15 Walking Dead Stars Like You've Never Seen Them Before

The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television. It has been on for years now and doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. The show became popular in a time that our society was obsessed with zombies. Though the trend seems to have died a bit since when TWD originally premiered, the show remains pretty popular. It has two spin-offs as well and is one of AMC’s most successful television series.

The show is known for being very gruesome and gory, full of blood and zombie murder. The show is shot very dark and doesn’t include colorful scenes very often. The people living in the zombie filled world on the series are forced to wear worn out clothing and dark, neutral colors so as to camouflage themselves from harm. The people on the show don’t have access to luxury materials and full face make up. This causes a lot of the actors to look not so beautiful when they’re on the screen.

We’re used to seeing the actors on the show as gross, covered in blood, and sweaty. But the actors who portray these characters are anything but that! The show has an extremely diverse cast and is also known for cycling through plenty of actors as their characters are often killed off on the show. Many of those who are on the show weren’t very well known before they landed this big role, so it’s quite possible for you to only know them as the dirty characters they play. But not anymore! Here are 15 pictures of the stars of TWD like you’ve never seen them!

SPOILERS ahead, so just look at the pics if you aren't caught up with the series!


15 Jessie/Alexandra Breckenridge

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Jessie was a romantic interest hopeful for our favorite zombie-killing-cop, Rick. Due to her pretty annoying and whiny son, however, she was tragically murdered by some walkers. Sigh. Nonetheless, she was still one of our favorite romantic interests for Rick. She lived in the very comfortable Alexandria, so we never really saw her all dirty like many others. However, we definitely didn’t see her how she is in the above photo! She played more of a “girl next door” look and charmed us with her cute style.

Aside from her role on TWD, she’s played some pretty promiscuous roles on American Horror Story and True Blood. On AHS, she was a pretty seductive maid who used her body to get what she wanted. Alexandra is stunning in both ways, but she definitely has a different look in her other roles and on the runway than she did on The Walking Dead!

14 Eugene/Josh McDermitt

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Eugene is our favorite nerd on TWD. He has pretty much every unattractive quality: a mullet, a baby face, and just an overall awkward personality. In the other photo, however, he’s actually not such a bad looking guy! In the show, he’s probably the least attractive of the cast, and even some zombies have more sex appeal than Eugene does. But once you see him all cleaned and mullet-free, he’s pretty handsome!

Outside of TWD, Josh is pretty different than his character on the series. On the show, he’s nerdy, closed off, and overall fairly serious. In real life, Josh is known to be more of a comedian, and isn’t awkward and nerdy like his TWD character! You’d probably never spot Eugene in a suit and with cleaned up blonde locks, but looking at this picture of him you can definitely tell that he cleans up nice!

13 Andrea/Laurie Holden

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Andrea was one of TWD fans least favorite characters. She was a bit misunderstood and did things that made us question the writers on the show. It wasn’t until right before she was killed off that fans started to understand and sympathize with her. But Andrea is long gone, as is the image of her all dirtied and bloodied up!

In real life, Laurie is actually pretty gorgeous! It was a bit hard to see her in that light on the show due to the fact that she was always kind of dirtied up, but also because she annoyed us, and it’s hard to see the beauty in a character we don’t really like. Seeing her so beautiful outside of the show definitely gives us a different perspective of her!

12 Deanna/Tovah Feldshuh

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You know Deanna as the leader of the seemingly utopic Alexandria. On the show she plays a tough leader, mother, and wife who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty in order to run a thriving community. If you’ve seen the entirety of the series, you know that she gets extremely gruesome looking after turning into a walker!

Before Tovah landed her role on the series, she frequented other shows and has been an active actress for years. In the above picture, she was posing for a promo for her own series, Murder Ink, a short-lived show similar to Murder She Wrote. Although that didn’t last long and neither did her time on TWD, it’s still a big surprise to see her so youthful and beautiful in the above photo. It's not like she isn’t a gorgeous older woman at her current age, but we definitely never saw her like that in TWD!

