15 Reasons That '90s Kids are Celebrating

No matter where you go on the internet, it is extremely hard to avoid the 20-something-year-olds who are constantly preaching about how great the 1990s were. Everyone from that generation would seemingly trade their souls for the chance to live in the magical time of rainbow-print everything and indestructible Nokia phones once again. It was a better time for us — a time where we weren’t burdened with the responsibility that comes with being an adult. We remember living carefree. We remember riding our bikes outside and losing track of time because we actually got to enjoy living rather than having to keep our faces shoved in a phone or a computer to entertain ourselves. On the same note, we were far enough into the world of technology that we did get to enjoy that side of life too; we just didn’t depend our entire existence on it. Life had variety. We don’t see a lot of that anymore.

If you did not grow up during the 90s, it’s understandable why you may not understand this obsession we have. That particular decade is definitely unlike any other and if you didn’t experience it firsthand, then you’ll likely never fully understand our nostalgia. Then again, you might end up understanding it after all. Something in the universe has heard our pleas and is granting us a second chance to embrace our childhood. This revival is bringing us back to a happier time and it has us jumping and screaming for joy. We find ourselves frantically throwing all of these names and words around that mean so much to us, and if any of you find yourselves a little lost then stay tuned because you’re about to find out the top 15 reasons that 90s kids are celebrating.

15 Pogs are Back!


To put it simply, Pogs are circular pieces of cardboard with popular icons printed on them. They may not sound too exciting, but they were more than just the pieces — it was a game. While a lot of people typically just collected the discs and played not for keeps, things got really interesting when there were actually stakes at risk. The way the game works is each player has a slammer (a heavy plastic or metal disc) and when everyone puts a certain amount of their own Pogs face down in one stack, you throw the slammer down to try and flip the Pogs. Whatever Pogs you flip over, you win. The game is pretty simple, but it’s so much fun. It’s even more fun when you win all your friends' really awesome Pogs.

Every person who has ever enjoyed this game is thrilled to find out that there is a Pogs store that is set to open on August 31. Brooklyn Pogs is the only store set to open at the current time, which isn’t ideal for anyone who doesn’t live in New York; however, it’s a start to something that could eventually spread like wildfire once again. If the game manages to make a huge comeback, then you’re likely to see a bunch of young adults squatting on the sidewalk and cheering as they throw pieces of plastic at pieces of cardboard. It may seem strange, but this is one of those activities that could easily kill hours of your life in what feels like 5 minutes.

14 Fashion 2.0


If you like the fashion of today, then you like the fashion of the 90s. Everywhere we look we are seeing familiar trends starting to make their way back into society. Chokers are popular again, it seems like everyone is wearing Doc Martens, crop tops are a common sighting, and flannel shirts are all the rage. It’s even starting to become acceptable to wear denim on denim like all our favorite stars did back in the day.

As 90s kids who had the chance to grow out of those fashions, it has been a little strange to see them breaking back out on the scene. At first we may have been a bit unsure about embracing those fashion statements all over again, but we have quickly gotten over that and are now walking around looking like we just stepped out of a time machine. The only difference is that the styles seem to be executed a lot better this time around. So it’s basically like we’re getting the next version of the 90s fashion; everything you love about the old fashion, but with all the kinks worked out.

13 Lisa Frank

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Ask any female who was born in the 90s what kind of school supplies she had. Ask her what her lunch box was. Ask her what kind of stickers she had all over her boom box or her Walkman CD Player. The answer is more than likely going to be Lisa Frank to all of those questions.

Lisa Frank was an amazing company that sold rainbow everything and typically featured some sort of jungle animal, such as a young cheetah or a cuddly panda bear. These items literally brought so much color to our lives and a lot of us sigh in disappointment any time we need to buy a notebook and we’re reminded that we can’t buy the ones from our childhood.

Unfortunately, Lisa Frank is still not selling all the school supplies, but the company has begun releasing other types of merchandise, like clothing. That’s right! We now have the option to purchase shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, and crop tops with all those bright, animal-filled designs on them.

The clothing line is a little loud, but we have a hard time not loving it due to how much the company was a part of our lives. Plus, there is one thing we can purchase again that we’re all too familiar with: A Lisa Frank coloring book! Hopefully this means we’ll see those notebooks, pencils, and stickers start to pop up in stores again.

