15 Pokemon Go Glitches And Secrets You Didn't Know About

Pokemon Go has been something of a phenomenal success since it launched earlier in the summer. In just a few weeks it has gone on to become one of the most popular apps ever made and has become the most successful smartphone game released on both Android and iOS devices. It also caused Nintendo’s stock to rise significantly, as the huge success of the app became clear, adding billions onto the value of the company despite the very little input the company had in the development and distribution of Pokemon Go.

You might think then that with so many people playing the game from all around the world, pretty much everyone would be aware of everything there is to know about it. After all, it is hard to keep secrets about a game that is played by millions across the globe and has such passionate online communities. The truth is though, that the vast majority of players are actually just casual gamers who aren’t usually interested in the minutiae of a title. This means that there are plenty of secrets, little known facts, and glitches that most people simply aren’t aware of.

15 Landscape Mode Glitch


One of the most requested features that users have made since the release of Pokemon Go is for the app to have a dedicated landscape mode. Currently, it can only be played vertically, restricting the amount of the map that can be seen and causing some issues with players who prefer to use a horizontal view for most of their gaming.

Although the app doesn’t have the option to change the screen orientation, it is actually possible to force it into a landscape mode thanks to a bug in the code. Going into the settings and choosing to report a high-priority issue will force the game to launch the smartphones browser and exit the app. Holding the device horizontally and opening up Pokemon Go once again should make it load up in a landscape view. There are some other issues though, as certain items on the user interface don’t work correctly.

14 There Are Loads Of Hidden Stats

The user interface for Pokemon Go is pretty bare compared to other Pokemon games. There is very little information given to players about the creatures they have caught or those they encounter in the wild, unlike other instalments in the franchise. A group of Reddit users decided to take a look directly at the code for the app to see if there were any hidden pieces of data.

It turns out that there are a lot of different stats and information hidden away from players. Not only do individual Pokemon have their own unique stats that determine how fast, strong and accurate they are, there is also in-game information about how accurate a move is, what chance it has of being a critical hit, and also details on the catch and spawn rates of Pokemon. This suggests that future updates might incorporate more of this data into the user interface and give players a deeper experience.

13 It Began As A Prank


The blistering success and amazing appeal of Pokemon Go might make it seem like it was something of an obvious choice for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company to make. After all, there are millions of Pokemon fans all around the world and the franchise is ideally suited to the mass market offered by smartphones and tablets. That wasn’t always the case though, with the actual origins of the app being in a prank that Google pulled off in collaboration with the Japanese companies.

The April Fool’s joke was launched by Google back in 2014 and saw players simply having to search on Google Maps for 150 different Pokemon that were scattered all across the world. Later, they released another prank in the form of a fake trailer for an augmented reality game where players could fight and capture creatures in the real world using special devices. These ideas showed that there was appeal from fans and Niantic eventually managed to convince Nintendo to sanction the development of Pokemon Go.

12 Weather And Time Of Day Affects Spawns

As soon as the game was released, rumors began to fly around in regards to where you could find particular Pokemon. These included the outlandish suggestion that ghost-type Pokemon would spawn at a higher rate in areas such as graveyards. While this is obviously not the case, there is some truth to the idea that location can affect the spawn rate of certain creatures.

For example, water Pokemon are much more likely to be found near rivers, lakes and the sea, while grass and bird examples can be found at greater frequency in parks or fields. The weather can also play a role, with heavy rain likely to lead to water Pokemon showing up in your area. Finally, the game also realizes when it is dark due to it being night time and will adjust the spawn chance of certain types, such as ghost and psychic.

11 You Can Still Get Location-Specific Pokemon Anywhere


When Pokemon Go first released, there were some fears that certain Pokemon were exclusive to specific areas. The particular creatures that were apparently affected included Mr. Mime, Taurus, Kangaskhan, and Farfetch’d. With these Pokemon being region-locked, it meant that it would be impossible to complete the Pokedex by finding all 151 creatures without travelling to four different continents.

Fortunately, it isn’t impossible to get your hands on these rare examples, though it is still extremely difficult to do so. While they can’t be found in the wild unless you are in their specific region, each of the four Pokemon can be hatched from eggs that were collected in any location. However, they aren’t common from eggs and will still require some good fortune to get using this method.

10 Rattata Pokeball Glitch


Everyone knows that the only way to capture a Pokemon and make it your own is to trap it inside one of the distinctive red and white Pokeballs. They come in a variety of different styles and colors but the basic ones are without a doubt the most iconic, as they appear constantly in marketing and on merchandise.

While Pokeballs are required in order to catch Pokemon, some users have found a strange glitch that swaps out the Pokeball for something else within the game – a Rattata. Considering how that particular creature is one of the most common in the game, it is perfectly possible for players who encounter this glitch to actually capture a Rattata with one of the bugged Rattata Pokeballs. What makes the glitch even stranger is the fact that the swapped out sprite actually changes color to match the item it is supposed to be.

9 You Can Control Eevee’s Evolutions


Eevee is not just one of the cutest Pokemon available in the game, it is also capable of evolving into three powerful versions that are excellent choices for battling in gyms. The only downside is that what Pokemon Eevee evolves into is entirely random, with many players initially believing that there was no way to control the process to get a desired evolution.

It was recently discovered though, that this isn’t exactly the case. While the evolutions are definitely random, it is possible for force Eevee to evolve into one of the three specific versions by giving it a certain name. These are Pyro, Sparky and Rainer for Flareon, Jolteon, and Vaporeon respectively. These names are actually a reference to the anime series and serve as an interesting easter egg. Evolving Eevee after giving it one of these three names will make sure it evolves into the Pokemon that you want.

