15 Parents Who Trolled Their Kids Online

Move aside baseball – trolling is America’s new favorite past time. Nay, it is the WORLD’S favorite pastime. Trolling, for those who aren’t so internet-savvy (these darn kids today), is essentially the habit of pranking or insulting someone over the net. While it’s arguably the coward’s or dunce’s way to share an opinion, due to the anonymity and the lack of forethought required to type and post a quick reply, it’s rapidly become the preferred method for pranksters, naysayers, and sore losers to get their revenge. We’ve all trolled a little bit in our time on the internet (don’t you dare deny it). Whether we mocked our friends for the dramatic Green Day lyrics they posted on their Facebook or harried our siblings about their compulsion to live-tweet terrible shows like Pretty Little Liars, we’ve all taken a turn trolling – and it was probably merited!

All that aside, it’s not only ignorant Debbie downers, bullies, or grumpy friends that have been lauded for their trolling skills. Some of the funniest trolls are those that target their friends and loved ones just as much as they target random YouTube stars and Tumblr bloggers. In fact, it’s fairly common that parents have trolled their own children online! In most cases, they troll because they care: poking fun at an angsty or idiotic behavior is a shockingly great method for training it away. However there are certainly also cases in which a parent just couldn’t resist: sometimes kids say the darnedest things, and it’s too tempting to resist saying something back! Here are fifteen parents who totally trolled their kids online:

15 When Mom Figures Out Memes

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We've all used Facebook to complain about someone in our lives (if you say you haven't, you're lying).  We'll be honest: most of us have complained a decent bit about people we really care about and people we know care about us- like our parents.  Parents can be incredibly frustrating, especially when we're teenagers.  They expect a lot out of us and we've been raised on shows and stories that say this is the time to goof around and party with our friends and do what we want!  Yet, they're riding our cases like crazy!

It's hard to blame this adolescent for going to his meme-maker and whipping this up.  However, he likely should have thought about the fact that his mom was a friend of his on Facebook before posting.  He also should have considered that his mom is apparently fairly adept with current pop culture and modern slang before engaging in a comment battle.

14 In The Beginning...

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Who the hell starts these writing prompts that proceed to circulate around social media like a virus, infecting the feeble minded, suffering procrastinators, and bored teens of the world?  Whoever they are, they are the worst.  Especially when you comment or like the status, then end up getting endless notifications about someone you didn't care that much about in the first place.  These writing prompts are chain-mail for the new age of social media; utterly annoying and horrifyingly popular.  How do we get rid of these chains?  By stopping them dead in their tracks.

Props to this parent for dealing with terrible status updates in the perfect way that will likely staunch Justin's internet usage for a few weeks.  If you don't get the joke, maybe you should refer back to your sex education classes in middle school.  In any case, the friend James is certainly right: this dad did just win the internet.

13 Like Son, Like Father

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Selfies can be so lazy these days.  This selfie throws us back to the days of Myspace, when mirror pictures where the subject isn't even looking at the camera lens were somehow acceptable.  This picture looks like a bad one you'd find on Tinder before quickly swiping left (that's the bad way).  First of all, nice bathroom.  Second of all, that earring/backwards baseball hat combo says a whole lot about him, to his detriment.  And third, what is he wearing?  A thick wool sweater that looks like a birthday gift from a distant aunt?  Everything about this picture is worthy of mocking, which is why we laud this hilarious dad for doing the honors.  What a subtle way to make fun of your son taking himself too seriously?!  Perhaps the funniest part of the troll is that the dad kind of pulls off the look better than the son does!

12 Skid Mark

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Just looking at this picture, no one really knows what to think.  Was this a really weird and lazy bachelorette party gift?  Or an odd dare at a party?  Did she lose a really lame bet?  She's standing up, back to the camera, wearing her "Princess" underwear over her pants.  So what, did she want to flaunt her assets but it was too cold?  Her comment is one of those that is strangely overconfident and proud, given the weird circumstances; it's very reminiscent of something an inept mom would post when hanging out with her post-retirement buddies.  Yet Michelle is young enough to understand how social media works and what's appropriate and what's not.  Thank goodness her dad swoops in to ruin her good time and make a fool of her for all her friends to see!  Looks like this "princess" won't be seeing any action in those (or any) underpants for a while to come.