12 Dead 7


In October of 2015, every girl who obsessed over boybands in the late 90s found themselves weeping at the announcement of a movie involving several of those guys that they were convinced would be their future husbands. The excitement started dwindling when the official release date was set for April 1st; the holiday that is designed for fooling the foolish. However, some of us remained hopeful and kept our eyes open for any sign that this was actually happening. It did.

On April 1, 2016, the Syfy channel aired Dead 7. From the trailers we already knew that it was probably going to be an awful movie, but that wasn’t the reason we wanted to watch it in the first place. The movie was a post-apocalyptic western film that starred 3 members from the Backstreet Boys, 2 former NSYNC singers, one member from 98 Degrees, 4 of the 5 guys from O-Town, and one guy from All-4-One.

Even those 90s kids who watched this movie and absolutely hated it at least smiled when their favorites were on the TV screen. Our 90s hearts could not take seeing all of these musicians again, especially considering several of them were constantly pinned against in each other in an ongoing war concerning which one was the best. It was so nice seeing all of them again and it sparked the hope that the world may once again be full of cheesy love songs and synchronized dancing in the near future.

Unfortunately, the movie only aired the one time and there hasn’t been any sort of hint at releasing it on DVD, but we did get an amazing song out of it that all of the former boybanders sang on called “In The End.”

11 Brand New Harry Potter Stuff


Depending on which country you’re from, you recognize either 1997 or 1998 as the year that the first Harry Potter book was published. It did not take long for the series to blow up and to this day, it’s one of the most well-known and loved book series that has ever been published.

“Potterheads” (as the fan base is referred) have a tendency to be a bit on the die-hard side and it’s hard to blame them. They spent so much of their lives submerged in a magical world filled with the wonders of battle, betrayal, love, and the reminder that even the most ordinary of people can offer such importance to the world. To those fans, the release of the final Harry Potter movie meant the end. There would be no more of these beloved characters other than what we already had; but it turns out that we were all very wrong.

Although not written by Rowling herself, on July 31, 2016 a play script was published titled Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It’s the 8th book published in the world of Harry Potter and it picks up right where the books left off — 19 years later. Even though it isn’t actually a book (as stated, it’s a script for a play) and it wasn’t written by JK Rowling, fans have erupted in excitement due to the fact that we are able to continue enjoying this world in new ways. But even if this isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s more.

JK Rowling has confirmed via the Pottermore website that she has written three more short stories that are set to become available on September 6th. We’re also not only getting a screenplay for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on November 18th, but the movie is set release the very same day. We’re in the midst of Harry Potter overload and we are not complaining at all.

10 I Love the 90s Tour


If you remember being a fan of musical acts such as Salt-N-Pepa and Vanilla Ice during the 90s, then this is probably one of entries on this list that you have been the most excited about. The I Love the 90s Tour combines some of the best rap and hip-hop artists from the 90s on a tour that is set to run all the way through the rest of the year, with the last performance scheduled for December 29th, 2016.

Different shows contain different artists, but the website guarantees upwards of eight performing acts per show and a lineup that will not disappoint. So if you remember swaying along to “I Swear” by All-4-One or jamming out to “Gangsta’s Paradise” by Coolio, then this is somewhere you’re going to want to be this year. This tour has us wanting to break out our Walkmans, throw on some 90s hip hop and dance around like no one’s watching.

9 My2k Tour


If there’s one thing that 90s kids love more than the fun hip hop and rap the emerged during our childhood, it’s the dreamy boybands. NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys may have been the primary groups that consumed our attention, we still had plenty of love left for the likes of 98 Degrees and O-Town.

Capitalizing on the fact that boybands were pretty much the only object of our affection throughout our developing years, these two groups along with the all-girl group Dream and Ryan Cabrera decided to embark on a tour that would bring so many of us to tears of joy and hysteria. We all know that 98 Degrees had several hits we adored including “The Hardest Thing” and “Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche) and O-Town had our 10-year old selves singing along to gems like “Liquid Dreams” and “All or Nothing”. It’s hard to forget all of that, but just in case you forgot about the other two — Dream sings the song that we sang in regards to how we felt about our boybands, “He Loves U Not”, while Cabrera gave us “On the Way Down”, which in all reality should still be played on the radio considering it remains a better song than a lot of them that are coming out these days.

