15 Things You Didn't Know About The Bachelor

We all know about The Bachelor, of course. When it first started, way back in 2002, it seemed to be a bit of an odd idea. So a whole bunch of women join together competing for a guy to be married to? Who would want to watch something so totally ridiculous? Well, it turns out all sorts of people would, as The Bachelor has become one of the most successful shows of all time.

One of the secrets to the show's success is that it really gets both type of viewers. The first type are the ones that think the show is just "Oh so romantic," and care so very much about who gets chosen to win. To them the show is all about romance. The other group that watches the show are the types of people that think the show is about the stupidest thing they have ever seen in their entire lives, and watch it because they enjoy a good train wreck. I tend to fall into that latter category.

As with all so called reality shows, there are things that go on behind the scenes that we casual viewers are not aware of. Of course we all know this, how could a show like The Bachelor actually be realistic? The whole concept is something that could never happen in real life, of course. As with pretty much all things reality TV, here are many production secrets that the producers of the show do not want to get out. We hate to rain on the romance parade, but, hey, it's just a fact of TV. Here are TheRichest's list of 15 things you didn't know about The Bachelor.

15 The Producers Plan The Dates

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You know those super romantic private dates that the Bachelor always takes the girls on? The ones that they get so super excited about? They get so blown away by the thought of going on a date. Well, the Bachelor never has any idea what is going to happen beforehand. He isn't being romantic, he is just being told what to do. The producers are the ones that put the whole thing together. The only thing the Bachelor gets to do is pick the girl that he wants to go on the date with. But even then there are often suggestions made by the producers of the show. I mean who wants to watch a boring date with a contestant that is boring as well? Pretty much no one, which is why the producers make sure that they create a date experience that ensures the viewers will be entertained.

14 The Interviews Are Manipulated

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You know all of those Bachelor interviews that you see? Most of them are filmed well after the instance that is being talked about in the interview. Producers keep track of the outfits that the guy wears during the scenes and and a day or two later they dress him up the same way to interview him and get his thoughts on what supposedly just happened.  Sometimes they even do it weeks later. So sometimes when you might see the Bachelor say "I think I am falling for Stephanie" it might be well after he kicked Stephanie to the curb at a rose ceremony.  Edits are a funny thing in TV shows, anyway. What the director of the show leaves on the cutting room floor is often way more important than what he chooses to show you. It all depends on what his agenda is for the person in question.

13 Making Contestants Leave Can Be Hard

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Okay, let's be honest. Pretty much the best part of The Bachelor is when a woman gets booted. The whole thing is so over the top. First of all, these people barely know each other, so it is beyond funny to see the Bachelor get all choked up about how hard it is, and then to see the women break down into tears and have a full on freak-out about losing a guy that she has never even spent a single second with alone. It is amazing to watch. When a contestant chooses to leave on their own they are required to tell the Bachelor, so the reaction can be filmed. You might think they could just leave whenever, but they all sign contracts, and you can bet that network lawyers would come at anyone hard that broke it. Any way you look at it, people leaving the show is high entertainment.

12 The Settings Are Often Not Natural

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You know how when it comes time for the Bachelor to propose and you think that the place that he is doing it is so romantic? Well, that is not an accident. That is because the crew made it that way. Nothing says romance more than a bunch of crew members with hammers building some bridges and waterfalls for a TV show. The same goes for when they go out on dates, or what goes on in the mansion. Pretty much everything you see that isn't in a natural setting has been decorated. Honestly I am not sure if even natural settings are immune to this. "Hey guys, that tree does not have enough leaves, could you guys gather some up and tape them to the branches?" On reality TV, nothing is quite as it seems, there is no doubt about that, whatsoever, and The Bachelor is no exception.

11 The Bachelor Makes Good Cash

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Do you ever wonder why these people go on the show in the first place? Well, you can keep wondering about why the women go on the show for now, as I will get to that later, but as for the guys, there are a lot of reasons. While the women come off kind of desperate and deluded, he comes off as in control of the whole situation. I mean let's face it, a lot of us guys would not want this to be filmed, but is there any guy that wouldn't want to be in a room with 20 hot chicks and to have our choice at any one we wanted? But there is another reason to be on the show. Cash. The contestants don't get a dime,  but the guys get paid, and the sum is pretty significant. The amount they get is rumored to be well over $100,000.

10 The Casting Process Is Not Easy

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All of these reality shows have a difficult process for contestants to determine who gets on the show. I mean, let's face it, there is a lot of time and money that has been invested by the network on shows like these. It is obviously important that they pick the right people. They want someone that is a bit nutty, but not so nutty that she is going to mess up the whole production.  If you are planning on being on the show, be prepared for multiple rounds of interviews with producers, a barrage of STD tests, a psychological evaluation, and even counsel from a psychologist. Sounds fun, right? And remember, you don't get paid either. But you do get a chance to compete in humiliating fashion with 20 other women to marry a guy you have never met! Oh gee, now that I put it that way the whole thing sounds kind of silly.

9 There Is A Dress Code

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According to Sean Lowe, who was one of the more popular Bachelors of all time, the dress code for the show was pretty strict. He was not allowed to wear any stripes, small checkered patterns, big patterns, or solid white. This makes sense, of course, as obviously the producers want people to look good for the show, but it also is another sign of things being a tad fake. I mean in the real world no one is going to tell Sean he can't wear a hoodie and sweatpants. The women get professional styling on the very first night, and they also get it if they make it to the finale. The rest of the time they have to make themselves look hot and desirable without any professional help, which some of these women have obviously done a little better than others over the years.