8 The Game Will Get Sponsors And Ads


Niantic and Nintendo are already making plenty of money from Pokemon Go in the form of in-app purchases that provide players with extra bonuses and items that they can use. However, they have also come up with a new idea to help earn even more. Fortunately, this won’t actively affect players or cost them anything extra, as this revenue will come in the form of sponsorships.

Speaking in an interview earlier in the summer, Niantic CEO John Hanke, confirmed that advertisements would be coming to the app in the form of sponsored locations. This means that businesses and companies will be able to effectively pay the developer to become a Pokestop or Pokemon Gym, guaranteeing that they will get extra foot traffic from those playing the game. According to reports, McDonald’s has already agreed such a deal in Japan.

7 It’s Possible To Customize Names


Pokemon has always allowed players to rename their own collection of creatures, giving them nicknames that add a personal touch rather than sticking with the default species moniker. Unfortunately, that’s as far as the customization goes for the vast majority of titles in the series. That isn’t strictly the case for Pokemon Go though, as some users have discovered a little trick that gives you some extra options when naming a Pokemon.

The text field that allows you to input new names in Pokemon Go actually accepts HTML code. This is the way that websites and other programs code text to appear on screen, giving options such as italics, bold, and underline. While not every single HTML code is accepted by the app, there are several that do work.

6 Your Trainer Level Is Capped

Although Pokemon Go is all about catching as many different Pokemon as possible in the never-ending-quest to “catch ‘em all”, there is actually another way to mark progression that is rather unique for a game in the franchise. The mobile app also includes a trainer level that increases alongside the progress you make as you play, with experience added as you catch and evolve Pokemon, along with hatching eggs and visiting locations.

Something that a lot of people don’t realize though, is that the trainer level is currently capped at 40, meaning that once players reach that number they won’t be able to level up anymore. The vast majority of users have nothing to worry about however, as the amount of experience needed to reach 40 amounts to 20 million XP, with five million needed to go from 39 to 40. That is a huge amount considering it only takes a few thousand before reaching level 20.

5 Changing Pokemon Bug

While there have been a number of strange glitches and bugs in Pokemon Go since it has been released, one of the most frustrating is an error within the code that can randomly swap a Pokemon that has been caught by the player with another one that they might not have even encountered before.

This glitch could prove to be incredibly useful to some trainers and horrendously unfortunate for others, simply because there is no way to control or know what a Pokemon might change into. This means that someone who captures a relatively common creature may be able to get a much rarer one that they wouldn’t normally encounter. However, it is also possible for someone who caught a valuable Pokemon to have it swapped for something as weak as a Pidgey.

4 You Can Get Pikachu Straight Away


Every single Pokemon game that has been made, with the exception of spin-off titles that don’t follow the traditional formula, all give the player the chance to choose a starter creature. Usually, games provide a choice between three different Pokemon, which is exactly what happens in this smartphone app. However, it is actually possible to give up on the opportunity to get a free Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander and instead go for the series mascot Pikachu.

As soon as the player is given the chance to catch one of the three starter Pokemon, all they have to do is continue walking away from them. After a brief period of time they will respawn closer to the player. Eventually, instead of reappearing, they will be replaced with Pikachu who can then be simply caught.

3 Legendary Pokemon Are In The Game

Some of the best and most powerful Pokemon within the franchise are those that are known as legendaries. These special creatures are much rarer, often one-of-a-kind, examples that many players want to get their hands on when they are traversing the world. Unfortunately, the likes of Mewtwo, Mew, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, as well as more ordinary Pokemon such as Ditto, don’t appear to be in the game as no one has yet encountered them.

Although a select few people did get access to Articuno due to an error by developer Niantic, most people have just assumed the legendary Pokemon are not actually in the game. Data Mining by some in the community though, has proven that the game’s code does contain data for each of them. As mentioned previously, they even have their own spawn rates, though the catch rate is set to zero. This suggests they may only appear at certain times during special events.

2 You Need To Move When Using Incense


The vast majority of Pokemon that anyone is likely to catch while using the app are probably going to appear randomly in the wild. There are some ways of attracting extra animals towards you without having to simply wait for them to spawn. These come in two different forms, a lure and incense. Lures only work at specific locations whereas incense can be used anywhere – though it is much more effective when it is used while a player is moving rather than sitting still.

Despite the fact that it isn’t made clear at any point in the game, moving when using incense is much more effective. This is because the code of the game is programmed to trigger a Pokemon to spawn every 200 meters when incense is used or every 5 minutes. Staying in one place means that a player will have to wait five minutes, while those capable of walking at a reasonably fast rate will get more opportunities to catch extra critters.

1 Curve Balls Actually Matter


Most people playing Pokemon Go will probably already be aware of how the catching mechanic works in the game. It involves swiping your finger along the screen in order to throw a Pokeball at the wild creature and then waiting to see if it will be successful. While it may seem deceptively simple, there are some extra things that can be done to increase the chance of actually capturing a Pokemon. These involve being more accurate with the throw or waiting until the moving circle gets to its smallest point.

What many people don’t realize though, is that it is possible to curl shots in an arc simply by spinning the Pokeball before it is thrown. Not only does this eradicate the risk of the ball curving off the target by itself but it also makes it easier to catch Pokemon.

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