Although the tour just wrapped up on August 29th, the excitement is still buzzing inside of us as we continue navigating through YouTube videos from those who were lucky enough to attend the tour. Oh, did we forget to mention the special appearances that were seen on the tour? Former NSYNC member Joey Fatone and former Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean were both present at a couple of the tour dates, and Joey even got onstage with 98 Degrees and sang one of our favorites “Bye Bye Bye”. This tour was complete bliss and we will hold out hope that it isn’t the last time we’ll see something like this.

8 Possible Spice Girls Reunion


We all know that the 90s were the time of boybands. That’s primarily what that time is known for and for good reason. However, we did have some pretty awesome girl bands at the time as well. While Dream was one of them, groups like them ended up drowned out by the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC for the most part. There was one girl group who stood out possibly more than any of the boybands did, and that was the Spice Girls.

Don’t act like you don’t know who they are because we all know you mumble incoherent sounds to “Wannabe” just like the rest of us. We found out not that long ago that Scary, Baby, and Ginger Spice had decided that something needed to be done for the 20-year anniversary for that song, and that’s where this potential reunion comes into it.

Nothing is set in stone yet. It’s still very possible that it won’t even happen at all, but the three previously mentioned Spice Girls seem determined to make it happen for us. Both Posh and Sporty Spice have declined being a part of the tour, which is unfortunately why this entry wasn’t higher on the list. No matter what, we’re all excited for the anniversary and if it comes with a reunion consisting of three member or all five, we’re going to be grateful. And hey, there is talk of auditioning people to fill in the empty slots left behind by Posh and Sporty. So maybe two lucky fans will get the chance to live the dream of actually being a real life Spice Girl!

7 Taste the 90s

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It seems as if even the drink companies are eager to jump on the 90s bandwagon because in 2016 we have seen the return of three different drinks that were popular during our time. Surge, Crystal Pepsi, and Hi-C Ecto Cooler are back on shelves, causing a very loud excitement from anyone who remembered enjoying the beverages when they were kids.

Hi-C brought us a little bit of an extra gift by the re-release of Ecto Cooler due to the new Ghostbusters movie (which is why fans were demanding it so much to begin with), so that was a neat little package that a good amount of 90s kids are enjoying thoroughly. On the other hand, Surge (a Coca-Cola product) was a drink that originally sold in order to compete with Mountain Dew (a Pepsi product). Whatever it was about the drink that had fans begging for its return, Coca-Cola quickly decided they were all for it. Once it hit shelves, fans were ecstatic to load up on it and social media was soon filled with pictures of smiling people, flaunting their childhood drink of choice.

As excited as people were for Surge, the re-release of Crystal Pepsi seems to be the beverage return that the world has been the most excited about. It's kind of weird if you think about it, considering the fact that the drink originally only had a run that lasted from 1992 to 1993 due to a crash in sales shortly after it was released. It's back, though and whether or not it's because it tastes better now (they added caffeine) or because of the nostalgia effect, it's doing much better this time around.

All three of these drinks are available on Amazon as well as in some stores, so be sure and check their websites out if you would like a true taste of the 90s!

6 New Kids on the Block


The New Kids on the Block were a mega-popular boyband back in the day and although they disbanded in 1994 (making some of the 90s kids too young to even get to enjoy them), they still deserve to be classified as one of the best boybands of the generation. Those who were old enough to get to fully appreciate NKOTB have been celebrating for years now ever since the band reformed in 2008, and they have had plenty of reasons to.

Not only has the band been putting out new material, but they’ve been putting on some pretty awesome tours with other artists that appeal to our nostalgia as well. They toured with the Backstreet Boys in 2011, 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men in 2013, and then in 2015 they toured with TLC and Nelly. The group has also done several different cruise tours where the fans and the band were on a cruise together, which is just about any NKOTB fan’s dream so it’s not surprising that all of these tours have sold out the day tickets became available. They aren’t showing signs of stopping any time soon, which is absolutely fantastic because we cannot get enough of them.

5 O-Town Reformation


We’ve already talked about the My2k Tour and how amazing that was for 90s kids, but what we didn’t talk about was the fact that one of those bands has actually reformed and put out new music. Well, technically 98 Degrees has as well, but their reunion was a little less surprising (but still exciting). O-Town — the one group from the 90's that we never expected a reunion from — is back together and only short one member. That’s right, they’re giving it a second go as a group (sans Ashley Parker Angel) and have even released a new album titled Lines and Circles.

