15 Of The Hottest Hockey Wives In The NHL

It seems as though whenever we see a famous athlete, there is always a 12 on 10 standing by his side. There is no doubt that professional athletes have a reputation of landing some of the hottest females on the planet. Whether they are for the moment or forever and ever, these players exude pride when it comes to showing off their companion. These women are diverse in physical appearance, but all emit a strong character that made these men fall head over skates.

The public is transfixed on a player's moves off the ice just as they are fixated on their moves on the ice. It's a good thing that rinks are cold, cooling them off because these athletes are dealing with some smoking hot women. These players are anything but players when it comes to their wives. The athletes are very much in love and are not afraid to express it to the world. Of course, not all the fans are thrilled about that due to the overwhelming amount of adoration hockey players receive from their loving and crushing fans.

The women the athletes choose to marry are extraordinary and no Joe Blow. Most of them can attest to a very independent and successful life prior to landing their man. Some of these babes lead charities, maintain highly successful jobs all while playing wifey to their leading man. They are the complete package: beautiful, loving, independent, successful and hopefully a true hockey fan. These players took a shot and definitely scored with 15 of the hottest NHL wives.

15 Gena Lee Nolin

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This face may be familiar to some of you if you were ever a fan of The Price is Right with Bob Barker. Gena Lee Nolin was cast as one of Barker's beauties. She also starred in the hit television show Baywatch as well as the Baywatch movie. She has graced the covers of Playboy, Maxim and FHM magazine and was listed as one of FHM's sexiest women in the world in 2001. She was also able to star in a hit music video with Billy Currington's "I Got A Feeling" awarding her a nomination for best celebrity cameo with CMT's Flame Worth Award. On top of all that, she has released a book, Beautiful Inside and Out pertaining to her struggle with misdiagnosed thyroid disease. This book was rated #1 on Amazon and one of the top five best selling health books with Barnes and Nobles. Hubby Cale Hulse knew what he was doing when he sealed the deal with this bombshell in 2004.

14 Angela Price

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One of the best players in the entire league is also winning at home when it comes to his stunning wife, Angela Webber. They were apparently set up by Angela's roommate who was dating Carey Price's roommate at the time and hit it off. They were married on August 24th, 2013 in Washington near Webber's hometown. On October 21st, 2015 news broke out that the happy couple was expecting their first child. This sounds all lovely right? Wrong. Angela lost her cool when she found out the media had leaked this information to the public, including their family and friends before they had the chance to share the news personally. She went on to blog about it exclaiming, "Announcing you are going to be parents for the first time is literally a once in a life time experience that you took away from us... this exciting moment was stolen from us." There were also rumors that the couple were going to name the baby Stanley, which Webber dismissed as false. Maybe they can keep the baby name a secret of their own to share before the media leaks that one?

13 Elisha Cuthbert

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Now this is a face you surely know because you have seen it on the big screen countless times. This hockey wife is a star all on her own and has been since she was a little girl. Elisha Cuthbert has starred in smash hits like The Girl Next Door, Old School and Love Actually. While growing up in Canada, she costarred with Jay Baruchel in a popular children's show Popular Mechanics for Kids. Cuthbert is married to Toronto Maple Leaf's defenseman Dion Phaneuf. Before tying the knot, they dated for five years and sealed the deal at St. James Church in Summerfield, P.E.I. less than a year after the proposal. While exiting the church, their ride of choice was a vintage Camaro belonging to Phaneuf. He was gifted the car as a birthday present from now wife, Cuthbert. Cuthbert can now add playing the role of wife to her lengthy role list.

12 Paige Getzlaf

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11 Ashley Booth

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This beauty queen was born and raised in rural farmland in Tennessee. Ashley Booth attests to knowing nothing about hockey before meeting her main man. Ashley was crowned Miss Teen Tennessee, Miss Tennessee USA and runner up in the 2011 Miss USA pageant. She is nothing shy of glitz, glamour and spotlight. After obtaining her college degree in journalism, she went on to pursue a modeling career. Fortunately, being in the spotlight allowed her to catch the eye of now husband, David Booth. He attempted several times to flirt with her on Twitter with no luck. Ashley continually ignored him until one day she finally agreed to go on a date with him. He impressed her with a ride in his plane to watch a sunset. Ashley claims it was all history from that moment. Today, she is gracing magazines and catalogs such as Best Health, Cosmo, Heidi Elnora and Tony Bowls.

10 Taylor Winnik

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9 Rhianna Weaver

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This blonde bombshell is married to free agent Mike Weaver. Before meeting her Canadian born husband, Rhianna Weaver found passion in the fashion world and was beginning to find her niche within the market. She was working with major retailers in fashion merchandising. She was leading a booming career in visual and in store design. After meeting her hockey hubby, her entire lifestyle changed and she found herself jetsetting all over. She began to focus on raising her family and coordinating projects in fashion through team foundations. She recently joined The Montreal Canadiens' clothing retailer Bestseller.