11 Do-Over

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Unfortunately, because the names are blocked out in the post, we don't know anything about this person who posted this status.  However, from context clues, we can discern a whole lot.  The status is overwhelmingly angsty (someone's been watching She's Just Not That Into You too many times), so we can probably assume that this is a post made by a teenager or young adult; someone who thinks their life is full of hardship and drama and is really characterized by one overblown high school breakup.  Hate to break it to you sweetie, but life hasn't even gotten to the hard part yet.  Turn off the chick flick, pick yourself up, and stop complaining over social media using movie quotes as if they were sage pieces of advice.

Kudos to the mom who was either trying to cheer up her daughter with a witty riposte or was knocking her off her self-pitying high horse.  In either case, it shut her right up.

10 Thug Life

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There are so many things wrong with this picture that someone needed to immediately troll it.  Luckily, her dad saved the day only an hour after the status was posted to make sure everyone was quite aware that this young lady is quite the opposite of "thug."  It's not like she could have fooled too many people though, right?  Her picture is of a smiley, cheerful, pretty young lady wearing a sweatshirt from a college.  It's pretty certain that she didn't choose the thug life and it most definitely did not choose her either.  So thanks, dad, for saving the day and reminding her what it means to be thug.  A real thug, apparently, is not afraid of the dark.  Duly noted.  Thugs are also unafraid of showering alone (why should someone be afraid to shower when they're at home alone?  How paranoid is this girl?).  It sounds like it doesn't take much to qualify as thug, yet this young lady still definitely falls short.

9 Tough Love

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Didn't this weird version of typing disappear after the inevitable downfall and demise of Myspace and Xanga?  NO?!  God help us all.  When will moody teenagers learn to type like normal human beings?  Don't they go to schools anymore?

None of us ever understood this weird version of typing on social media.  It's like they're trying to leave a sociopath's calling card in their font, like The Riddler in a Batman movie.  But even worse than the grammar, intentionally incorrect spelling, and weird product of constantly mashing down on the Caps Lock button while typing is the totally obsessive tone of the status.  Calm down, kid, you probably just hooked up under the bleachers at a basketball game before she got bored of you; that's just high school.  Someday, if he ever learns how to communicate his thoughts and emotions in a normal and intelligible fashion, he'll thank his dad for the hilarious dose of tough love.

8 Really, Learn to Spell

Harsh, but fair.

Okay, seriously people: it is not that hard to spell things correctly.  Your computer and internet browsers have a spell check function that is built into them.  USE IT!  It's like they're actively going out of their way to mess up their spelling...

Not only is this young lady bad at typing, but she's annoying.  There's nothing horribly indicative of an annoying character in her status, but come on... that's a momentous occasion!  Her parents are celebrating their 27th anniversary in an age where most marriages end in divorce; they've been defying the odds for 27 years, serving as amazing role models and an example of a strong couple her whole life, and this kid can't even muster up a "congratulations," or a celebratory picture for their cute couple?  She totally had it coming when her dad knocked her down a peg, even if her brother swooped in to back her up.

7 Adult Film Career

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Yet again, this status has a few major errors that could have been avoided if this youngster had just gone to the trouble of rereading what they had just typed, but no: that apparently seemed like too much work.  But we're not going to concern ourselves with grammar and spelling errors any longer!  This young adult (hopefully... there's no way to know for sure how old they are but we certainly hope they're over eighteen if they're joking about this profession) has other problems to worry about.

No one wants to go to work every day.  Even those of us that love our jobs, we don't want to!  Life would be great if we could retire at the ripe age of 24 and live the dream, even if this weirdo's dream is to have kinky intercourse with attractive strangers all day.  But thanks, mom, for calling out a ridiculous version of a "dream" and calling this loser back from their daydreams.

6 Leave, Mom


While Michael sounds like a bit of a skeeze (and definitely like a lot of a loser, but the end of this comment stream), he definitely sounds like someone we all had on our Facebooks when we were a bit younger.  Remember when you were graduating high school and everyone was a bit hyper-sexual in their sense of humors to compensate for the awkwardness they felt that they'd experienced a dirth a sexual experiences?  Yeah, that's this guy (as we can all tell from his profile picture where he's lifting his shirt in his selfie to show a pasty white lack of abs).