You might be questioning why this entry is so much higher on the list than the tour was. Well, the reason is because they are better than they ever could have been; they are doing things right because they’re doing things their own way. It makes us proud and while the reunion is a shout out to our childhood, it’s also a representation of the growth we have all seen in our own lives.

The reformation shows that they have become adults and have taken control over their dreams and destinies, and we can relate to that because we’re at a point where we’re either beginning to establish ourselves in this world or we finally have. We’re celebrating this entry not only because a “cheesy boyband” reunited, but because it represents something so much more to us. We are so proud of them and we admire everything they have accomplished. Their potential is undeniable and if anyone has the power to bust through their previous image and be successful while doing so, it's Jacob, Trevor, Erik, and Dan.

4 Movie Reboots and Sequels


Anybody who grew up in the 90's and early 2000s remembers the Power Rangers, Hey Arnold, and Legends of the Hidden Temple. Pretty much everyone in the world knows Jumanji and the older Disney Movies. We remember Baywatch. We remember The Craft. So many good movies and TV shows came from our childhood and many of them are being made into movies now.

This can be looked at as bad out of fear of our favorites being ruined, but a very large portion of them are taking the best route — they’re making sequels instead. The Hey Arnold movie is going to finally answer the questions about Arnold’s parents, Jumanji has been announced as a sequel instead of a remake, and The Craft is getting its own sequel as well. Beauty and the Beast is being made into a live action movie just as the Jungle Book and Tarzan were, and Baywatch is going to feature original cast members David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson. As far as Legends of the Hidden Temple goes, we really just want to see Olmec and Kirk Fogg (the show’s original host).

Even if it turns out that any or all of these movies spoils the originals (which we highly doubt they all will), we are all going to be there to watch them. How could we possibly refuse?

3 TV Reboots and Sequels


Speaking of reboots and sequels, 90s kids have also become very satisfied by the amount of 90s-based spin-offs, remakes, and sequels we are also getting. We’ve already seen season one of Fuller House on Netflix, the sequel to the 90's majorly popular Full House, and we are anxious to see season 2.

The revival of X-Files also came about in 2016, and did an overall fair job in regards to meeting the fans’ expectations. We have also seen new episodes of The Powerpuff Girls hitting Cartoon Network since April of this year. As far as what we’re still waiting for, Netflix is bringing up brand new episodes of Gilmore Girls with a majority of the original cast still on board, new episodes of The Magic School Bus that us 20-something-year-olds will not be ashamed to watch (we wanted Ms. Frizzle as our teacher so badly), and in 2017 we’re getting a revamp of the horror anthology Tales from the Crypt. All of this excitement might just be too much for our 90's hearts to handle.

2 Pokémon Go

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Unless you are literally living under a rock, there isn’t much that needs to be said regarding the celebration about Pokémon Go. This was a video and trading card game that almost every single kid in the 90s played and loved. It was a TV show and several movies that we all watched. It was basically our entire existence for the longest time. Here we are 20 years after the original creation of Pokémon and we are actually getting to physically go after and catch these little creatures we became so familiar with.

As annoying as the crashes have been and with all the different problems we have faced while playing the game, we still love it. That much is obvious considering the sheer amount of downloads the app got as soon as it was released. Everyone was talking about it, almost everyone was playing it, and although the hype has died down a bit, we’re still going a little crazy about the whole thing on the inside.

1 We Feel Young Again

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We finish this list off with the biggest reason why us 90s kids are celebrating so much — the combination of all these awesome things has us feeling young again. We feel like we’re back in our childhood but this time we get to experience everything on a whole new level.

It’s a strange thing to be able to buy our Surge when we want, in quantities that we want. It’s awesome to be able to attend these concerts without our parents having to accompany us. We get the chance to pick what fashions we want to wear without having to get approval and we get to go outside (like we used to when we were kids) and hunt for Pokémon without having to have supervision. It’s reliving the past, but also an entirely new experience.

When we were kids, we wanted so badly to be adults. We wanted to grow up and make our own decisions (such as staying up late, watching Tales from the Crypt, and drinking as much Crystal Pepsi as we wanted to), but now that we’re adults we find ourselves craving our childhoods once again. We got lucky, 90s kids. While we may not be able to actually go back to being 10 years old, we get to feel like we are. And that right there is why 90s kids are celebrating.

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