8 Noureen Dewulf

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You may have seen this leggy brunette on the big screen or on your TV sets at home apart from on the arm of her famous husband. Noureen Dewulf is married to Ryan Miller, goalie of the Vancouver Canucks. She lives in Vancouver during hockey season and is settling into home life as well as being a new mom. The couple welcomed their first baby Bodhi Ryan Miller recently. Aside from being a full time mom and wife, Noureen holds down major acting jobs. She has recently starred in 100 episodes alongside Charlie Sheen in the hit comedy Anger Management. Noureen plays a sexy therapy patient named Lacey. Her first role was in a film called West Bank Story that picked up an Oscar; this was a great start for the actress. She later went on to appear in popular movies like The Back Up Plan and Ghosts of Girlfriend's Past. Not only is she shining on the big screen, she exudes sexiness in the pages of Maxim magazine. She made the Maxim Hot 100 in both 2007 and 2014.

7 Maripier Morin

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The Vancouver Canuck's left wing Brandon Prust really lucked out when he landed this french Canadian superstar. Maripier Morin has built a media empire on her own and continues to grow sensationally around the globe, and especially in Quebec. This former figure skater has landed some new jobs on the boob tube. She stars in Code F for VRAK2 and is host of TVA's music format Faites Comme Chez Vous. Not only is she comfortable on screen, she glows being the lense as well. LouLou magazine featured Maripier when they collaborated in the 365 days of looks campaign. She is also the face of Revlon in Quebec. Beauty and brains, Maripier has it all when it comes to being business savvy.  On top of partnering up as a married couple, this duo partnered up in the restaurant world.  They own a restaurant named Laurea.

6 Tiffany Parros

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George Parro's wife knows how to pull all the strings together when it comes to her fashion line and her romantic life. Tiffany Parros is the proud owner of Plain Threads fashion company. This entrepreneur designs all the clothing looks and runs the company. She has a wide array of clients, mostly catering to A-list celebrities. She is well connected in the Hollywood world and has a rolodex to prove it. She was cast in the hit TV show NHL Wives, headlining the busy and exciting lives of many wives of famous NHL players. This has helped her dress her castmates in her upscale fashion line. Not only is she killing it in the fashion world, she is planning to open a spa with her close friend in Hermosa Beach, California. She is currently living in Las Vegas and shines just as bright as the sun there.

5 Kodette LaBarbera

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It is clear why Philadelphia Flyers' goalie Jason LaBarbera fell in love with his sweety, Kodette LaBarbera. She is a woman of impeccable strength and has the ability to turn every downfall into a scoring win. The couple has two children - Jason-Ryder and Easton. Unfortunately, Ryder was diagnosed with autism changing the entire family dynamic. Kodette immediately became an activist and advocate for autism awareness after the diagnosis. Kodette took the moving and travelling aspect of her husband's sport into consideration and chose to stay put in Calgary with the kids to avoid upsetting their son with a move in the past. She has also been awarded leadership awards for her charity work linking sports with community. What a star.

4 Danielle Scott

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John Scott of the San Jose Sharks scored big time when pursuing and landing his wife Danielle Scott. She shares two little girls with the hockey player, Eva and Gabriella. The couple met years ago at Michigan Tech School. Both were studying mechanical engineering. The duo lived in the same dorm and shared the same circle of friends. Danielle jokes that John definitely noticed her first as there was a 7 to 1 male versus female ratio in their dorm units. After months of pursuing the beauty, Danielle finally gave John a chance when they hit it off at a party. They dated for nine months, were apart for seven of them and boom! John proposed. At 22 years old, Danielle realizes today that was an intense and crazy move but all worked out for the best. Danielle landed a great job with Boston Scientific, a medical device company in the biomedical world. She is one smart cookie in the same ranks as her equally brainiac husband.

3 Lauren Richardson 

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Lauren Richardson, formerly known as Lauren Hunt, is married to Brad Richardson. Lauren is known for her humor and her outspoken personality. She is rarely shy and loves giving her opinion on a wide array of things, in person or via social media. She has an explosive Twitter account that allows her to share all her funny stories with her huge amount of followers. She has touched on topics such as trying to understand her grandfather's toupee when she was a younger child as well as her adoration for watching people. She is quirky and that is why Brad loves her. Aside from getting a few chuckles out of people, she is an actress. She has had success in popular gigs such as A Proper Sendoff, The Gateway Project and The Bold and the Beautiful. A funny girl always wins and has captured her man with her humoristic heart.

2 Lotta Lehtera

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Talk about a great looking couple! Husband Jori Lehtera recently married his bride Lotta Lehtera in early 2015. Lotta is a well known model working with a Finland based company known as Pulse. The couple is young, adventurous and living the high life. Lotta often posts pictures on social media glamorizing their life in the fast lane. She embraces activities such as skydiving and is fearless. She has been vocal about travel being her biggest interest. Luckily, her husband agrees and they are jet setting around the globe constantly. One week they're in New York, then Dubai and then in London. They stay in the best of the best hotels and drive the nicest cars. She stays in St. Louis while her husband is in hockey season. If they are not there, they are in Tampere, Finland with a population of 216,000 people.

1 Lauren Bonino

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Wife of Mr. Nick Bonino, this couple happily tied the knot after a long engagement. Lauren Bonino decided to go all out and throw herself a joint bachelorette party with her close friend in March 2014. The friends celebrated at Bootsy Bellows, a venue owned by the famous David Arquette.  Aside from enjoying fun under the sun, the couple did collaborate in a fashion show in order to raise money for charity. They do not currently have children but do have a dog named Kali, an Australian Shepherd who is with them 24/7. They are a cute little family of their own and one day might have little ones to do some more touristic exploring together.


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