11 Denise/Merritt Wever

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Denise was another character who had a pretty short run on the series. We saw her as the fairly shy, anxiety-ridden, only doctor of Alexandria. She also had a brief romance with another beautiful lady on the list, Tara. On the series, Denise didn’t really stand out as that big of a character until we saw her rant right before getting shot through the eye with an arrow.

Outside of the show, however, Merritt definitely stands out to us! Before she had her role on TWD, she had a long role on Nurse Jackie. Her role on that show even earned her an Emmy! In real life, Merritt is really talented and her confidence can definitely be seen, unlike her character Denise. You definitely wouldn’t see Denise on the show all glammed up, holding an Emmy!

10 Lori/Sarah Wayne Callies

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Like Andrea, Lori might be one of our least favorite characters on the show. It’s pretty disappointing that the beginning of TWD had such a poor representation of women within the series. Since then, however, they’ve had plenty of on-screen time for bad ass ladies. Unfortunately, Lori was never one of them. She played the role of the nagging wife, a look that’s never good for one of the leading ladies within a series.

Outside of the show, Sarah is anything but that! She’s actually a pretty gorgeous and talented woman! Just like Andrea, it was hard to see her in that perspective on the series as most of the time she was turning us off with her annoying personality. It’s a shame, as there was a lot of potential for both women to be strong and admirable characters on such a popular show, but instead, the writers chose to keep them both unlikeable.

9 Rick/Andrew Lincoln

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Rick is our favorite guy on the show, or at least the one who’s been on the series the longest. Rick has definitely had his fair share of steamy onscreen time, as he’s showered and slept with a couple ladies throughout the series. However, any other time he’s on screen, he’s usually covered in blood and guts as it’s his duty to protect his clan.

He wasn’t afraid to get a little dreamy for a photo shoot as seen in the above picture! Aside from overall just being a badass protector of the group, Rick also comes straight from the U.K., meaning Andrew Lincoln comes equipped with a sexy accent! He’s one of multiple people on the show to hide his true speech, but both ways he’s still pretty steamy! I don’t think you’d ever see Rick glare into the camera like he is in the above picture, however!

8 Carol/Melissa McBride

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Carol is probably one of the best female characters on the series. She’s definitely been the one to change the most throughout the entirety of the show. She went from being an abused woman who was afraid of her husband to an awesome woman who helps take down a cult of cannibals. Even though she’s usually all muddied up in the show, we still can’t help but have a tiny crush on Carol!

Regardless of what she looks like in the show, she proves that she cleans up pretty well for the red carpet! She still rocks her short gray locks and isn’t afraid to show a teeny bit of skin. Most of the time on the series, however, you’ll see Carol scheming something to help out her clan, and you definitely wouldn’t catch her rocking such bulky earrings!

7 Tara/Alanna Masterson

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Tara came a little later in the series, but she definitely seems like she’s here to stay...for now. In the series, she plays the grungy lesbian who rocks a tomboy style. That doesn’t mean she’s not attractive on the series, however! Although when she’s on the show, she’s usually one of the people who’s willing to take the watch, which means she usually ends up covered in some mixture of blood and zombie brains.

However, the above picture proves just how stunning she can look when she isn’t busy fighting zombies. Alanna definitely isn’t afraid to show her girly style when she’s not on the show. Either way, though, she’s drop dead gorgeous! You probably wouldn’t ever see Tara all glammed up for the AMC screen, so seeing Alanna all glammed up is definitely a shocking image!

6 Rosita/Christian Serratos

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Rosita is by far one of the most beautiful characters to be on screen in the series. Fans were outraged when Abraham decided he no longer wanted to be with the stunning beauty. In a world when you’re surrounded by these decaying and dead monsters, how could you turn down such a gorgeous girl! Alas, he still left, but that’s only better for the rest of the few people alive in the zombie infested world!

