Lachey (Wife)

While Drew Lachey never got as much recognition from the ladies like his brother Nick did, but he was still a major force in the boy band frenzy as part of 98 Degrees during the group’s heyday. Still, many ladies pined over the cute Lachey brother, but he had his eyes set on his high school sweetheart, Lea Dellecave, and the couple married in 2000. He must have told her, “You Should Be Mine” in math class or at the high school homecoming game! Lea was the choreographer for 98 Degrees and a dancer on their tours. She also appeared on Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica when Nick and Jessica were still going hot and heavy. Drew and Lea have two children, Hudson Nicholas and Isabella Claire. “If Every Day Could Be Christmas,” Drew and Lea would celebrate their love as though they were back in high school with butterflies in their stomachs every time their eyes locked. Having been married for over sixteen years, it looks like they’ll “Never Let Go.”

4 Shawn Stockman Of Boyz II Men – Sharonda Jones (Wife)

The tall and handsome Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men married Sharonda Jones in 2001 after getting down “On Bended Knee” to ask for her commitment for life. Seems like the couple is “Doin’ Just Fine” since they’ve been married for 15 years. When Stockman told Jones “I’ll Make Love to You,” she must have known that was “A Song for Mama!” The couple has three children, Micah, Ty, and Brooklyn, and those three must be one of the reasons Stockman reminds his wife, “That’s Why I Love You.” There have been rumors that Stockman was unfaithful to his wife, blaming his adulterous ways on his religion, but if these allegations were indeed true, they haven’t split the pair apart. Perhaps Stockman pleaded, “Please Don’t Go” and Jones gave him another chance rather than living in “4 Seasons of Loneliness.” This is one example that proves that a little hanky panky on the side isn’t the “End of the Road” for some couples.

3 Dan Miller Of O-Town – Erin Miller (Wife)

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When it comes to “All or Nothing,” it’s evident that Dan Miller, formerly of the boy band O-Town, gave Erin Miller his all. The two married in 2004 and have two children, a son named Major Lorenzo and a daughter called Navy Jean. O-Town fans must have been bummed once Miller was off the market, but he must have felt that Erin was the “Sexiest Woman Alive” and had to become her hubby. While O-Town is pretty much off the radar these days, a reunion has been rumored. For any O-Town fan, that would be the “Rewind” they’ve been waiting for. Yet, ladies shouldn't get too excited since Miller’s got just “One Heart” and he tells Erin, “I Only Dance with You.” Let’s hope the Miller marriage makes it to the end. For a former pop star to have been married this long is nothing short of a miracle. “Every Six Seconds” a celeb couple does split after all!

2 Zac Hanson Of Hanson – Kathryn Tucker (Wife)

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Zac Hanson, the youngest member of the boy band of brothers, Hanson, married young in 2006 to his longtime girlfriend he’d been with since he was a teenager, Kathryn Tucker. Apparently, Zac waited to lose his virginity until he tied the knot, which perhaps the reason behind getting hitched at such a young age. The couple has two children (so far), John Ira Shepherd and Junia Rosa Ruth. The couple met in a modeling competition, so good looks must have played a role in Zac falling for his honey. The pair has been going strong for a decade and would probably be “Lost Without Each Other” since they’ve been together since they’ve been kids. While some may find it “Weird” that Hanson married so young, the family is quite conservative despite their life in the limelight. Apparently, when it came to tying the knot, Hanson was “Sure About It” and wanted to spend the rest of his years with Tucker.

1 Brian Littrell Of Backstreet Boys – Leighanne Wallace (Wife)

Looks like another Backstreet Boy found his other half. Band member, Brian Littrell, married his blonde beauty, Leighanne Wallace in 2000. Sixteen years is a long haul for a celeb couple and this one seems to be going strong, possibly partly due to the couple’s strong evangelical Christian values. Leighanne is an actress who has appeared in Olive Juice, Wild America, and Megalodon and has also dabbled in modeling. The couple met when Leighanne appeared in one of the Backstreet Boys’ music videos for their hit, “As Long As You Love Me.” Apparently, she did, and the pair got hitched in Georgia after Littrell proposed on Christmas Eve of 1999. Brian and Leighanne have a son named Baylee Thomas Wylee, who became a Broadway actor, seen most recently in the hit show, Disaster. Looks like talent runs in the Littrell family. Perhaps Baylee can use his musical chops to form a Backstreet Boys 2.0!

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