15 Sexiest Photos Of Alessandra Ambrosio

There is one thing that is a very simple fact of life. Some women are hotter than others. This is just an example of an undeniable truth. Even in the world of supermodels there are some that just blow others away. One of these women is Alessandra Ambrosio. She is known for being a Victoria's Secret model, and also for being incredibly, ridiculously, hot.

How hot is she? Well, let's put it this way: Alessandra is banned from National Parks because she is the leading cause of wildfires. She's so hot her address is the middle of the equator.  She's so hot... well, you get the point. You might not know her by name, but I guarantee you that you have seen her somewhere, and when you did - you noticed, or if you didn't notice someone should check you for a pulse.

But don't take my word for how hot she is. In fact, if I were you, I would have skimmed over this part already and gone straight to the photos, but for the handful of you that are still reading, you are in for a treat, because these are some of the very hottest photos you are going to see of Alessandra anywhere. So without further delay  here are what I consider the 15 hottest photos of Alessandra Ambrosio.

15 Belly Button Hotness

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This is a particularly hot photo of Alessandra, although I imagine pretty much any photo of her is hot. It is kind of difficult to think of her when she does not look hot, actually. Try and imagine her first thing in the morning with her hair in curlers, and wearing a ratty bathrobe. I just did, and I still got a little turned on thinking about it, especially if I imagine her making me pancakes. Do you think supermodels make pancakes?  It's okay if she doesn't, I'm happy to make them myself for her.

14 Black Beauty

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Here Alessandra shows that even when wearing a sexy evening gown and heels, it is always best to lay on one's side and not stand.  For those of you that do not know, she is originally from Brazil, and is probably best known for being a Victoria's Secret model. She was the first spokesperson for their new "Pink" line. Well, she is best known for being incredibly gorgeous, but you get the point I am sure.

13 Wet And Sexy

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Here is another one for your viewing pleasure. Lots of folks have viewed Alessandra in many different websites and magazines.  She has modeled for a lot of prestigious companies including  Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren, just to name a few. She is not all about money though, she also does a lot of charity work, including work for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Good on you Alessandra;  I wish I could make myself into a charity.

12 Bra-Tastic

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Alessandra is often put on lists of the world's most beautiful and hottest women, and it is easy to see why. She  has also been on lists of some of the richest women as well. In the year 2012, Forbes magazine ranked her number 6 on the list of world's highest paid models, and said she earned $6.6 million that year. I don't know, I hate to admit this, but I think the whole "Alessandra makes me pancakes" thing might be out.  Just a guess.

11 Pretty In Pink

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Here is another gorgeous shot of Alessandra. Looking at this photo, one can see how she was once named one of People Magazine's 100 most beautiful women in the world. In fact, I can pretty much safely say that she is one of the 100 most beautiful women in any world. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but there is simply no way that there are hotter chicks than Alessandra on Mars. I am going to go out on a limb and say that right now.

10 Pretty In Pink Bikini

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Alessandra was born in Brazil in 1981; her parents were Brazilian of course, but were of Italian and Polish ancestry. They owned a gas station. She first started modeling at age 12 and was becoming well known in Brazil by age 14. So I guess the point is she has been doing this for a long time. The other point is, who knew that a combination of Brazilian, Polish and Italian could turn out to be so amazingly hot?  In fact, her combination sounds even better than fusion cuisine.

9 Where Are Her Ears?

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Notice you can't see any ears here? When she was a child she was always insecure about her ears, which she considered too large, so she got plastic surgery at the age of 11. Then a few years later she had some complications from the surgery, which discouraged her from ever having plastic surgery again. Imagine that, a model who doesn't like plastic surgery. Another thing that should discourage her from having surgery is that she is pretty much perfect looking, so, there is that as well.

8 She Does Yoga Pants Justice

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When looking for photos of Alessandra, one notices something right away. While there are tons of amazing shots of her, there are not many shots of her butt. If you have read any of my previous pieces, you know that the butt is something that I have a serious academic interest in.  I am not sure why this is (meaning the lack of Alessandra butt photos, not my "research"), but I am planning on spending the next 48 to 72 hours investigating this topic. Please do not text or call during this time.

7 She Loves The Beach

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This photo has successful model written all over it. Over the years, she has appeared in ads for Revlon, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, and Ralph Lauren among many others. She has been on the catwalk representing designers such as Prada, Chanel, and Oscar de la Renta. It is clear that Alessandra has that kind of look that designers, and brand marketing people, like. Who am I kidding, she has that kind of look that pretty much everyone likes.

6 And She Looks Good At The Beach, Too

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Speaking of her appearances, and the type of work she gets, she is no stranger to magazine covers either.  Her first cover was on Brazilian Elle, but she has since been on the cover of Cosmopolitan, Elle, GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Vogue and  Glamour. I am sure I am missing some. This is no surprise, of course, when you look like Alessandra. I am sure her phone does not stop ringing when it comes to modeling opportunities.

5 Her Swimwear Line Is Hot

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At one point Ambrosio started  her own line of swimwear called Alessandra Ambrosio by Sais. That is a pretty clever name, I wonder how she came up with that? Speaking of swimwear, this photo has a pretty good shot of side butt, which will have to do for now, as my endless search has still not yielded a good butt shot. Alessandra's line of swimwear did very well. She sold 10,000 of them the first month it was out.  Not one single woman who bought one looked like Alessandra in it, however.

4 Hello, Alessandra

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That face though!  Come on. It just is not fair really. I mean some women have the face, and some women have the body, but putting them together like that is just simply not fair. I suppose that is how you get to be a supermodel though, by combining those two things. In Spring 2014, Ambrosio launched her own fashion brand, continuing to show that she is not just a pretty face, but is a hardcore businesswoman as well.

3 The Surfboard Deluxe

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Here we see her chilling next to a surfboard. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that Alessandra does not surf. I can't even imagine it if she did. Well, then again, I could imagine it, but that is just almost too much to process. Chicks as hot as Alessandra are not supposed to be cool, too. She has to let the other women in the world do something better than she does, otherwise she would be the most hated woman in the world.

2 She Looks Good In Dresses, Too

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Hey look, it is another photo of Alessandra looking absolutely perfect and mugging for the cameras. What a big surprise, right?  A woman that looks this good has probably been on TV a lot, right? Yep. She has been on  HBO's Entourage, The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. She was a guest judge on Project Runway and has been on The Tyra Banks Show a few times.  These last few shows don't seem surprising for some reason.

1 The Perfect Pose

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I have not been to the beach yet this year, it is true. I live in the Northeast after all. But when I do go, I highly doubt I am going to see anything that looks like this coming out of the water. But hey, Alessandra can't help it. She is gorgeous, and she is going to look gorgeous no matter what she is doing. Even if it is in a ratty bathrobe, making me pancakes first thing in the morning.  Hey, don't hate. That is my fantasy and I am sticking with it to the bitter end.

Sources: victoriassecret, models


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