15 Of The Easiest And Best Paying Jobs In 2015

Do you hate your job? Are you not earning enough money and working way too hard? Well, you certainly wouldn't be the only one. Although, there are some ordinary people who are really living the life. It is possible to earn money, do something you love and have relatively lower levels of stress than other people earning rather comparable salaries. In other words, there are some people who make money and don’t actually hate their lives. These are the people that have the 15 easiest and highest paying jobs in the world. To be fair, some of these jobs do require some extensive training, passion and talent, but they are certainly easier than a lot of jobs out there and way more fun than most.

15 Optometrist $124,600


It’s fairly easy to see and to understand why it’s a good thing to be an optometrist. Most optometrists work at chain stores like your typical Lens Crafters, greiche' & scaff, or independent offices. They check their clients’ vision on a regular basis, and see what strength glasses or contact lenses they need. Optometrists methodically diagnose problems all day long, but in reality, machines do most of the work for them. It's safe to say it must be rather fun to use these interesting machines all day and earn an average salary of $124,600.

14 Tour Guide $52,000

Being a tour guide is undoubtedly a great job for someone who is funny or trying to make it as a successful stand-up comedian. They tour locations and point out the most interesting spots to tourists and give them a short little history lesson. Most of the time, tour guides are on a bus, so they don’t really even have to walk around much. The biggest challenge is probably keeping things fresh. But, if you can relate to the crowd on a daily basis, and enjoy a decent average $52,000 salary for doing it, then you are good to go.

13 Video Game Player $50,000

Apparently you can make a decent living playing video games all day long. Seriously, you can. Although, you might not think of it right away, but there is a downside. The hours are pretty long, as much as 16 hours a day, but someone who is a professional video game player would probably play 16 hours of video games without being paid anyway. And you get to play many games before they are even released to the public. So, essentially getting paid an average salary of $50,000 to do what you love for 16 hours a day, is surely a gamer’s dream.

12 Songwriter $43,000


They highest paid songwriters are worth millions of dollars, such as Denise Eisenberg Rich and David Foster. But, even for those who are trying to work their way up from the bottom, being a songwriter can mean perusing your passion and having enough cash to pay your bills. It also doesn’t always require a degree or hours of musical training. You do
 not even need to know the technical side of music, as a lot of musicians are known
 to play things by ear. Shockingly, some songwriters do not even know how to read a musical note. You just need inspiration. And if a song becomes huge, you can live off royalties and just watch your bank account grow.

11 Personal Trainer $53,220


Being a personal trainer is about listening to the needs of your clients. Basically, listening to whether they want to lose weight or gain muscle (or maybe both). The trainer devises a workout plan, lets the client do 
all the dirty work and lifting, and gets paid regardless of whether the client follows the plan to the letter, 
or not. And you can really make bank if you get endorsements, or become a “celebrity trainer” like the very famous Harley Pasternak or Jillian Michaels.

10 Flight Attendant $56,145


Being a flight attendant has the best benefits of any job on this list because you get to basically travel around the world for free. It’s a dream job if you want to see the world and get paid to do it. And with the exception of the occasional rude passenger (and let’s face it, you encounter rude people in every industry), the job is seemingly easy. You don’t even have to help people with their luggage anymore. You just have to serve food and drinks. It’s totally cut and dry.

9 Massage Therapist $51,400


Imagine a work environment where soothing music continuously plays in the 
background and aromatic incense or oil constantly heightens the ambiance of the room. You don’t even have to say much to the people you work with. That is what it is like to be a massage therapist. They are paid to relieve the stress of clients, so it is important that they feel relaxed themselves. The job requires some training from a school and a license. While the starting salary is around $24,200, you can ultimately earn as much as $51,400. Bonus: you can make your own hours, so it’s a great job if you have other obligations like a family.

8 Power Plant Operator $73,300


If you watch The Simpsons, then you know that Homer Simpson is really not the brightest tool in the shed. Homer Simpson is a power plant operator, so really, how hard could the job be? You don’t even need to go to college; you just need a vocational diploma and some proficiency in math. However, the job entails a lot of responsibility because you are accountable for the electricity of millions of 
homes and businesses, but all that you really have to do is flip a switch. So, basically, if you don’t fall asleep on the job, you’ll probably be alight.

7 Artist $100,000


If an artist is talented and has made a name for him or herself, than he or she can earn substantial amounts depending on how good they really are. You don’t even need the ability to paint, sculpt or design installations, to be considered an artist. Some 
artists draw caricatures of people on the street or even at events like bar mitzvahs. Being an artist is the kind of job that once you have made a name for yourself, the cash can start flowing in rather easily.

6 Librarian $57,543


Do you like to read? Do you like the idea of swimming in a pile of books on a daily basis?Do you like to help others learn to love to read and locate books? Then being a librarian is certainly a great job for you. While decades ago, you needed to be able to use microfiche and the dewy decimal system, now everything is computerized. However, it does require a bit of training, most librarians have masters degrees.

5 Photographer $26,080 


Back in the day, to be a photographer, you actually had to learn how to develop film and print photographs, but today those skills aren't exactly necessary. With the advent of digital cameras, photography has become an easy, yet high 
paying job. All you have to do is invest in the right equipment and know how to use it. There are tons of workshops and seminars to teach you the tricks of the trade. You can even 
check out online tutorials. The job is also great because you often get to travel and meet new people.

4 Computer Software Engineer $80,519


This job should definitely be included on this list of the easiest and best paying jobs in the world, but only 
if you are a geek and computer nerd. If you like going to the same place every day and prefer limited social interaction, being a computer software engineer is the ideal job for you. But, the job does require a degree in computer programming or computer engineering. This is also a field where you have an advantage if you are female, because most people in the field are male and companies really want to hire more women.

3 Paper Towel Sniffer $52,000


Do you want to do something that requires virtually no effort and make bank? In all honesty, who wouldn't? Then you were born to be a paper towel sniffer. Yes, you read correctly. Apparently, paper towel companies employ people to sniff their products and make sure they are odorless. Sounds fun, doesn't it? Sure, the starting salary is fairly low, at just over $19,000, but you can end up making more than $50k. Doesn't that smell like a great idea?

2 Freelance Writer $105,000


Do you enjoy writing and being creative? Do you never ever want to take off your pajamas all day long, but want to make enough cash to buy really nice ones? Then you should definitely be a freelance writer. Freelance writers can work from the comfort of their own homes or their local coffee shop. They have control
 over what jobs to accept, meaning those that require immediate deadlines can be 
rejected. You can earn as much money as you need by simply accepting as many
 jobs as possible. And you make your own hours for the most part, so sleeping until noon and working until midnight can be your lifestyle if you choose it.

1 Professional Snuggler $124,800


Professional snugglers can actually make up to $60 per hour. While this job kind of sounds a little like prostitution, there is no sex involved, just snuggling. The job description is pretty self-explanatory. Their task is to cuddle with their clients who might be lonely, sad, or just looking for human touch and connection. And while it certainly takes a special person to want to do this job, that special person makes big bucks, up to $124,000, for basically lying around all day long.

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