Even though Rosita is able to shine through the blood and guts and still shock fans with her beauty, she’s even more stunning when she gets all fanciful for the red carpet! She’s probably the least annoying character on the show, as she never really does anything that makes us question the writers on the show. She’s the type of girl to have an effortless beauty, and we definitely hope to see more of her on the rest of the series!

5 Sasha/Sonequa Martin-Greene

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Sasha is another stunning beauty to grace the screen on TWD. On the show, she plays another somewhat closed-off character and is mostly a stubborn woman who knows how to protect herself. She’s a fighter who isn’t willing to easily give up. There have been times where her faith has been tested, but overall she knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it.

Outside of the show, Sonequa remains an elegant beauty. I mean, even her name is gorgeous! You normally see Sasha all put together, never really flashy, but Sonequa definitely isn’t afraid to rock a bold style. She’s usually seen rocking big hair and flattering patterns and styles. Regardless of whether she’s on or off screen, Sonequa remains a beauty. But we don’t think we’d ever really see Sasha let her hair down on screen and rock the style that Sonequa does.

4 Michonne/Danai Gurira

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Michonne has to be one of our favorite characters on pretty much any TV show ever. As soon as we first saw Michonne, we knew she’d be a pretty memorable character. She’s grown throughout the series, and went from someone who was closed off and secretive to a loving member of Rick’s family. In the show, Michonne is mostly seen in neutral clothes and with a tough exterior.

Outside of the show, however, Danai has a unique style that makes her a stunning beauty. On and off screen, Danai is definitely a loveable beauty. But seeing her in this long dress is definitely out of character for Michonne. If Michonne was seen dawdling around the forest in a floor-length floral dress, she probably wouldn’t last nearly as long in the dystopia as she has.

3 Daryl/Norman Reedus

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Daryl is almost everyone’s favorite character. I think that if he ever got killed off the show, the series would definitely lose a lot of fans. Something about his motorcycle and crossbow still manages to make our hearts beat a little bit faster when we see him on screen. He has the capability to warm our hearts even when wearing a necklace made out of zombie's ears.

But seeing him all cleaned up and in a suit is the icing on an already very delicious cake. Norman Reedus seems to be the epitome of “get you a man who can do both.” Daryl has been there from the beginning, and we have loved him ever since. He’s sweet to other characters like Carol and Beth, and he always seems to know the right thing to do. On and off the screen, Norman Reedus will forever hold a tiny piece of our hearts.

2 Beth/Emily Kinney

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Beth was the sweetheart daughter of Hershel and cute little sister of Maggie. When we first met Beth, she was just a Christian girl who knew how to sing sweet tunes. Throughout the series, Beth was definitely one of the characters who grew the most. She seemed to be afraid of her own shadow at first, but now she’s not afraid to punch cops in the face.

When seeing her outside of the show, it’s even more different! She’s definitely not afraid to dress like an adult, a contrast from her teen role on TWD. She’s even gone topless on shows like Masters of Sex and The Knick. It’s actually a little unsettling to see her in that capacity, as we mostly know her as a young and innocent girl on the show. But regardless of what situation she’s in, she’s still a classic beauty!

1 Maggie/Lauren Cohen

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I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who has seen The Walking Dead and not had a crush on Maggie. Even the straightest females I know admit that she’s one of the most gorgeous girls to grace the series. Not only is she an extremely powerful female character on the series who isn’t afraid to do what it takes to protect her family, but she looks gorgeous while doing it!

When she’s off screen, Lauren Cohen is still just as stunning! One very sad rumor about the new series is that they believe Maggie will be the victim of the evil villain Negan, who was seen last season holding a weapon to the heads of our favorite characters. He can’t do that, though, as she’s pregnant! Even if Maggie does end up leaving us on the show, we’ll still always remember her as the most beautiful zombie fighter.

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