Of course, him getting called out on Facebook by his mom and left looking lonely and virginal was probably a bit like social suicide back then; he is, at the very least, a good cautionary tale to those of you high schoolers considering friending your parents on Facebook.  But someday he'll look back and laugh just like we did at his awesome mom's mic drop.

5 We Can "Art" Too

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There's something special about Disney World that seems to attract the artsy types.  Perhaps it's something to do with the magic and illusion in Disney movies; the morals and encouragements that youngsters can do and be anything they want; the plots centered around being yourself and letting your creativity blossom, rather than finding a real job with a 401K.  Whatever it is, creative young professionals flock to Disney parks with an unparalleled love.  This couple is not the first to pose artfully at a Disney resort and they're far from the last, so it's adorable that they think they're being special or creative or artistic as they do something entirely unoriginal.  It's even more adorable that some of their parents thought it was perfect enough to parody.  As cute as the original picture is, the mockery these parents make while lying on the ground at an amusement park is Christmas-card worthy.

4 Found It

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This generation really likes to post their Pinterest quotes and brainless adages all over their social media.  That's how the "Keep Calm and Carry On" mantra (which evolved into so many stupid and annoying versions, we might add) resurfaced from the World War Two era, you know.  This kid thinks he's clever and funny when he posts about his mom knowing more about his life than he does but, let's be real, no one's surprised and frankly no one cares.  Take your teenage crap and get out of here.

Of course your mom knows everything about your life; you're a teenager and your world exists in a ridiculously small range of space that would take up less room than the film set for Degrassi.  This mom trolling her son is totally on-point; he better remember she knows everything, for nothing will pull wool over those eyes and there's no secret she doesn't already know about.

3 When Trolling Takes All Day

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Ever wonder what life will be like when you're retired?  You're going to have so much free time on your hands, you really won't know what to do with yourself.  For your sake, we hope that you find a great hobby like hunting, reading, quilting, or mercilessly mocking your adult children's social media presence by recreating every horrible hipster picture they post.

This cute couple on the left is totally eclipsed by the hilarious recreations done by one of their parents.  While this picture is funny enough, with a perfect match of filter and stupid poses, this is only one of many they did.  This retired couple must have looked across the table over breakfast one morning and decided, "We're going to spend all day making fun of these hipster dorks."  They have an entire collection of funny spoofs of hipster poses and overly saccharine romantic poses for your perusal and viewing pleasure, if you can find them!

2 We Like Short Shorts

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Oh, teenagers.  They never learn.  Sometimes it takes a very bold statement to get a lesson through the minds of young adolescents.  They realize that they can argue and fight back against what their caring parents want for them and, whether it is to their detriment or favor, they will fight back with the vigor of a cornered rat.  That's why parents go to such extraordinary measures and hilarious lengths to teach their kids basic lessons like why hygiene is important, why they should wear shoes when they walk outside, why they shouldn't smoke, or why they shouldn't wear such revealing clothing.

This dad, for example, was failing to communicate to his daughter why it was important she not go out to social events in shorts so tiny they revealed her *ahem* assets.  When she refused to see things his way, she ended up having to see more than she ever wanted.  Kudos, dad, for going the extra mile and letting it all hang out.

1 Tony Hawk's Parenting Style

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It's not just us normal adults who get to mock their kids on social media.  Oh, no.  Most celebrities are so busy sheltering their kids from media gaze and the cameras of prying paparazzi that they tend to be overprotective of their children's social media presence (if those kids are allowed to have a presence at all).  However, Tony Hawk is no ordinary celebrity.

Tony was most famous for his skateboarding career, but he's built an empire with his many video games, line of athletic apparel, high paying endorsements, and frequent guest appearances in shows and movies.  Though he hasn't been a big deal in the skateboarding community for a while, he's still a name most of us recognize.  Now, he's living it up with his vast fortune and he's a big deal as a dad.  And it's very clear that his kids can't get away with anything in the Hawk house!

Sources: www.lifebuzz.com

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