8 A Few Couples Are Still Together

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I have to be honest here, it is kind of amazing to me that any of these couples made it, since the whole thing is so contrived. But with that said, apparently a couple of these guys really did go on the show trying to meet a wife. Most of them only lasted a very short while, and my favorite of all was Brad Womack, who didn't pick anyone at all because he wasn't that into any of them. This made him the most honest man ever on reality TV and also probably made the producers pretty mad. Three Bachelor couples are still together. Jason Mesnick and Molly Malaney got married in 2010. Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici got married in 2014 and are expecting a child, and Ben Higgins and Laura Bushnell are planning on getting married this summer. I don't know if all of that is romantic, or just super creepy.

7 Clothes Are Expensive

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Okay, so this is going to make being a contestant on the show sound even worse, but hey, all I am doing is telling the truth, so don't shoot the messenger. The contestants have to bring all of their own clothes. They can bring two suitcases and have to pack for every type of weather or social situation imaginable. There is a potential for 14 rose ceremonies, so that means they need to bring 14 fancy dresses. I guess they could wear the same dress over again, but really, how lame is that? Totally lame! Some of the women go into some pretty serious debt in buying their own clothes. The show does provide dresses for the women that make the finale, and when they move into the mansion they do receive beauty products and some pretty nice jewelry, but all in all these contestants have to put out a lot of cash.

6 Most Of The Contestants Are Kind Of Nuts

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All right, so that may sound a little bit mean. But come on. These women, most of them anyway, are straight up crazy. It takes a certain type of woman to think that doing something like this is a good idea. They are all, or most of them anyway, totally hot, but they all also have to have incredibly low self-esteem. They get literally nothing from being on the show other than the chance to compete for a chance at marriage with a total stranger. They spend the show groveling at the man's feet, and begging him to pay attention to her, and are often publicly humiliated. Yes, a few women in the real world may think they are cool, but those women are also totally insane.  The truth may hurt, but any woman who would ever go on this show obviously has more than a few screws loose.

5 A Family Lives At The Mansion When They Are Not Filming

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You know that super-cool mansion that The Bachelor takes place in every year?  It is located in an exclusive area in Agoura Hills, California. You ever wonder what goes on in it when there is no filming happening? Well, actually, me neither, but it turns out the story is kind of interesting. When there is no filming going on a family with small children lives there. There is no word as to whether when filming is going on the family goes on vacation or just stays in a Motel 6. Another interesting aspect of homes on The Bachelor has to do with hometown visits. The house where the Bachelor visits his date is not always the family home. Often it is the home of a richer family relative. Because who would want to see the home of someone on TV that is poor? Ew. How gross would that be?

4 What Really Goes On In The Fantasy Suite?

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Oh yeah, the fantasy suite. This is possibly the oddest part of the entire show. So at this point the bachelor has to spend a few hours with all of the women, and it is time to get them all alone and in theory do the deed with all of them to test out which one he likes best. How weird is that? I mean seriously...what? The funniest thing about the whole thing is that all the women seem okay with this whole arrangement, and even are flattered that they get to do it. Like they are so excited to be the third women a guy does in a 48-hour period. Yay.  The word is, though, that a lot of the time the contestants and the Bachelor just spend this time talking, as it is the only time during the whole show that they can talk without having cameras around. The show does not supply condoms for the fantasy suite.

3 The Ring Has A String Attached

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Oh yeah, the engagement ring. Every woman's dream. Or at least that is what people want you to believe. The Bachelor is no different. The rings are bought by the show and given to the Bachelor to give to his proposed bride. The rings can cost up to $75,000. There is a catch to the whole thing though. The couple has to stay together for two years after the show to keep the ring. Then after the two years are up if they want to sell the ring they have to give ABC advance notice in writing. So, as you can see, the women get no shot at anything other than a husband. If they make it through and get the ring, and then they get dumped they just have to give the ring back. Why do women go on this show again?

2 The Women Are Stuck Together A Lot

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Well, of course the whole reason to go on this show is to meet a man, we have already established that pretty clearly. But while that is the whole point, the women spend most of their time, almost all of it actually, with each other. The women are not allowed to bring  phones, their own music, they can't read magazines, use computers and there’s no television to watch, but they are allowed to drink a ton of booze. Sounds like a perfect recipe to get women to act like doofuses for the camera. They spend almost of all of their time on the set of the show with each other. In fact it has been estimated that the Bachelor only spends around 72 hours with the winning contestant, and far less with the rest. 72 hours is enough to decide that you want to marry someone, right? I know it would be for me.

1 Rose Ceremonies Take Forever

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The rose ceremony is the only truly enjoyable part of the show. I have had girlfriends in the past that love The Bachelor, when they would watch I would space right out until this part of the show came along, but when it happened I would be riveted. The whole thing is great TV. Watching the excitement of the women that get picked first, then watching the nervousness build, then finally seeing the breakdowns of the women that did not get picked, and watching the Bachelor pretend to care. The whole thing is pretty awesome. What you don't know is how long these things take. While they seem fast, sometimes they take 12 hours, and don't end until 5 or 6 in the morning. It is not uncommon for the crew to use flashcards so the Bachelor can remember the names of the women that he is picking.  Ah...romance.

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