15 Of The Most Popular Sexual Accidents

Sexual intercourse can be very risky. In this constant and intense research of pleasure, accidents can undoubtedly happen. Following are some of the most frequent accidents that can happen during sexual intercourse, transforming this erotique moment, which should be pleasant, into a not so likable one. In fact, emergency rooms have reported that at least twice a week people check in due to complication that has occurred while engaged in sexual activity with their partner. Another study has reported that one of three adults is actually injured while having sex. Whether the injuries are emergency room worthy is up for debate depending on the situation. So one must wonder, "what are the top 15 ways someone can injure themselves during sex that will have them ending up in the emergency room?"

15 Breaking Of The Prepuce

This classic injury is the rupture of the prepuce or foreskin on the male genitalia. When a man tries to please a woman and puts a little bit too much force into the action, they can actually injure themselves by breaking the prepuce. Extreme pain usually follows by lots of bleeding because it is essentially small artery that ruptures. The only cure is to go to emergency room and abstain from sex for a while. An operation is in order to prevent the rupture from happening again. The surgical name for this is called frenuloplasty.

14 Breaking of the Penis

One of the most impressive accidents is breaking of the penis. When usually knows if they have broken their 'member' when a crack is heard during the act of intercourse. The penis becomes purple and bends, giving it a look like an eggplant. How does this happen? There is no bone in the penis. During the act, the penis goes in and out, and at one point if when going back in, the penis hits a bone, the pubis, a hyperextension can happen, and is what causes the break. Unfortunately for the male there is actually multiple breaks that can happen. If it is a full break, the only solution is to go to the hospital otherwise one might run the risk of the after-effects lasting forever. It will be treated as any broken bone (even if there is no bone in the penis). The blood will be cleaned and hopes of an erection will be blocked for up to six weeks.

13 Wrong Lubricant

This is actually the number one accident that happens. In the rush to get to the act, people are running into the bathroom and begin grasping at everything. All the tubs fall down and you end up with the mint toothpaste! Doctors report that people, because of lack of lubricant in the house or because of creativity, are using margarine instead of proper lubricant; be aware that margarine is HIGHLY discouraged due to allergy reasons!

12 Object Blocked In The Rectum

Another frequent accident is when an object is blocked in the rectum. This is maybe one of the most embarrassing incidents too. This is not an urban myth, people are actually going to the emergency room for this type of injury. When explaining their situations, people are creative about what they say to doctors. A story told by a nurse is “one night a guy arrived to the emergency room with a zucchini in his rectum. He explained that he was preparing Moroccan couscous, naked, and he fell down on a box of zucchinis”. In this story, the zucchini was removed naturally due to the softness of the object, but sometimes operations are needed in order to remove the object.

11 Object Blocked In The Vagina

The rectum is not the only part that people are experimenting with, objects blocked in the vagina is also a frequent accident that can send people to seek medical attention. People are getting more and more creative about what they are putting in their orifices, but sometimes problems occur. It's probably a good idea not to try and put objects inside someone that don't really belong there like; bottles, cell phones, cans, etc...

10 Penis Caught In Zipper

When Ben Stiller gets his penis caught in his fly and had to go to the emergency room in the movie There's something about Mary, the joke made millions of people laugh out loud. However, the laughter probably came from men a bit less than women. This accident happens in real life and can be quite painful. Don't rush too much to get to the act, you never know what kind of mishap could happen.

9 Dry Vagina

While having sex, the genitalia of the male and the female creates a fluid that allows the penis to enter the vagina with as less friction as possible. However, sometimes the vagina gets dry causing pain and irritation. The best solution to solve this problem? A revisit to foreplay in order to get the vagina humid again. If not, the experience can be very unenjoyable for the woman.

8 Losing The Keys To The Handcuffs

Sexual pleasure is complex and can lead some people to try out different things. Sex shops sell more and more of the now famous furry handcuffs. However, involuntarily losing the keys could lead to some problems if you don't have the tools needed at home.

7 Food Intoxication

Some foods have been known for centuries to be considered an aphrodisiac. People try to get even more pleasure by introducing various ingredients into their sex lives. The one caution we can give you is to be aware of any allergies your partner may have before playing with food.

6 Allergic To Semen

As seen before, people can get allergies from the lubricant used and food used before or during sexual activities, but sperm allergies exist as well. Using condoms helps to avoid most problems, but when condoms are not used and the allergy appears, problems can definitely arise. An extreme, and rare, case has been reported by a doctor. A sixty year old woman, married for forty years to the same man, had an extreme reaction to the semen and went into anaphylaxis, an extreme allergic reaction. In more common cases it can cause asthma and urticaria.

5 Hair Removal Injuries

Women are more skilled than men when it comes to hair removal. When men try to please women by completely removing hair from their body, it can lead to unwanted injuries like cuts or razor burn. More devoted men even try waxing which can lead to burns much more severe than the razer variety.

4 Burns

Another burn accident can be due to the different areas in which the act take place. In fact, having sex on a carpet can cause back or knee burns due to the repetitive movement. Sometimes that instinctive and primitive need to have sex right then and there can essentially lead to some after effects that were not anticipated.

3 General Falls

Little people know that bikers can have accidents which could lead to serious damage around their genitalia. Sexual intercourse could happen anywhere, but some places are more dangerous than others. In the shower, slippy floors can be very dangerous. Even if the place seems safer, injuries can still occur. During sex, two percent of people have reported broken bones related to general tumbles that happen during intercourse.

2 Body Injuries

Sex is a sport. Before signing up for the gym, a visit to the doctor is required in order to be sure people are ready for the type of sport they will be participating in. No need for a prescription for sex, but being not physically ready can lead to injuries like back pain, twisting an ankle or a knee, dislocation of the shoulder, etc...People are trying all sorts of things, and the Kamasutra leads people to try complex and physically challenging position. These new experiences are usually not without some risks.

1 Twisting Of The Testis

Another injury that concerns only men is the twisting of the testis. It is not frequent, but can happen. In fact, one person out of four thousand people is concerned about this actually happening to them. A man reported that he was embarrassed to leave work due to genitalia pain, but the pain was so intense that he forgot about the embarrassment. He ended up being a victim of twisted testis. Victims are usually children, but no one is exempt. It usually happens when young boys are around 8-10 years old, but it can also happen to older men.

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