15 Sexiest Tennis Wives And Girlfriends

Pro tennis players, for the most part, have it going on. Even the ones that are just okay make a good amount of money, and the ones that are really good are incredibly rich. Tennis players also tend to come from a certain class - not many poor kids play tennis, which lends them to being a bit on the cultured side.  They also are usually good looking, at least fairly so. It is fair to say that the pro tennis player is a good catch for a woman.

What usually happens when a guy is good looking, athletic, rich and cultured and maybe also just a bit famous?  As far as I know they  usually wind up with some really, really, hot chicks. Tennis players are no exception to this rule. There are a lot of tennis players out there that have wives and girlfriends that would put most guys' wives and girlfriends to shame.

How hot are they? I mean some of these ladies are really hot. Like world class hot. Like totally top of the line hot.

I can tell you still don't believe me, so for you doubters out there - here are the 15 hottest tennis players' wives' and girlfriends.

15 Sara Foster - Tommy Haas

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Sara is the wife of Tommy Haas, who has been competing on the tour since 1996 and has probably been ridiculously good looking for even longer than that. Speaking of good looking, Sara herself is just drop-dead gorgeous, and is an actress as well. She has appeared on many different shows over the years, but is probably best known for being on 90210. She was a fashion model before she got into acting. Big surprise, right? We never would have guessed.

14 Stacey Gardner - Mardy Fish

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Stacey is married to Mardy Fish. Hold on, let's process this for a moment. This is probably more illustrative than anything about how tennis players can pull hot chicks. Would a guy named Mardy Fish have a chance with a woman like this if he was not a pro tennis player? No way in the world that would ever happen. The guy would be a laughingstock. Stacy is a lawyer and a model, and is probably best known for being one of the models on the TV show Deal or No Deal.

13 Biljana Sesevic - Janko Tipsarevic

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Biljana is married to Janko Tipsarevic who once was ranked number 8 in the world back in 2012, but is now ranked outside of the Top 400. His career earnings are over $4 million dollars though, and while that is not a huge amount compared to a lot of tennis players, hopefully it is enough to keep Biljana around for a bit longer. I am kidding about this as Janko seems cool. His dog Dino has over 30,000 followers on Twitter, so he has to be alright.

12 Bec Hewitt - Lleyton Hewitt

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Bec Hewitt is an Australian actress and singer that married tennis player Lleyton Hewitt, a few years back. Bec is the perfect example of a tennis player's wife. Actually, she would be pretty much the perfect example of anyone's wife. She is gorgeous, talented, and if you don't melt at being around a hot chick with an Australian accent, then there is obviously something very wrong with you.  They have 3 kids, which at least makes me feel less jealous of Lleyton.

11 Marta Tornel - David Ferrer

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Marta is super hot, as one can see from the numerous photos of her checking out her husband's tennis matches from the stands. Recently she was just a girlfriend, but I say husband as Marta just got married to David Ferrer, who had the 7th highest earnings of all time, back in November of 2015. This is good news for David, at least we assume it is, but for the rest of us it is very bad news indeed. Marta is a total smoke-show.

10 Fabiana Semprebom - Guillermo Canas

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Fabiana is ridiculously hot and is married to Guillermo Canas, who is now retired, but let's be honest, who really cares about Guillermo? All right, that was mean, but what can I say?  Fabiana is super hot and is a fashion model from Brazil, and is quite a successful one at that.  She is one of the tennis WAGS that has her own lucrative career, so we could say Guillermo is married to her, rather than the other way around.

9 Francesca Fichera - Filippo Volandri

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Oh hey look, it's another tennis guy's girlfriend who is so hot that it is just unbelievable. Am I starting to see a trend here? Are there any guys that play pro tennis that are going out with some average looking chick that works as a housecleaner at the local Holiday Inn? I think not. Francesca is the girlfriend of Italian tennis player Filippo Volandri, who has earned over $3 million in his career. They are expecting their first child together soon.

8 Lara Dutta - Mahesh Bhupathi

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Lara is the wife of Indian tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi, who was the first tennis player from India to win a Grand Slam event. Mahesh had to kick the wife and girlfriend competition up a notch. It wasn't just that he had to have a hot wife, he also had to have one that was a former Miss Universe.  Lara won that in the year 2000, and is also a very successful actress in Bollywood.

7 Charlotte Deon - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

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Not a whole lot is known about Charlotte, other than the fact that she is a total smoke- show, as she and her boyfriend Jo-Wilfried Tsonga seem to be keeping things kind of on the down-low, at least for the most part. Tsonga is a bit of a charmer and has moved up to number 9 in the world at last check, which means cash and lots of it. Being charming and having a ton of cash usually means you can pull a nice looking lady, and Charlotte is certainly that.

6 Jarah Mariano - Fernando Verdasco

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Jarah is a model who dates tennis player Fernando Verdasco who once was ranked as high as number 7 worldwide. She was from Hawaii, before she moved to California to get into the entertainment business. She's appeared in numerous music videos and magazines as a model. She also is an actress and had a recurring role on the show Rescue Me. Oh yeah, and she is also ridiculously good-looking if you had not noticed.

5 Carolina Cerezuala - Carlos Moya

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Carolina is a smoking hot actress from Spain who is quite successful in her country on Spanish TV. She is married to Carlos Moya, who is also from Spain and was once the number 1 ranked player in the world; he is now retired.  They have three children. It goes without saying these two are probably the coolest couple in Spain.  Or at the very least they must be the hottest, or maybe even the richest. In fact, it's most likely that they are all three.

4 Bridgette Wilson - Pete Sampras

3 Ester Satorova - Tomas Berdych

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Ester is the wife of Tomas Berdych, a tennis player whose most notable achievement was upsetting a bunch of higher ranked players and reaching the finals of Wimbledon. If you can't guess from the photo and how totally hot she is,  Ester is also a model. If you want to check out how she looks in yoga pants, and I have a pretty good idea that you do, check out her Instagram. The two were married last year in Monaco.  Because where else would a pro tennis player and a model get married?

2 Zaira Nara - Juan Monaco

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Zaira is the girlfriend of Juan Monaco. Okay, come on, seriously? This is getting ridiculous. The guy is handsome, rich, plays tennis for a living, has a hot chick like Zaira for a girlfriend and he has a name like Juan Monaco? It is almost too much to handle.  Zaira is a model (of course) who was once named one of the 50 sexiest women in the world by FHM magazine. We are not going to say that FHM was correct, but we also are not going to spend any time arguing the point either.

1 Brooklyn Decker - Andy Roddick

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Where would a list like this be without Brooklyn Decker on it? She is a model who is known for being involved with Victoria's Secret, as well as being on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. She is married to Andy Roddick, who was once ranked the number 1 tennis player in the world.  He and Brooklyn met when he saw her on TV and had his agent approach her agent and set up an initial meeting. Andy, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we hate you.

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