15Post-Apocalyptic Renegade

Steampunk doesn't necessarily mean you have to deck yourself out in a tight corset and long, flowing skirt. If you prefer a more streamlined look, consider a simple, ripped dress combined with boots for a post apocalyptic, "Mad Max" feel. If you stick to skintight basic black and combine different

fabrics, like leather and fur, you can keep it sexy while still looking like a futuristic desert warrior queen. And who doesn't want that? An extreme hairstyle looks best with this badass steampunk look, so feel free to dye your hair a bright color, or even shave your head if you're really committed to the theme. Accessories are an important element of steampunk, so your jewelry should be bold, like chunky gauge earrings and heavy bronze bangles stacked all the way up to your elbow. Or just pin a giant metal spider that looks like it can shoot death rays to your dress and call it a day. That's quite steampunk.

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